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On 28th Dec, the company held annual dinner @ PWTC. Me had a little makeover heheh (if this looks like little lah). Time nih lar nak tgk if makeup sesuai with my face, can besarkan my sepetness, can hide my panda-ness and make me look flawless wahaha.

The theme for dat nite was Fiori or in english Floral.

After the dinner is over, we kutip the fresh flowers when the organizer started to dismantle. Hehe syiokkkk! Roses, lilies, daisies and everything...

And for the first time in my entire life i won something in lucky draw! A mini DVD player...not bad eh! ehehehe

Have a merry xmas and happy holiday!

Concert Dewa at Stadium Negara

D called me up if i want free tix to Dewa 19's concert @ Stadium N*gara few hours before the show. Hahaha of course i want! We arrived just in time when the crowd starts to enter the stadium and it wasn't even a long queue (for celcom x). we got great seats in front of the stage and dewa19's performance was a blast!

The guest artist were Sheila Majid, Rabbani and Mulan. I especially love the old song Arjuna!!! Bes giler!

Thanks to bem for the treat and present! Thanks to sumer yang wish thru sms, emails and YM. Muaahhh!!! Also Happy Birthday to wawa!!
Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha!
KL Xmas Decor 2007
One Utama, Damansara

One Utama xmas booth

Pavillion, KL

Pavillion xmas booth

Power Ikano, Damansara

Sg Wang, KL

The Curve, Damansara

Why i posted all this pixies? Heheh i just love christmas decor. Beautiful ornaments, refreshing colors and glitters...feels like a festive mood!
My first attempt to remote access the pc in the office from home. Huhu! Its like watching your own desktop in the office without wallpaper tho. I can access any folder i want! I'm still trying to figure out how to copy files from there. Check out this site LogMeIn and try it for yourself :)