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Pay a visit to my colleague k.moji who gave birth to baby boy on the 23/5. Name is yet to be confirmed at that time so i don't know what to call him yet hehe. The baby is soo cute, mata shepet and of course smell like a baby! Tgk gambar nie balik, risau plak tgk urat2 yang visible kat kepala aku tuh. Banyak sangat benda pikir kot hak hak.

Tali Pinggang Hitam Training
Cycle 1: 16/6/2008 - 22/6/2008
Cycle 2: 23/6/2008 - 29/6/2008
Cycle 3: 30/6/2008 - 6/7/2008

Dahler materials tak complete for this event. Kalo jadik show stopper? camner nak menjawab, mau tak brani pandang zz sbulan. dahler involve banyak parties...tatotnyehh! And in between pon ada event lain nak diexecute. Banyak sungguh event...meriah!
Cheepster is trying out the photo vending machine. Software machine stress test i called it. He kept poke and poking the touch screen.

Until the machine gave up and shut itself down. Poor machine.

We had this awesomeness waffle topped with ice-cream and marshmallow at 1-Utama food court. There is just something extra with the waffle that i think it was the best i had so far.
Can't believe i ekceli managed to pull through the whole week! Yay!!! Eventhough now i have other deadlines to meet, but im giving myself a pat on my shoulder for successfully managed to stay 'calm' while listening complaints and sarcasm comments when the agents found errors. I also did not forget to breathe when the network kept on failing. I'm good miahaha:)

Glad k.fara was there. Agents sarcastic dia pon sarcastic balik. hehehe cayalah! The system aren't that bad lah ekceli but there are few unexpected things happened that lead to more headaches. As for the security loose, I shall reserve my comments lah. Hehe kesian gak dorang complain2 but the vendor won't do anything about it. There are things yang dorang complained tuh betol and i think they do deserve to get what they want but half of it i categorized it as mostly are negative perceptions. Takleh lar nak expect sumer sama dengan current system then camtuh tayah tukar system lah kan.

Agents tuh pon bes gak mingle ngan dorang. Macam2 style, yang C*MB pangai camnie, yang MBB kejer style camnie, yang R*B lak cenggini. Sampai nama aku pon memula tuh dorang panggey suzie. Redah jer!

But all in all, I neglected ppl around me this couple of weeks. Balik malam, sampai jer umah dah nantok gaban. My sis soh wat itu ini, konpem aku tantrum. By the time borak ngan Cheepster pon dah mamai. My frens yang sms pon asik luper nak reply, yang ym pon x sempat nak respond. Wiken nak jumpe Cheepster pon rushing. And the list goes on sigh. I got a job offer but i can't decide whether its the right thing to jump right now. Because, if everything goes according to project plan, the Training will complete by end of june and then the system will go live on Sept. So if lepas tuh leh relax2 sket rugi lar tukar kejer kan and tak sempat lar nak merasa project complete. Hurmphhh! But earn extra few hundreds would be great kan??!
Here is some pixies from Cheepster's bday dinner @ Italiannies.

Birthday dinner @ Italiannies

The birthday guy :)

Birthday dinner @ Italiannies

We had pizza and lasagne. The pizza was ok but we think that Vivo is much tastier. As for the lasagne...tomatoes masam gila :P

Birthday dinner @ Italiannies

Glad we get to spend some time together during dinner because its his first time to celebrate with me hehe. Again, Happy Birthday Chayang!
Manjalah si comei anda. Too bad print besar2 camnie tada orang check. ish ish! aku lak yang terproofread hahaha :P
1. I punyer dot, urup L pinjam
2. The text 'atau hubungi' kat bawah...tapi no tepon kat atas
3. no tepon lagik satu tecampak belah pintu kiri

I am Sol. Get this Wearable original little art @ Elsa Mora. The materials are linen fabric, shrink plastic for the buttons and textile paint. Cute kan?!

Happy Birthday to Cheep! Happy birthday to you! Muah muah!
This morning went to HQ for a briefing on company's mission bla bla bla. It was definitely the most boring activities of the month and not too mention butt suffering kene duduk atas krusi keras for more than 2 hours. Serious rasa tantrum biler the speaker cam takde hint nak end the briefing. Half of my day gone just like dat whereas banyak kejer kat opis nak kene buat.

I was appointed to be a trainer for next week event. Haiyo! Sesak napas. I dunno what to prepare and what to say in front of the crowd. The last time I became a trainer...i know there's no way i'm going to be a teacher/trainer dan yang sewaktu dengannya. It is an interesting opportunity but I'm not just a teacher type. Oh well, deal with it.
old cds

Room spring cleaning...yang tak clean2 sampai lar nie. Sigh. I'm throwing away all this pirate vcds (yang ori leh kira baper ketul jer haha). Bought it time zaman blajar kat JB dolu hehe the best pirate source in town. So sesapa yang trasa nak tgk balik citer lama lemme know. Some of the vcds are Matrix, Wicker Park, Mr Bean, Pans Labyrinth, Italian Job etc.
A conversation with my 2nd nephew Didi.

Me: Dd, can i borrow a pillow?
Dd: Achu nak yang mana?
Dd: Yang lembik ke? yang lembut sket ke? or yang keras banyak?
Me: wahhh, banyaknyer jenis pillow!

Tah naper rasa cam kiut lak dia offer aku macam2 jenis pillow. he cud've just grab a pillow nearest to him and passed it to me. instead he's being very totful.

Selanat Pengantin Baru to Mas. Banyak gak liaise dengan dia nih for current project. So mustilah kene pegi reception dia. hehe...lain siot muka dia. transformed gegila punyeh :)