Coffee Survey

Cheepster went for Umrah for 10 days. Insya Allah hopefully he get to perform his Umrah smoothly, slamat pergi and slamat balik :)

I went for pr*duct survey @ Midv the other day. Spent 2 hours and get paid :) but with 1 hour waiting, i was totally annoyed :( its 8.30pm when i got out from there...unluckily all my colleagues yang stayback dah nak balik, so nak balik opis pon takde orang. sigh, tangguh lagik kijer. but i got $$ and dat feels half good ;)

This is how the survey was conducted. 10 of us kene duduk dalam Curiousity Room where we were given 6 mugs with coffee mixture and hot water. Pour, stir, sniff and sip hehehe. Sip sket jer tak spasai kembong lak perot minom 6 mugs. The rule is after each sip kene makan biscuit before minom another mug. Yelah kang tak leh differentiate taste plak.

Lepas tulis evaluation form, ada session lak jawab which mug yang sedap, naper tak sedap, etc. Syiok gak layan makan biscuits tuh sbb lapo. But i noticed few participants for this survey slalu cakap the opposite. First session, dia cakap x suker strong coffee kang pening lah aper lah....second session cakap suker pulak the kind of coffee yang dia minom tiap2 ari. aper daaa.

Random shots at Ground Floor of the company. Photo frames against red wall. Nice eh!