since notawk is back in biz...i'm moving back. but i still can't figure out with web1000. it goes weird when i log in. Got back from Mid valley. my first time entering Pets wonderland. thought of buying some fish. one aquarium leaves me with an open jaw. 3D panorama which cost RM9889. the landscape is breathtaking! and another aquarium...marine tank with some dory and nemo in it. heheh...almost all characters in nemo xcept jaws lar. spend hours in that shop, end up buying accesories for dad's new tank. lunch @ lil' penang...bought a couple of clothes. finally!

kak Ruby just delivered baby girl this afternoon. maybe i tag along nana to see her....maybe. Haila is flying to London sometimes in Sept. continuing her remote sensing. way to go!!! gonna miss her....blom pegi lagik, but really gonna miss her.


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