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Here is the answer to my previous post on what went wrong with the signboard


Rupa2nya nak letak jawi on top of the street's name and the classic border. I don't see the necessity of it though. Bulih plak buat asing2 cenggitu hahaha. Oh well!
Sagittarius Horoscope for Today

Fill your day with as much music and art as you possibly can. They will soothe you. (Working on Photoshop considered as art too ayt?)

Whatever you are doing, see if you can make do with less.
1. Spend less on lunch (Will do)
2. Cut back a little on some luxury or (just 2 more pair of shoes and shirts *pleading*)
3. Get up an hour earlier tomorrow. (Sigh, I've tried hard :( )
4. Of course, some things, like family, need no cutbacks!
Day 1 @ Cameron (11/4/2008)
Arrived safely at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highland. Raining here and there but we managed to reach there before dark. Pehtu straight gi carik umah Z*lman...perfecto! His house ada 3 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen and Astro! muahaha tada lah busan sangat biler malam. And then hit the road to find place for dinner. Malam tuh end up 4 of us bunk in kat living room watching TV and playing UNO

Day 1 @ Cameron Highland

Day 1 @ Cameron Highland

Day 2 @ Cameron (12/4/2008)
2nd day we went to Tea Plantation @ Sg Palas. It looks different compared to the last time i went. Bau baja fresh mmg kuat gila, but the scenery is soo relaxing, so i dun mind sticking around for few hours.

Day 2 @ Cameron Highland

Day 2 @ Cameron Highland

Day 2 @ Cameron Highland

Pehtu singgah Cactus Valley. Bought alfalfa and polka dot pot to go with it.

Day 2 @ Cameron Highland
Day 2 @ Cameron Highland

Petang singgah Strawberry farm. And then pegi pasar malam again for last round of shopping. Mmg worth it beli kat pasar malam rather than beli kat farm especially when its raining heavily...lelong gila! sbb orang extreme je yang sanggup basah smata nak beli veges and flowers hahaha.

Day 2 @ Cameron Highland

For dinner, we tried steamboat near Tanah Rata. RM26 for 2 pax is more than enuff...makan sampai bloated. Dat night nak bawak masuk bunga Harum Sundal Malam masuk umah kinda cuak...sbb manjang wangey huhu. Pehtu watched AF sambil makan cendawan goreng (fried mushroom) yang Shara masak. Sodapppnyer! Kalo beli kat stall...erghh musti manis tuh yang siap pegi carik tepung beras kat sana hehe. Tingat cendawan goreng Pak Ali JB :)


Day 3 @ Cameron (13/4/2008)
3rd day load barang masuk keta. Giler fully loaded. Sampai sacrifice tempat letak kaki...sumer sanggup bersila. Singgah at Bharat tea plantation for last photo session hikss :D Balik ikot jalan kampung singgah beli buah. Around 6pm sampai umah after drop yang len len. Tada kunci umah lah plak terpaksa tunggu my sis balik from outing. Siap tertido2 dalam keta. Kol 8.30 jumpe Cheepster yang baru sampai from Mekah :)

Day 3 @ Cameron Highland

If Bapak still around...

A year has past the day Bapak left us 16 April 2007. I still remember the details when my sis called me soh balik cepat, calling zet screaming and crying in panic, broke down next to him in the emergency room when the doc said they've tried their best. Feels like yesterday.

If Bapak still around...He would be the first person to wake up. Brew his coffee. Walk Adly and Didi to bus stop or drive them to school if they missed the bus hehe. Trim pokok and water his plants. By the time i'm going out for work, he would be sitting at his favourite spot smoking and watch his fishes grow bigger. Send me to LRT. Salam and cium tangan before kuar keta. Pick me up from LRT. Quick chat in the car. Having dinner and watch TV together. Listen to his jokes and famous tall tale to Adly, Didi and Lily even to me and my sis :) The smell of balm/ minyak angin when he's ready to sleep.

How i really miss that. I really really missed him. Al-Fatihah.
A signboard in Cheras area. Ermmmphh can u tell me what is wrong with this signboard?

- Everytime i look at it...i can't help to wonder whether orang yang dapat tender buat signboard nih salah ukur because the position of the text is not centered.
- Or they have plan in the future to tampal some text at the top position?
- What's with the bracket? I never wrote my address with a bracket before!

Its everywhere in this housing area...replacing the old ones. And it's dem tiring whenever i look at it and say something is wrong with that signboard! Arghhh!!! What is wrong with me?! Signboard pon aku nak hangen? Adeihh lah!

Coffee Survey

Cheepster went for Umrah for 10 days. Insya Allah hopefully he get to perform his Umrah smoothly, slamat pergi and slamat balik :)

I went for pr*duct survey @ Midv the other day. Spent 2 hours and get paid :) but with 1 hour waiting, i was totally annoyed :( its 8.30pm when i got out from there...unluckily all my colleagues yang stayback dah nak balik, so nak balik opis pon takde orang. sigh, tangguh lagik kijer. but i got $$ and dat feels half good ;)

This is how the survey was conducted. 10 of us kene duduk dalam Curiousity Room where we were given 6 mugs with coffee mixture and hot water. Pour, stir, sniff and sip hehehe. Sip sket jer tak spasai kembong lak perot minom 6 mugs. The rule is after each sip kene makan biscuit before minom another mug. Yelah kang tak leh differentiate taste plak.

Lepas tulis evaluation form, ada session lak jawab which mug yang sedap, naper tak sedap, etc. Syiok gak layan makan biscuits tuh sbb lapo. But i noticed few participants for this survey slalu cakap the opposite. First session, dia cakap x suker strong coffee kang pening lah aper lah....second session cakap suker pulak the kind of coffee yang dia minom tiap2 ari. aper daaa.

Random shots at Ground Floor of the company. Photo frames against red wall. Nice eh!