Yesterday accompanied nana to Persatuan Usahanita meeting @ Holiday Villa. I came as her staff to run her booth. So pepagi sampai we all set up booths. We sell cakes, muffins and gifts. This society is meant for woman who have business only. Huhu...all the womans there was like wooww. Ader gak i came across yang typ². About 15 booths for dat day...ader yang jual bunga, kuih tradisional, slimming lotion, ribbons. haaa booth ribbon nie memang kelas. Something like crosstitch but embossed using ribbon. Very creative. One frame costs not less than RM400.

There's a press from Berita Harian asked me to model the gifts on the booth. erghh no no...i asked him to wait for the boss, slamat nana stroll in dadida. Dia trus take over posing² depan camera. Banyak giler snap mamat tuh amik. bes la plak. And then Karangkraf punyer cameraman pon ader snap our booth with nana holding the cakes. aku ngan maksu bantai gelak jer...cam² pesen. Suddenly ader sorang press pompuan nie approach gua. Siap tenung lagik...aih dia nie nak amik aku jadik cover magazine ker. It takes me a few minutes to recognize her...skali kak dee. Anod punya kakak. Thehehehe...aku penah satu kelas ngan dia time skolah agama dolu. pehh...jadik reporter lak dia skang.

And then ader la VIP lawat² booth, fashion show, hi-tea, etc. Slack satu jelah...function flow wasnt dat smooth. I think students yang handle formal function lagik better than tiz one. All in all it went quite okay. I did have some fun. Tak sesia aku amik cuti. Taaaaa!


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