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Half day today. 1 sharp aku punch trus blah. Peh...nangis² aku tgk skrin ari nie. flu, cough, fever...i dunno why i even have the urge to wake up this morning. balik singgah jln tar...bought net for nana. balik telan panadol, trus peram till 6.30 p.m. bapak didn't wake me up to fetch didi...hehehe. so nice.

lalu jalan tar tadik cam burink jer. lost the touch of piracy. daaaa...i watched yesterday, 2 un-uniformed policemen stepped down from police car and headed towards the stall. baru jer konon² nak singgah on the way balik. cheisshh ilang source...but then sib baik i wasn't there holding the cd or something...tak pasal ngan aku skali kena cekup.

Izzit true that the almost-famous crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin, died eaten by croc?
The kenduri yesterday was a boiling one! dahle tunggu bride kuar umah dengan lomah lombap. dia takperla ader payung. kitaorang kat blakang tadah peluh. ;) Tapik sengih le gak...kang kecik ati tuan rumah. VIPs gift is nice...
Last nite went to Rudy's, my kazen, akad nikah. The ceremony took place @ Selayang. The setup kat umah pompuan tuh is nice, peach color. Tapik bukan hantaran kena balas then and there ker? takkan nak tunggu ari kenduri kot? ntahler aku bukannya reti sangat bab² nie. aunty Nora pon blur...mananya hantaran. Ari tuh arrangement lain nie dah jadik lain. Blah pompuan bagey reaon aper ntah aku maleh nak bzbody. Ari nie janganler soh aku ngangkut dulang antaran lagik...aku nak makan! pastuh cabut awal ngan bapak. Surely aku mabuk keta lagik ari nie coz jalan jauh. Balik flat :P
Does anyone know where i can find sites with clip-art...similar to or corbis? Anyone? Also...anyone yang leh design product?
Yesterday accompanied nana to Persatuan Usahanita meeting @ Holiday Villa. I came as her staff to run her booth. So pepagi sampai we all set up booths. We sell cakes, muffins and gifts. This society is meant for woman who have business only. Huhu...all the womans there was like wooww. Ader gak i came across yang typ². About 15 booths for dat day...ader yang jual bunga, kuih tradisional, slimming lotion, ribbons. haaa booth ribbon nie memang kelas. Something like crosstitch but embossed using ribbon. Very creative. One frame costs not less than RM400.

There's a press from Berita Harian asked me to model the gifts on the booth. erghh no no...i asked him to wait for the boss, slamat nana stroll in dadida. Dia trus take over posing² depan camera. Banyak giler snap mamat tuh amik. bes la plak. And then Karangkraf punyer cameraman pon ader snap our booth with nana holding the cakes. aku ngan maksu bantai gelak jer...cam² pesen. Suddenly ader sorang press pompuan nie approa…
2moro is my day off! Weheee…but still havta wake up early doh! Going somewhere doing something for Nana which I have no idea yet how it’s gonna be like. Kit Yee signed my leave yesterday. And I haven’t tell Mazlan…buku dia ader 3 aku pegang…musti dia tensen. Kang bagitau awal²…dia musti huh? Biler dah bunyik huh, kang Kit Yee dengo tak pasal cuti gua kena reject.

Tadik buat buku Frowen: ED. It’s all letters, postcards and greeting cards text. Pening tgk format dia, susah giler nak layout! It’s based on true story…so all the letters is also real I guess. It’s quite interesting…about this Frowen guy met Prof. George Shackle. And they’ve been writing letters ever since till G. Shackle last breath. There’s also newscut on Frowen…now really old. Didn’t got the chance to finish reading it coz Hanim settle the last chapter.

There’s another book of Springer-Verlag on NexStar User’s Guide. Somekind of powerful telescope named NexStar. Tons of galaxie artwork and stats. Terms like nebulae la ba…
Got back from shopping spree with zect. Menghaban carik baju dia for convo. Finally jumpa gak yang dia berkenan di ati. In fact that's the only baju kebaya yang both of us agreed on. Hehehe...Mahal wooo! But anyway phase I mission - accomplished. (^o^)

Got home, ader two invitation waiting for me. One is an offer ekceli from Pustpatri. Ntah mana Centre ni dapat add aku ntah. It's a Skim Latihan Semula Graduan with RM500 elaun. The course they're offering is Safety Health Office or Welding and Inspection Technology. Ntahapahapantah! Passs....okay next is an invitation for 6B's reunion on da August 2nd. I never seen half of them for 11 years. Cam bes jumpe balik member lama...teringat balik muka sekoq² zaman lom hit puberty :D But everybody is staying around the same area, so they've used to bumped into each other. Me? Kang jadik rusa masuk kampung lak. Nak pegi tanak pegi...maybe I'll toss a coin on that day. Head means hit the party, tail means no no. Cam gitu..…
Amazing Race

Finally Nancy and Emily kick butts! I'm happy for them...although they were eliminate coz they didn't follow de Tour. They've been so unlucky from the start. They wish to at least to beat Joe+Bill for once...and they did it! Joe+Bill as they claim a life partner (which means what...wazzit gay?) got the shortcut clue and so damn sure they are leading. Skalik diaorang sampai paling last daaa...padan muka. Sejibik cam citer kura² ngan arnab! Their stunt looks when they saw Nancy+Emily...i really had a good laugh! I already knew who the winner's the great looking rob and brennan! heheh...can't hardly wait till they finish the race.

Why can't I have it all in one week. GG is airing but Alias is taken off. *Vaughn is marrying someone else!* pthhh! I've to find something for Yan's wedding 2moro. Won't make it to her wedding since it falls on the same day as Rudy's wedding. Eila is getting engage. Wani is getting married. Looks like…
kalo bab² upload nie mulaler nak hangin! awat web1000 punyer ad penuh kiri kanan nie. camno nak buang! ih yeee....stick no bill here ya know! the thing is i'm getting suck at this. ('o')

i got my confirmation letter today. i'm a permanent expo staff now as grafix asst. but my JD is DTP Artist. kweng! kweng! kweng! diane is the only one who didn't get the confirmation yet. but she's very optimistic about it...that's what i like in her. And Wei Leong...confirmed as IT Exec...but still stuck in QC. Bengang jer mamat tuh. ;)
God...I felt awfully terrible after sending sms to a wrong person! *masuk bawah meja jap!* tskkk...sib baik tak kutuk ke aper ker agagaga...but still! it's horrible. matila aku besok. dia reply cam marah...tapik tak jugak. this is where i blame technology! budus...cemana leh teranto kat dia.
Meet up with susu today @ suria. had lunch...borak borak. and then we joined a long queue at rotiboy. The bakery yang famous with their specialties...rotiboy. i think dolu nama roti tuh lain...but now easily known as dat. dia baru bukak branch kat stu kot...either dat, aku kot yang lama tak gi suria. goshh...the smells is awesome. kalah bau coffee house. maybe crust dia mixed with biler bake, sedap giler bau. i heard branch dolu kedai nie had to limit 4 buns only per pax during lunch. sbb ramai sangat yang good business!

i just read ako's (the actor) blog. how could he wrote something so low bout her gurlfren. he thought dat if he wrote something bout her in complicated english, she wouldn't understand coz her english is atrocious? and yet he published it to the public...why? his gurl doesn't know how to use internet also ah? he did mentioned she was a very kampung gurl. then how did he fall for her...because of bods? looks with an empty head? cha…
Cordy is sleeping wit Connor? getting silly...i always get carried away watching dat idiot box. nothing much today xcept star rosak tgh jalan. short of voltage i guess...naik longgar kepala lutut aku berdiri. yang hampehnya...can't the 'driver' at least announce something rather than leave all the passenger clueless. hatta cakap technical problem skali's acceptable. nie tak...stgh jam not moving dia senyap jer kat depan tuh. microphone ader tanak guna. putra yang takder driver pon boleh kuarkan suara yasmin yusoff bagey announcement. eii haaiii...sabo jela

eila joined kit yee's team today. sian gak kat dia jadik cam bola ping pong jap tlg us, jap uk. dia cakap gak dia tak puas ati directly to alicia why it's not me should be doing what she's doing rite now coz she worked there for almost 2 years. cilako..aku lak yang dimentionnya. tapik btol gak aper dia cakap...aku pon nak tau naper. alicia said bla bla bla...(it's quite unfair ekceli), but i&#…
*yawnn!* just reload jaring today. only now i can really online. what did i miss? a lot i guess. oh of my book is going to final. which means Macmillan is going to print and publish it back in Basingstoke. wuhuuu! my first finalize book, Regulating Financial Sector in Era of Globalization. Tuh dia....panjang tak panjang title tuh. :D i'm way excited!

Anyway my pc is having stomach ache i guess. there's growling sound from the CPU! and error: cannot write to drive C. whateva the heck does dat means? i know zero in computer maintenance. ergh...lantak stu! bio dolu! slagi ader pc lain dalam umah ni aku bley guna...also the counter in this site now showz 999. wonder who will hit the 1k! Tons of hugz and kisses!

i think Hulk is INCREDIBLY Boring. I dunno tapik mmg tabley masyuk dia punya stunt!! i know i never read hulk in comic version. but of the part i like in hulk is the multiple box transition. just like a comic. something differ, it's kewl. wanna wat…
Last saturday...there was an accident in front of the opis. Sara's mother knocked a motorcycle which caused one of the cyclist flew (dat's how others described)....and landed bwh keta diaorang. time aku sampai...alih² dah ader orang terlentang kat bawah Unser. Poor Sara's mom...she's shaking badly.

Bab² eksiden nie cuma satu jelah yang paling aku ingat...wawa broke someone's leg! and i was sitting right beside her when the crash happened! eh...wawa? yuli yang tgh syiok² sms kat back seat jadik cam patung. biler teringat balik...lawak giler. tak masuk lagik...sequel accident tuh. accident is a nightmare ekceli. people laugh when nothing bad happen. as long as no serious damage...