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yesterday went CD w/house sale @ c*ronade hotel. i bought 2 items, lipstick and Dior powder. i dun use compact powder before, but gatey nak beli. and wif all trouble to get rid dior-me,dior-me-not eye shadow casing (note: not the eye shadow i'm after haha). then pusing² sg wang, stuck in da jam, amik tv, antar tv, dapat duit raya :D, wawa dropped by antar kad med, sorang gik dropped by antar cds. huhuh stok sminggu...lom tentu abis layan. and today...get a hair cut. huhu, x tahan lagi!

why izit dat every year biler dekat raya my sis will make fuss to clean every inch of the house. i really mean it...every inch! musbi she inherited from mom. sometimes we end up yelling at each other because i can't keep up wif her hyperness. maybe dats 'raya mood' for my family. haha!

Nandos treat

Nandos treat
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Buka posa wif my gurlfrens @ nandos near puduraya since bb nak catch bus to JB at 8.30pm. we talked, cried and laff...wish inot, pjot wuz there. and without fail this year, i accidentally drank in public during ramadhan (i'm 'cuti' neway), dok stir ice lemon tea trus sedut huhu. the weird thing is, it only happened when bb is around. last year was roti boy incident while waiting for lrt wif siot jer blur time tuh.

then we went for caffeine dosage @ starbucks. say gudbyes to bb...then me and susu ronda pi mydin carik baju melayu for my dad. pi s&m...giler tgk vids. among places to be after skool dolu. huhu!

and the most teruja part...chi chong street/kai. i never been to petaling street since dat place covered wif roof...lama tuh. from end to end jalan cam ciara-1,2 step, packed and heat but i was soo hepi browsing.

thanx susu for the treat!

Buka Puasa @ Bukit Jalil

Buka Puasa @ Bukit Jalil
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Buka posa wif utms yesterday @ Bkt Jalil Golf & Country Resort. Not as many as last year but we managed to pull it off :D

Swayyyy my wayyyyyy-Bic Runga

Buka Puasa @ Boulevard Hotel

Buka Puasa @ Boulevard Hotel
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Had a great time buka posa at Wild Rice Restaurant, Boulev*rd Hotel Midv*lley wif opismate. Huge selection of food and it was fabulous, tried almost (pretty much) every dishes from prawns, beef, chicken, rojak, ulam, sushi + very little wasabi (never fail to hate sushi), soup, sate, cakes, assorted mini pastries, etc etc, even lemon grass tea (teh serai..eww!) until can't take it nemore.

Plus it's JJ's bday the next day, and FF bought a cake for him for pre-celebration among frens. So...Happy Burfday dude!
Note: My deepest symphathy and heartfelt condolences to PM over the lost of datin seri Endon. first, the death of his mother, and now his beloved wife. I know how it feels like to lose someone...who suffered from cancer. may she be placed among the blessed, al-Fatihah.

The opis is half empty today. all the upper management attend meeting somewhere in kl leaving us bored to death. hoho yea rite...i'm jumpin wif joy. i didn't open a single adobe application since mornin. everyone is looking forward for Iftar gathering this evening @ Boulev*rd Hotel. umi dok pasang lagu raya, festive mood giler. sok cuti nuzul Quran...might do some shopping.

me vectorized

me vectorized

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huhu it really looks like me doesn't it? thanx jeebun for spendin ur time on this. now...prepare to run! *hugs*
i've been corresponding thru emails with couple of strangers from hi5 recently. they sent me msgs so i just reply. some really crack me up

//how many brothers and sisters do u hve? what does ur dad do?
lemme work on my family tree...and i'll get back to u

//kasi no tel leh?....manalah tau leh jumpa sabtu ni?
as if!!

//i work in central bank. tau ke?? name lain bagi Bank Negara Malaysia, tau ke?
ok, dat 'tau ke' is gettin annoyin

Mr. Phone-y from sun2surf
A truly Malaysian phenomenon. He hides behind his miscalls and cutesy forwarded friendship text messages in hope for some form of response. This is one coward who is afraid of a normal face-to-face interaction with ladies. Unknown to this chicken-flirt, girls know what he's up to - but they view it as somewhat sad and pathetic. As it is a relatively cheap way to flirt with the masses (heck, SMSes can be as cheap as 1 cent nowadays), almost any girl is deemed worthy of spending his phone credit on. It's hard to guess the usual whereabouts of this flirt but with one miscall or forward message, you can sense his irritating presence in your mind. His pickup line? - "Hey can I have your phone number?"


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Buka posa mcD buffet @ awan beso last friday wif the bunch
Wishing all of you a Ramadhan Mubarak

I just sent my fabric to one of the tailor here. since my regular tailor has closed for tempahan (i shudve send it eons ago). dahler 1st time hantar kedai baru...and i've to trust her to do my baju raya. i hope i didn't pay rm100+ for nuthin. not that i'm sayin the chinese tailor dont have a clue how to make baju kurung coz there were tons in her shop, but i hope she gets the idea wut i want coz her sketch is a doubtful one :( oh well...get over it!

Again...selamat berpuasa pada sumer. mohon maaf atas segala kesalahan dan dosa agar dapat melangkah ke Ramadhan dengan keampunan-Nya.
Happy B'day to my one and onleh sis, nana.

Watched Skeleton Key today @ KLCC. See hodoo rating...PG-13 for violence, disturbing images, some partial nudity and thematic material. hak hak!

Reached home trus get ready dinner with bapak @ Tupai². then akmal came ovah to check his modem skali ngan wan. exchanged i'm using his brand new one huhuh. rite now i'm one heluva sleepyhead wif a full stomach.