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Expo held a lunch @ Magic Wok today after work, a new year feast. There's sate, bihun goreng, rendang, squid curry, salad bla bla bla. It was okay. Balik singgah jln TAR with a list of things to buy, nana's stuff.

Quite a boring day! After Maharani Sarjeet and Alicia the Tigeress encounter, my weekend mood drop 50%. Mandooom!!

puckering my lips...writing under mistletoe. *sigh!!* Merry xmas to aunts uncles and cousins. Merry xmas to everyone!! Hepi hol!
Bebudak opis gave me a surprise bday cake 2day. how totful :D! i tot they didn't know. they're not spose 2 know! hehe.

@ first we all tapau for lunch. then I went back to my seat to play FoulWords, when anim approach...kater ader benda nak cakap sket. serius jer...cuak gak. aku pon folo ler dia masuk updating room. bukak jer pintu berderet muka dok dalam gelap with a couple of candle lit! whoaaa....! macam dalam drama plak! biler masa diaorang gathered dalam bilik tuh aku pon x sedar. sumer sibuk tanya umur aku exactly brapa...alahai tuh yang tak bes tuh! niat murni nak biskan lunch hour main game...habis dengan mencekik cake. but most of all tq very much for planning all this :D the way, my nite almost spoiled by this 2 lil' brats who can't help themselves enjoying feeding my nieces! the worst part was when didi starts to spilled Nestle Trix onto the floor deliberately while I was in the washroom. rite from the hall down to the kitchen. adly was reporting 2 me...but then he joined kicking and throwing those colourful Trix. diaorang ingat nih cereal party pe? dahler melekit. forcing em to pick it up was a bad idea! aku mogok tanak bancuh milk....menggelabah didi, siap peluk² kaki aku lagik cam citer tanggang. hmmm... sounds like i'm entitled the worst aunt of the year.
26 Syawal '03

Yesterday was my open house at CG cafe. Straight from Office with Wani, Koji, kak tipah, Hanim, Nizam, Eila, Bon, Alid, Lan, Abg Yan and abg Mazlan. Susu was already there, later Inot and Seri joined. Rina + Jepp, and abg Rizal + wife and adik ipar dia sampai. And then Zetty, Fawaz and Am plak made entrance. Pastuh Lissa and Mislianor came. And oohh lissa looks gorgeus. Tunggu punya tunggu baru si Akmal and Jan sampai.

Peh tu Saha plak sampai...lone ranger. Then Pijot and fiance, John. Bak kater zect lagi lama selepas tuh, Wan Saad & Sharil pon sampai. Naik lembik bebudak lain tunggu. Hahahah...And I tot that was the last. Aku pon dah setat kemas²...skali Irma called kater nak datang bulih tak? Hahaha time tuh dah kol 8 lebey. Soo sampailer group yang konpem paling last skali. Irma, Hogan and Fadh. Tq very much for the efforts nak datang gak...since diaorang baru sampai dari Perak. :D

But I’m hepi plus a lil bit guilty if not being a good host to everyone. Aku tatau nak dok meja mana. Heheh…tuh pon sib baik aku takyah ke kitchen. Tapik sempatler gak aku terentertain bebudak who happens to be there when I slipped on the floor. Wushh...Siut! Slamat aku tak pegang kek!! Adeh…clumsy again! Thanx oso to Mak su, Nini and Bob yang buat air, prepare food, cuci pinggan. Amy pon tolong angkat pinggan...:D

Thanx again for coming. Sori aper² yg terkurang. Service or food. See pitcha.

Slamat betunang to Ayong...wawa's big sista. Congratulations!!
King Clutz on the move

Hari luka sedunia...a scratch on my hand terkena wire. Tersepak meja...berdarah kaki. The sandals hurts my feet...berdarah gak. ma finger point tercucuk pin. darah lagik. tergigit ma lips...suck da blood. nak kater ader gigi taring sumer tumpul. and a zit! sesia jer darah AB aku. heh! okay blargh!
Return of the King premiere starts with character appearance wandering around. muka sesekoq cam hapa jer...but they are tall!! then movie starts! huhu...won't talk much bout it. but it was great...more than great!! except the ending is quite dragging, or perhaps I can't stand the cold any longer. and the plot focus more on the Hobbits than the rest.

not look-alike-cast

uuh aragorn!!

I'm high!! more to flat ekceli...g'nite!
Sunday went to Fawaz then Zt's open house. Meriah!! Also read Wawa's. Caramel ko sedap ler zet...empuk lagik kenyal! and also cheese cake! heheh. Balik around 11.30 tumpang akmal. Bapak called kater nana bising balik lambat. and then nana called kater bapak bising. eleehh...saper yang risau sebenonya nih. see pix!!

Monday kejer cam besa...Eila ponteng so I took over her port and took a nap. aku wat 20-30 pages jer dat day. hahah...selebeynya tdo. tak patut!! balik jumpa tan...

Tuesday...bangun lambat. Luckily Wani punch card for me...kot tak havta stay back. And 2moro...going to watch LOTR premiere. ps: kamben jangan jeles ah!! muahahha
yeargh! yeargh! 2moro cuti! S'pose to have lunch with Dilla 2day...but cancelled last minute coz dia ilang transpot. but later she came jugak lagik 5 minutes aku nak naik opis. it was a quick one x berbaloi ngan 6 tahun tak jumpa. she's still a laughing craze. dat's what i like bout her...her laugh is so sincere and loud! some house chores. Nana said Amy will drop by and he might need place to crash. Abg Yan wat open house for Expo staff but I'll definitely not going for one reason. Malas! Eila's house on Sunday, Insya-Allah. And then there's Fawaz and Zetty's also on Sunday. Huhu!

p.s: Apocalyptica...giler bapak ganaz diaorang nih main cello!
Sunday went to BB's with Susu. She looked so bright and hepi. I didn't get the chance to see the guy, mother dia jer yang sampai dolu. cis dan cis! And then rush to LRT KJ. Wawa and Zect already waiting for me. Pegi braya umah Din plak @ Putrajaya. Seriously...I like the bedegil and kek mambo (i think dat's the name).

After they dropped me @ home, BB came over hantar lauk. eheheh since aku tak sempat mencekik kat umah dia. Adeh...susah payah lak dia! But tq very much for your thoughts. That was yesterday. Here we are Monday blues again. Sok banyak buku aku kluar. 3 final PDF, 4 1st pp. After 2moro's dateline...relax sket. Can't hardly wait!
You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal.

You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal. "And The Phoenix's cycle had reached zenith, so he consumed himself in fire. He emerged from his own ashes, to be forever immortal." Some examples of the Phoenix Form are Quetzalcoatl (Aztec), Shiva (Indian), and Ra-Atum (Egyptian). The Phoenix is associated with the concept of life, the number 0, and the element of fire. His sign is the eclipsed sun. As a member of Form 0, you are a determined individual. You tend to keep your sense of optomism, even through tough times and have a positive outlook on most situations. You have a way of looking at going through life as a journey that you can constantly learn from. Phoenixes are the best friends to have because they cheer people up easily.
Meet up with zect...lunch @ KL Sent. Then straight to Sg Wang...and so the hunting for Digi cam begins. Aku tanak elaborate bebanyak coz ader satu promotion tuh same camera as mine, tersangatlah besnya dia punya pakej! uhuk!!! Frust!! zet dah rambang mata...paler ligat pikiaq. mana satu dia ndak...hehehe. sampai ke balik, pon tak bis pikiaq lagik.

aku lak mission nak carik kasut..tetiba lak sandal sendiri putus. elok benaw ler tuh memang 'terpaksa' beli gak.

zet pon sempat sambar satu sandal. heheh...balik lak aku terkepit kat pintu lrt. My bag ekceli. Orang punyala ramai,

yang masuk sumer nak trus peluk tiang depan pintu. jamler...orang blakang tabley masuk. aku pushed...skali beg plak

tak lepas daa...shoot! ader la 10 second tunggu driver bukak balik pintu! malu jap 5 minit.What a klutz! dad stood me up. kater nak gi braya sesama...burink tunggu ler tuh aku dia blah gi umah sedara.

sabo jelah!!
Had Burger King @ Suria with Susu...and then browse Isetan and Parkson. I end up nothing...Susu got herself 2 new

clothes. Urghhh...By 8.40 we made our way back to Putra, when suddenly our eyes caught on someone holding LOTR tumbler. we were like eh?...uuu lets go back in to TGV. So I bought a combo consist of popcorn, tumbler (Gandalf pon jadikla), and The Ring (as if!).

KLCC's station now covered with LOTR giant poster. Bersemangat giler lalu! wuhuuu...feel! feel the aura! And yeah KLCC has a very tall tall x-mas tree. siap dah de xmas carole, santas and elves. Why is it only during xmas, the display in mall would be the most grand of all?
Sarjeet is driving me nuts today. Dahler mac ngan printer jauh 1 floor...dia nak soh aku kurus pe turun naik amik corr dia one by one. gimme one pile la...nih kejer giler namanya. kurus tak gak!

One more new book today-Contesting City in the Modern West. Sounds boring and it is borriing! Text, maps, tables, text, maps. Urghhh! Anyway, I was wondering why all of sudden bebudak cina 2nd and 1st floor tetiba bercantonese ngan aku. Dulu Tan jer yg rajin paksa aku cakap. macam pakat plak diaorang nih. Musti ader komplot! Dengan itu terjadilah ayam ngan itik cuba berburak. Orang lain dengo sure fenin!
° Hotmail changed the interface again.

° Channel 8 is much much more clearer than Channel 9.

° I'm addicted to Feel 100% chinese drama.

° Workin' on 'Marketing Authors' and literature 'Charlotte Bronte'.

° All my shoes are soaking wet and didn't get chance to dry.

° Tan was transferred to APW...poor fella.

° I think Delta Goodrem has a fresh features.

° Scary Movie 3 is so pornly funny.

° Felix asked for my number :D