Meet up with susu today @ suria. had lunch...borak borak. and then we joined a long queue at rotiboy. The bakery yang famous with their specialties...rotiboy. i think dolu nama roti tuh lain...but now easily known as dat. dia baru bukak branch kat stu kot...either dat, aku kot yang lama tak gi suria. goshh...the smells is awesome. kalah bau coffee house. maybe crust dia mixed with biler bake, sedap giler bau. i heard branch dolu kedai nie had to limit 4 buns only per pax during lunch. sbb ramai sangat yang good business!

i just read ako's (the actor) blog. how could he wrote something so low bout her gurlfren. he thought dat if he wrote something bout her in complicated english, she wouldn't understand coz her english is atrocious? and yet he published it to the public...why? his gurl doesn't know how to use internet also ah? he did mentioned she was a very kampung gurl. then how did he fall for her...because of bods? looks with an empty head? chauvinist male!


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