Sunday went to BB's with Susu. She looked so bright and hepi. I didn't get the chance to see the guy, mother dia jer yang sampai dolu. cis dan cis! And then rush to LRT KJ. Wawa and Zect already waiting for me. Pegi braya umah Din plak @ Putrajaya. Seriously...I like the bedegil and kek mambo (i think dat's the name).

After they dropped me @ home, BB came over hantar lauk. eheheh since aku tak sempat mencekik kat umah dia. Adeh...susah payah lak dia! But tq very much for your thoughts. That was yesterday. Here we are Monday blues again. Sok banyak buku aku kluar. 3 final PDF, 4 1st pp. After 2moro's dateline...relax sket. Can't hardly wait!


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