Bebudak opis gave me a surprise bday cake 2day. how totful :D! i tot they didn't know. they're not spose 2 know! hehe.

@ first we all tapau for lunch. then I went back to my seat to play FoulWords, when anim approach...kater ader benda nak cakap sket. serius jer...cuak gak. aku pon folo ler dia masuk updating room. bukak jer pintu berderet muka dok dalam gelap with a couple of candle lit! whoaaa....! macam dalam drama plak! biler masa diaorang gathered dalam bilik tuh aku pon x sedar. sumer sibuk tanya umur aku exactly brapa...alahai tuh yang tak bes tuh! niat murni nak biskan lunch hour main game...habis dengan mencekik cake. but most of all tq very much for planning all this :D the way, my nite almost spoiled by this 2 lil' brats who can't help themselves enjoying feeding my nieces! the worst part was when didi starts to spilled Nestle Trix onto the floor deliberately while I was in the washroom. rite from the hall down to the kitchen. adly was reporting 2 me...but then he joined kicking and throwing those colourful Trix. diaorang ingat nih cereal party pe? dahler melekit. forcing em to pick it up was a bad idea! aku mogok tanak bancuh milk....menggelabah didi, siap peluk├é² kaki aku lagik cam citer tanggang. hmmm... sounds like i'm entitled the worst aunt of the year.


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