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Selamat Hari Merdeka 2009

Today marked Malaysia's 52nd independence day. And one of the good thing is the date falls on Monday which means public holiday huhu! My fond memories during Merdeka was when i joined the marching parade with the Persatuan Pandu Puteri (Girl's Guide). Made new friends from other schools and we were escorted by VI's brass band. Jauh lah jugak kene marched sampailah nak dekat depan Sogo building baru bersurai. Lepas tuh dah tak kosser dah nak join hehe!

Last year NST run a special merdeka issues where they printed paper taun 1957 few days before merdeka (or izit a week?) Bes giler baca paper zaman dolu2 but what caught my eyes most are the advertisements hehe. Vintage okeh and ada yang kelakar! And we can see how cheap things were back then. And oh this year's slogan is Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan. Ermmmm....abes tuh kenapa harga minyak naik besok? RON95 for RM1.80.

But I still love you, Malaysia.

Lovely Clouds

Don't you think the blue sky and the clouds are just lovely? There's this one particular day, i was gawking at the clear skies. It's not just blue but it looks so clean and clear. Because i remember it was raining for 3 days in a row the day before. Reminds me of the last scene in The Day After Tomorrow :)

The sun glare...terang but tak panas. Dahler cermin keta takde tint and the visor doesn't help much.
Gambar bawah was taken the day after. Totally different from the pix above and tak baper cun.

A fair weekend

Smalam kitowang pegi Jalan Tar sbb nak tukar baju yang aku beli ari Jumaat ari tuh tanpa di check dolu. Memang sengal! Lalu federal hiway yang tak jam langsung membuahkan bibit2 rasa happy...maybe ramai yang balik kampung. Masuk KL pon tak jam...walaweiii this is too good to be true. So kitowang start carik parking, alamak dah start beratur panjang. Skali parking lot yang kitowang nak masuk dah full terpaksa pusing balik. Trus sangkut dalam stgh jam kot and keta pon dh start berdoyon doyon! aaar tensen! Kitowang pon park kat Maju J*nction and singgah Guardian beli mask sblom menapak ke Jln Tar. Sampai jer kedai baju yang aku beli tuh aku pon ngadu lah itu ini. Skali kedai tuh takde stock nak replace baju my size :( kaler pon dah tak banyak. Huaaa buang masa jer pegi taw!!

Then kitowang pegi ziarah pusara my parents. Winduuu nie! lama tak pegi ziarah. We were lucky cuaca agak redup. Agak sengal lah sbb i was wearing short sleeves so time nak masuk tuh i wore sweater sbb nak nampak sopan…

Honey Mustard Fries

Time tuh nak gi tgk movie. Tetiba tenampak kedai baru bukak kat tepi cinema.

Cam bes jer. Pegi dekat sket nak tgk menu. Engrish spotted! "Crazy Fravour" hehehe

We decided to try the Honey Mustard Potato.

Their so-called tagline "Ireland's proverb says: There are two things in the world that can't be joked: 1. marriage 2. potato" Huhu yelahh tuh.

And tahpape citer pasal sejarah ireland

The potato fries that costs us RM8. The honey mustard sauce mmg sedap but it'll the first and the last lah kot hehe

The day before Ramadhan

Yesterday the traffic was really heavy and most peeps are trying to reach home as soon as they can. I was one of 'em. It took me more than 1 hour to arrive. Reached home trus mandi and magrib. Then carik socks, alas muka, and sluar nak pakai pegi masjid. Erghh takde proper sluar lah plak...ada yang kat cheras. Takkan nak pakai pants kejer, kalo nak pakai kain baju kurung dengan tshirt sangat tak sesuai sbb plan lepas tu nak pegi minom besides baju kurung aku dahler siket kang tada baju nak pakai pegi kejer huhuhu. End up i wore tracksuit yang panas. Nak decide benda tuh pon amik masa, mengonk kan? Kalo dolu kengkadang tuh aku pakai sluar tido jer sbb pegi surau dekat ngan umah. Tada saper nak tgk hehe.

Then kuar umah and fetch Kusa at his house. It was my first time nak pegi Masjid Negeri, Kusa pon sama because his family baru pindah SA. Cheep pon tunjuk lah kat mana parking yang ok to avoid traffic and pintu nak masuk. Sib ler aku tak pakai sluar tido :P Entrance laki pompuan kat…

Another trip to Genting

On Tuesday, Cheepster have to drive his dad to Genting. The good thing is i'm on leave and the good news (for me) is he's not staying overnight there so i can tag along (>.<) When i updated my facebook status that i'm going to Genting, couple of my friends wished me Happy Anniversary! lol!

After checking in at Awana, we made a move to Genting Theme Park. But bukan pegi main pon just jalan2 enjoying the cool breeze. We started to take photos here and there at some spot with nice view but not as excited when we first came together a few months ago. Why? Because i think we already covered that in previous trip hehe. So we skipped that and went for window shopping in the Indoor Theme Park. Then biler lapar, pegi makan lah! :)

While waiting for my char koay tiaw at the counter.

Lots of drinks to choose from, but we bought mineral jer. Heheh, i just like the signage that's all.

The char koay tiaw costs RM11.90! Nasib lah rasa dia agak sedap.

Nak kuar from the food court n…

45th Anniversary

I haven't been to Dome cafe for a while. But on Saturday, the family decided to celebrate Ma & Pa's 45th anniversary there. So off we went to Dome at Subang wheee!

I had a wild mushroom soup for appetizer which i shared with Cheepster, aglio olio linguine for main course, a small portion of Cheepster's club sandwich and a bite of Apple Blueberry Pie. I actually missed the Twister drink at first but i know i'm gonna be too full so i opt for plain water instead. Phew! Sib tak ikut napsu mengketedarah because i was bloated after the dinner.

A toast to my parents in law who have cherished their marriage for 45 years :) Harap2 kami pon berkekalan begitu jugak lah hendaknyer. Watching a young couple in love is joy, but watching an aging couple in love is bliss.

Secret Recipe's service charge

Service charge at Secret Recipe is ridiculously expensive! Service takde lah bagus pon and not too mention the waiters at most outlet susah sangat nak smile. Hurmph!


It took me 3 days to watch Talentime on and off. As predicted i know i'm gonna cry by the end of the movie heheh. The character played by Azean Irdawaty resembles my mom very much. So when Hafiz (the son in the movie) performed this song called 'I Go' sang by talented Aizat of course lah lagik sedeh *nyorok blakang cheepster and sroot sroott!*

So long, fare thee well
The dancer and the dancing days have taken leave and fell
So turn down this bed of stone
Quench me with the deadly nightshade from the rose that you belong
The long December rain is falling now
Running down on streets to nowhere
Music is my life youre my sweetest nightingale
But I cant hear it here no more
And I go
I go
Hush now, dont shake or break
Words have fallen silent like soldiers to the grave
No matter what they do or say
Lay me on the sleepy meadow by the tracks upon your face

At first i fell in love with this song 'Just one boy' also sang by Aizat. Then, i think 'I Go' is more beautiful. I love this…

Ja'a & Sulian's Reception at Ipoh

We attended their reception at Puncak Bkt Jalil last week, read the entry here.

It was a beautiful hot Saturday afternoon and the clouds were gorgeous. Me and Cheepster hit the highway heading to Ipoh. Before that we meet up with Wawa, Din, Amad at Sg Buloh R&R then waited for Wan & Wifey who were the last to show up.

Cheepster was a very cheerful driver on that day and always kept me awake (saper yang drive sebenonyer nie haha). Balik pon macam tuh gak, aper yang dia makan ntah hepi sangat.

Sampai jer Ipoh, kitowang start carik umah Ja'a but the map in the wedding card is just so confusing. Lepas dah sesat2 tuh, finally sampai jugak umah dia around 2.30pm. Time tuh dah tak ramai orang dah soo kitowang pon trus makan. In the pix (above), Ja'a trying to convince us that the map is very easy to follow. Hahaha, yelahh tuh!! When we're about to finish makan, Rock and hubby arrived. Yayy lama tak jumpe dorang, last was at my wedding in January.

Kat KL tak dapat nak amik gro…

Too amazing commercial ad

When i first watched this advertisement in the cinema, i kept guessing what product they're trying to promote. Until the end of the ad, i was like "wadahel?? hahahahaha" And today, i asked my colleagues to guess the same...and NO they couldn't guess it as well. LOL! Let me know what do you guys think :)

Around 1st Day Production

Bagus jugak PM Eddin nie rajin bawak his D90 around. We compiled every photos he took since last week :)

This is temporary command center punyer meja. Banyak helpdesk yang standby for phone calls to troubleshoot any problem.

Time nak start warm up tuh dah banyak group berkumpul sana sini. Tatau lah dorang tgh check aper tuh.

Yang group kat sini plak tgh check baper user dah log into the system. Tapik biler ada camera mustiiii nak jugak pandang camera!

These are our vendor from India. System dah live baru lah nampak dorang senyum manjang. Second left tuh gaya cam dah nak menari jer hehehe.

This is me getting sleepy. To be continued if ada gambar nak upload lagik.

1st Day on Production

Hari nie saya bangun awal pagi nak pegi kejer wpon hari nie hari Ahad. Pukul 7.30 pagi saya dah kuar umah tapik kene tahan dengan polis. Tapik saya tak buat apa2 kesalahan cuma ada larian marathon aper tah depan lorong nak kena bagi dorang lalu dolu baru bleh jalan. Ish kalo tak lagik awal dah boleh sampai opis! Kemudian saya terus masuk Federal Hiway dengan hati yang gumbira sbb tak jam langsung sehingga saya boleh pecut 120km/j. Sampai opis tgk dah ramai kengkawan yang dah sampai. Lepas tuh saya dan Projek Manager pegi Command Center kat tingkat 32 untuk buat lawatan muhibah.

Rupa2nya kat atas lagik ramai dan meriah. Big Boss ada, PMO ada, orang helpdesk from HTP dan ramai lagik staff lain from different department, nasik lemak pon ada. Lepas tuh dorang report dah ada transaction kat ASN3 in the system. Yayyyy! Lepas tuh tunggu lagik sambil makan2. Nampak gaya macam banyak tunggu jer sbb ari nih yang bukak branch cuma Kelantan and Terengganu. Besok tatau lah cemana. Besok jelah saya …

Ja'a & Sulian's Wedding

We took off from SA around 1 pm and arrived at Puncak Bkt Jalil at 2pm. Panas terik sungguh hari ni, lalu Kesas Hiway cam tak jumpe pokok maupon shades untuk bertedoh so mata sepet jer tahan terik. Sampai jer sana, we saw Ja'a and the family tgh gather kat bawah khemah kecik. We arrived just in time to see him jalan ngan kompang hehe. My first remark time nampak Ja'a was "Wow orennyer! Tampak ensem" hahaha

Banner Ja'a & Sulian kaler biru. Nice!

Time nie tgh tunggu Ja'a nak amik group photo kat pelamin. But tatau mana the bride and groom pegi. Cheepster plak not feeling well, so before he's getting lembik we made a move.

We managed to amik gambar the couple time dorang tgh makan kat high table before tuh. So to Ja'a and Sulian, would like to wish both of you "Selamat Pengantin Baru"!!!