Amazing Race

Finally Nancy and Emily kick butts! I'm happy for them...although they were eliminate coz they didn't follow de Tour. They've been so unlucky from the start. They wish to at least to beat Joe+Bill for once...and they did it! Joe+Bill as they claim a life partner (which means what...wazzit gay?) got the shortcut clue and so damn sure they are leading. Skalik diaorang sampai paling last daaa...padan muka. Sejibik cam citer kura² ngan arnab! Their stunt looks when they saw Nancy+Emily...i really had a good laugh! I already knew who the winner's the great looking rob and brennan! heheh...can't hardly wait till they finish the race.

Why can't I have it all in one week. GG is airing but Alias is taken off. *Vaughn is marrying someone else!* pthhh! I've to find something for Yan's wedding 2moro. Won't make it to her wedding since it falls on the same day as Rudy's wedding. Eila is getting engage. Wani is getting married. Looks like almost everyone have found their life-partner. It's like the Race. Either you ride a bus, train or cab. Who will get there first. I'm still hailing...?


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