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Birthday Tasya 2012 @ A&W

Last 2 weeks before puasa, we went to one of my colleague, Azman punyer daughter 1st birthday party at A&W. The baby girl's name is Adreana Tasya, and mata redup dia hoyooo sangat cantek! Tried to amik gambar portrait of her time baru sampai but camera setting x set betol yet (read: x reti pakai) so all her pix  blurry >.<

The party crowd and decor. Yang besnyer sini ada private section for birthday party so customer lain yang datang nak makan tak nampak langsung kitowang kat dalam. I think A&W PJ nih one of the oldest outlet.

The buffet table e.g nugget, hotdog, fries and fried chicken.

Qeeb as predicted, dia buat hal sendiri jer and i can say quite polite biler main kat tmpt yang dia tak in tak lasak lah hehe. But kene perati gak dia jalan mana, sbb dia jalan lalala sana sini x tgk orang.

Bagi duduk sblah awek, trus terbantot dia nak makan nugget tuh hahaha. Oh ya, awek tuh lar Tasya the birthday girl :) Comel kannn?! I love her party dress!

Other c…

Lunch with G6 gfs @ Bubba Gump, Citta Mall

One fine Saturday, i spent few hours with an old friends yang dah berzaman x jumpe. 10.30am meet up with Wawa at Chawan, Citta Mall. While waiting for Rina to arrive we had chit chat over breakfast telor sparuh masak, fried wantan (with mayo dippin' sauce) and tea.

Rina sampai jer we decided to tukar tempat makan. Saja nak try benda lain pulak. So off we went to Bubba Gump. We were the first customer masuk situ soo sampai 3-4 waiters hovering over us. Rimas jugak lahhh! Since it was Wawa and Rina first time makan situ, so we let the waiters to explain what the sign is all about. "Stop Forrest Stop" means we need something from the waiter, "Run Forrest Run" means we don't need anything. Unfortunately, throughout the lunch even our sign is blue we still got waiters to stop and asking how we are doing, can i take your plate MANY times and interrupt our conversation. That's just pretty annoying. Rina sampai dah nak kuar statement "tak cukup pinggan ker…

Weddings on Weekend

Attended Jeeb's friend's wedding, Fariz and Syeera at Dewan Sivik, PJ. This is the 'closest' of gambar pengantin we had because time amik group photo pakai official photographer jer.

It was a beautiful wedding with nice and simple wedding favor.

2 dayang feeding Qeeb with papadom.

Jeeb happy face sbb dewan tuh sejuk lol. Qeeb busy eating apple pulak.

And then we went outside to have cendol at the dessert bar. Bepeloh Qeeb layan makan cendol....layan abes as in dia yang abeskan the cendol and i don't get to makan sangat -.-'

The following weekend we attended my colleague's wedding plak, Dzul and Farah's. Kebetulan Kusa kenal Dzul thru paintball so we pon tumpang pegi together2 with Kusa and Mira. Comelnyer gmbr nie Hamzah tgh sniff2 the flower.

Group photo of us inside the dewan. Jadik lah nampak pelamin sket because pengantin actually requested amik gmbr kat pelamin but nak amik gambar sekejap yang nih pon susah qeeb tanak duduk diam.

Kisses overload he…

BBQ @ Pangsun, Hulu Langat

ISD department organized a BBQ event at Pangsun. It was my first time there and yang besnyer this activity was fully sponsored by bosses. The staff langsung tayah kluarkan duit except travelling cost ^.^ Ramai gak yang konvoi from office, sampai sana breakfast, checked in masuk bilik and by the time me, Jeeb and Qeeb reached there dorang tgh main game. Time tgk banner nie i thought owner of that place punyer, biler tgk betol2 baru prasan it was for the event purpose hahaha lambat pickup.

Here is how the place looks like. Nice lah the river bertingkat2 and ada different depth level.

We found a spot and bentang tikar. Beria jer gaya cam nak picnic but tak duduk sangat pon kat situ.

Then kitowang trus masuk air celup2 kaki sket, rendam Qeeb sket. Air adalah sangat sejuk soo mmg bagi Qeeb main kejap jer lah sbb dia pon nampak cam dah mengigil but suker campor takot2. Time dlm air tuh, he didn't move an inch except tangan jer laju main kocak2 air. Biler shift tempat lain pon sama, mmg …