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Slamat Hari Merdeka! Independece Day!!

I slept way early last countdown, no TV. sleep is all i'm looking for. tiz the marching. and Fadh is on TV! wuhhuu....i saw u! i saw u! Noon went out to Midvalley. Its crazy to go there...but he insist. Rasa nak ngamuk carik parking! lagik syiok!!!
don't talk too much...people will hate u. don't talk too loud...people will disgust you.

don't push people when they give you i-don't-want-to talk-rite-now look. they'll ignore you.

don't brag about your not-so-great-life. people get sick of you. don't talk as if you know

everything when you know nothing. they'll look down on you. dat's whats happening around

here. i've seen it both sides. and anybody could guess i'm belong to those 'people'.

but that person don't even notice what's going on! hope i won't be dat kinda person.

i hope i'm not now!
Haircut day!! i went to My Fair Lady Salon...a typical chinese salon. a place i kept coming back to get a haircut. in a way...there's sense of comfort knowing dat my mom used to go there and the fact the owner already knew me plus the reeaaal's cheap!

time masuk as usual...aku hi to everyone. but there's a couple of chinese laydee...ask miss fong tuh 'tung yan' / 'malay yan'? huk aloh...bzbodinya. aku dengo jelah deme borak² until the topic revert back 2 me when shampoo lady block me with her big arse. fong asked her 2 move, but one of da customer snapped...biarlah bukannya dia paham amende. si fong tuh dah tersengih²...gritted her teeth saying 'sek teng gaaa'. rasa cam nak jerit jer..."i can heeeaaarr you!!!" but erm...i hate my haircut rite now. felt like schoolkiddo!
i've been OT this couple of days till 8. once i'm the only one left @ the office. Brani plak aku!....bunya fax jer sure aku terkejut badak. I loathe the book i'm working on so much! It's all equation and too mathematical. And I had to extend the deadline like almost 2 weeks now. *#(*&#@!!*

there's ekceli a very ez way to save pix from internet using mac. all this time punyala susah to get link yang end directly with jpg format, that's what someone showed to me, manually > save as. till today i accidentally drag pic from browser to desktop. hahahah sonang giler. no wonder all the slices are bubbles...terdrag sket it became doink! doink! even buttons can be drag out...but u got nothing lar. :D smakin cergas aku carik wallpaper! huhu!!!

i got 2 calls for an interview. one is at Subang. I made an appointment but in the end...i chose not to show up. transport prob and that darn math book! why must subang...haiyaaa. Next time tulih dlm add awal²...takyah apply. The other one...the contact person called home. My dad took her number but it turns out not in service. cheissss. cemana tuh?

What's with sasha's (elite) wedding reception in US? I received 5 same emails on the same day. Almost everybody freaking out when saw the pix. Whut? I was @ first....hehe but watch closely. It's not even a church. It's pergola! pergola in a garden. the arrangement with an aisle looks like church instantly. the mesg attached with the email wrote she's married as a christian. that's sounds like accusation to me. did she really? there's one man standing between them at the altar. could be her dad to hand her over or could be a priest? wallahualam. a scenario where a muslim malay couple bersanding atas buaian full of daun pisang. would it be called married as hindu?
since notawk is back in biz...i'm moving back. but i still can't figure out with web1000. it goes weird when i log in. Got back from Mid valley. my first time entering Pets wonderland. thought of buying some fish. one aquarium leaves me with an open jaw. 3D panorama which cost RM9889. the landscape is breathtaking! and another aquarium...marine tank with some dory and nemo in it. heheh...almost all characters in nemo xcept jaws lar. spend hours in that shop, end up buying accesories for dad's new tank. lunch @ lil' penang...bought a couple of clothes. finally!

kak Ruby just delivered baby girl this afternoon. maybe i tag along nana to see her....maybe. Haila is flying to London sometimes in Sept. continuing her remote sensing. way to go!!! gonna miss her....blom pegi lagik, but really gonna miss her.
now i know what happen to my blog...its the web1000. it vanished! puff...gone! there's nothing when you type's gone with all my archive pix. felt like i was being robbed. whooaaaa!!! pondok ayam betol la!!! mangkuk ayon! tipah tertipu! dengan hanya 50MB...tipah tertipu!
rite now...bebudak yang plan nak gi JB is heading south. and me...stranded here. kejer lak tuh! takper 2moro free breakfast @ magic wok. Today is jaron last day. he's leaving and he's resignation letter cost a stir. hehe...way to go! dat's how it spose to be! balik aku heret dia pegi jln tar...nak carik pirates. peh tak sampai 2 minit aku nampak sorang mamat jinjit plastic itam. aku sampai, tinggal rangka meja jer. patah balik...2 policeman coming. phew!

2moro...i havta finish Barbados encyclopedia. Only managed to do revises up to alphabet P. Ten more to Z. book waiting, Young People, Sex and Media. Sorta compilation of scrapbook made by hi-school student about what they think of sex, and how they expressed it with paper cutting and experience in writing. The client did asked us wether we could handle this title, takut leh jadik sensitif lak. Tapik bos cina besaler....sumer bole, as long the money rolls in. hmmm. eyes are droopy. bye now.
Cursing all day. Book list arrived today... KY dah sesibuk bagey hint. rasa nak hentak jer. ni yang aku nyampah kalo kejer deadline manjang cenggini. my fault pon ader gak...ari tuh aku amik cuti, pastuh mc, pastuh half day. gap dekat sangat. baru confirm dah banyak lak lalalala. but still...i hate it! gonna miss the third convo! and the konvoi! susah payah aku bentang proposal to my dad...alih² bos lak tak bagey. podaaa chitt! too bad i'll miss out to watch the grads smiling from ear to ear walking out from the hall and absolutely fac photo session! huuuuhuhuu!
It's nice having the house all by myself once in a while. peaceful...i cancelled all my plans today, stayed @ home to gain back my sanity. if i lost it. Yesterday after work, stopped by at ais's house near University. Irma and Fadh were already there...sewing! wuhuuu...bersemangat blajo menjahit. Aku sampai trus sumer stop tok beri laluan aktiviti makan². Melantak tak ingat...ais masak ler katakan. Ptg sket kitaorang blah, aku balik, irma hogan and fadh gi pc fair.

Around 5, whole family make a move to Rudy's wedding @ Armada. We came earlier for rehearsal. The ballroom is very very nice. The seatings, pelamin...everything. But the food besa jer...flat taste. Nana and I jadik flower gurl..duh we're too ol for dat. Tukang bagey bunga pahar ekceli. Ni sumer last-minute plan. Sendiri-sendiri paham what should be done biler takder orang yang nak buat. Time renjis² the MC called up names by names. sumer pasangan husband and wife...sian bapak naik sensorang. Tapik takpelah he looks bright and happey.

During dinner, Adly been hinting me "Gerak Khas". I purposely ignore dat. Pastuh dia g cakap ngan mama dia, gerak khas. Aku la yang kena aper lagik...Acu, tlg pegi snap gambar. Cheissshhh not dat Yusof Haslam. Takder orang lain ker yang si adly ni nak minat. Nak gi dekat tapik segan...cemana tuh. Terpaksala heret Kingston, Nicky and Nicole soh teman Adly wpon diaorg x kenai Yusof Haslam apatah lagik Gerak Khas. Tapik Yusof Haslam seriously mmg ensem and well built. Thehehehe...i'm having dat 'older-man-syndrome' again for a few minutes. But his film is still in my most-suck-film list.

And then potong cake tingkat². Pastuh ader surprise cake for pengantin pompuan punyer burfday. Tatauler pompuan tuh tau ke idak and act surprise. or memang surprisingly surprise. Either way...she didn't show much reaction. COntrol ayu tak abis. Burink! Lastly amik gambo family. Slamat...sumer balik!