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Piece of news when i called my sis...

me: hulo
her: sampai dah? (LRT)
me: haah
her: weih tak larat ar ari nih....i'm pregnant
me: huh? whutttt??? ekekekekeke

at least tunggu lar aku sampai umah dolu and break the news. oo maii! one more nephew/niece? aar penin! penin! hahaha! But it wuz a gud news indeed.

Had durian and manggis for dinner. Wohoo...puas! :D
Shabox shucks. This kind of promo is ridiculous:

Subsciption fee is RM5 per month (17 sen a day!). New user will automatically be subscribed as Jumbo Plan member upon downloading.

Hare tol! It did automatically deduct my credit! What if i dun want to subscribed the Jumbo promo, it didn't give me any choice! I'm not aware of this when i donlod their ringtone ONCE which seems like ages ago, its not even mention in the FAQ. When i tried to unsuscribed, i got this stoopid reply "Sorry u'r not able to unsuscribed from Jumbo yet. The minimum subscription period is 2 months" Siot ah...more like Juboq promo!
Watched Constantine @ Starlite Cinema. Got a spot by the projector, bleh gak leaned against. Being a first-timer i think the environment is great. and tang duduk tuh tadalah rasa biler sorang goyang kaki 1 row gegar. But ensure tada ubat nyamuk berdekatan. As much as i like the smell of ubat nyamuk sbb rasa cam duduk kat kg, but biler dah inhale banyak sangat phbbbtt!

Then off to 'Venice' @ KJ for dinner with the bunch, tmpt yang introduced by siong. 12 of us and cheese. Tak sempat nak tanya nih aper ke nama pasta, sampai² trus makan. and everything in large portion, even the beverages! fuh mengah jugak ar makan which costs us RM177.

with Bapak

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Hepi Father's Day to dearest pak! No present this year, just dinner. Hahah! Sampai berpeluh makan daging salai masak lomak cili api!

Coconut Grove

Coconute Grove
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Dinner @ Coconut Grove, lepak borak??. too bad tak de angin sangat malam tuh panas ler jugak sampai berpeluh?? makan. and then singgah pasar malam beli kebab, apam balik, and durian. huhu lagik ar panas.

The next morning bfast @ Teluk kemang, tengok?? beach (take note...tgk jer, basah sket pon tak). Hopeless nyer anak buah, ajak swimming takmo coz they're more interested to build sand castle. haiyaa!
The plan to PD is on. Yay! We're celebratin Father's day there. Till then, daaa!


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Happy Faked Family. A 60 page photo shoot of the couple playing house. Cun ah! Click here to view more.
Cerita lama pon mau bukak balik. Move on! But if i find someone twist the story i most likely feels to chop off dat person's head. Wachaaa!
What is wrong with me?! I won 2 freebies, and i dont even notice? stupido coz i never bothered to check my timenet account which oredi exceed limits. surely the notification email bounced.

I want this Stila perfume so much..... huk huk! I didnt bite my nails for not noticing the 2nd contest but on second tot, hey, party in a pool! its 17teen summer splash...dang! and oh how cud i forget, i dun even pick up the Bolton cd!! hahhaa. so i'm always like this...unless the prize was sent directly to my home. fucked up!
mr and mrs sm*th is great. luv it, ohoo brad! brad!...brad! brad! had early dinner at secret recipe. the first time i'm havin problem to finish one slice of cheese cake. iced choc cream and cheese cake is terrible combination. almost throw up! i hate choc beverage...tah naper gatai lak nak try. because it looks tempting? mmph!
Attend K.Lala and Ramdan's wedding @ Sg Buloh. Traffic + heat = headache.
Yay! Thru with all the exams. Selasa sempat jumpa Rush during lunch. Zet and Med pon turun Stapak Indah. Hehehe. Made friends with Maria and Nadima. Rabu gi jalan kat Alamanda. Singgah Souq or more like parked and look tapik tak jadik masuk sbb jauh. Balik had dinner @ taman ten. and the others sambung lagik remaining hours kat cinema while I called the night off.

Simon came over and install Stimix. Tadaaa....
Its Saturday again!

So I was a bad girl today. I (unwillingly) woke up at 7:30am, dragged my sorry ass out of bed, and did all the morning routiney stuff. Say bye to bapak who went to kenduri @ somban with the rest of neigbours, and my sista off with her broods to shoppe. Home alone (and hungry)…yay!

Yesterday, the pub throw a surprise bday party to ff. cdot baik hati tulun masakkan mihun and bought the cake. it wuz nice. soo, hepi bday fik! but i'm hoping she still doesnt found this page. Hahah!

Had a regular tete-a-tete with sis last night. Putting her words “ always run from relationships and potential ones! You're.......”. Sheesh! But none of that matters now since I’ve decided that I seriously need to reevaluate my priorities. Plus as far as I’m concerned, all other guys are unavailable until they mention otherwise and I shall (try) keep my eyes off of them lest I get ripped apart for even daring to look at someone else’s bf. My cute backdoor neighbour doesn’t count because probably half the girls in this area been eyeing him up neway. Huhu!

I need to study for the test. At least…I don’t want to send blank answer sheets. But I kept fallin asleep between the lines, 'doh! And my closet need a makeover. And a laundry basket that demands my attention. But I need to feed myself first. Till then…Sugar!