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Movie Treat

Free movie on the house by our CEO! And the best part was we got to watch it during office hour w00t! Because kalo buat after office hour i doubt dapat kumpul all team members. The day before D as the organizer already bought berjela2 tickets, but on the day itself ada yang last minute confirm so we went to the Pavilion slightly earlier to buy more tickets and had lunch there.

At the GSC lobby waiting for everyone to gather and distributed the tickets. Ada yang tgh queue gi beli popcorn. *excited!*

The movie we watched, The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Time ni tgh kecoh nak duduk ngan saper and kat mana.

The organizer were so busy bagi tickets sampai tak sedar movie dah nak start. Dahler ada lagik yang tak sampai. Poor D, missed few minutes of the movie sbb nak pegi menjemput orang yang baru datang. Time nie gambar banyak gegar sbb dah eksaited sangat nak masuk cinema.

It was a small cinema so practically most of the seats conquered by us. Baik book one whole cinema jer kan? lol! Lucky me D yang jadik organizer so i got the chance to pilih good seats hehehe! The movie? The intro was interesting but as a whole, I don't find it appealing because of Jay Baruchel typical character just like in 'She's out of my league'. Both of the characters are too similar i found it boring -.-

After the movie, we took a group photo of almost everyone not including the guys. It was a nice treat from the CEO yang bagi few hours time off and free movie tickets. Everyone seemed happy ^.^

The Smaller Umbrella The Better!

Found this interesting read in NST today and wanted to share with everyone :)


IT was drizzling when a couple pulled up at a restaurant parking lot. The husband dashed to the boot for an umbrella. There were two — a large golf umbrella and a smaller one. Which one should he use? He smiled and reached for the small.

It was their 15th anniversary dinner and he thought it was a perfect gesture to his wife. With a small umbrella, he had the opportunity to snuggle as closely as possible with her while walking to the restaurant. As they lovingly huddled together, the scene was reminiscent of a time when they first started dating many years ago.

Yet, the picture could have easily been the opposite. In the early days, a couple would usually take every opportunity to stay close together. A Malay saying describes this aptly would be "eat in one plate and sleep on one pillow." That is how close they wanted to be. And yes, the smaller the umbrella, the better!

Unfortunately, after several years together, it is not uncommon to see couples keep a distance from one another. In a mall, they walk apart or go separate places. When it rains, they'd rather use a bigger umbrella, or worse, separate ones. In short, the further they are, the better.

So how can we keep our umbrella small as well as functional as the years go by? Why does the size and its condition matter to our home and family? An umbrella that had weathered many storms and heavy downpours may be torn, leaking or damaged. It may not be an issue during a good day but when the rain starts coming down hard, the umbrella will be useless. It is our duty to ensure that it stays functional. Any tear must be quickly patched, just as any damages must be repaired before the next thunderstorm.

Similarly, our relationships also weather heavy storms and downpours. Fights and disagreements will happen from time to time. Feelings can be hurt intentionally or otherwise. But if we let these common pitfalls of marriage run havoc, our home and family will also be threatened.

Therefore, we must nurture the relationship from time to time. Any torn, leak or damage must be dealt with swiftly. The best time to do it is when things are calm. Once the downpour starts, it might be too late.

Celebrating Love
One of the best ways to keep love alive is to celebrate it as often as possible. Anniversary celebrations should be grander with each passing year. It marks the many milestones you and your spouse journeyed together. Take pride in your ability to be an understanding and supportive spouse. Throw surprises now and then and not just during birthdays. We do not need to buy expensive gifts all the time but kind words and thoughtful gestures can go a long way to put a smile on their faces.

Celebrate love as often as we can — it is not just to create a happy home, but also something our kids can learn from too.

Rekindle the passion
Passion is like a thermometer — we must heat it up from time to time to ensure the temperature remains high. Go on regular "dates" with your spouse (without the kids tagging along). If you cannot sneak out of the house, watch a movie together at home. Candlelight dinners should not be confined to fancy restaurants — you can have them at home too.

Read more: Smart parenting: Small umbrella, happy family

Notakaki: My first official date with Cheep involved fireworks and umbrella, lol! Hopefully, years later we still can share an umbrella and our love remain *pom pom* like fireworks eh ;) hehe!

BabyIbu Giveaway: BabyRuffkins

My first time to join giveaway contest organized by BabyIbu. Dah quite sometime follow blog BabyIbu nie sbb banyak info pasal pregnancy, babies and products. And recently Kak Yana, the blog owner posted a BabyRuffkins Giveaway contest and i wanted to give it a try! :) This contest ends on 6/8/2010.

BabyRuffkins have lots of fun and colorful toys for kids. I'm sure all moms and mom-to-be rambang mata browsing all the items. Since my baby is not out yet, so dalam banyak2 toys tuh i'm most interested with this Jollybaby Cuddly Playmat/ Cuddly Blankie! It can be a playmat or blankie because ada soft polyester filling. So boleh lah my pumpkin golek2 atas mat nie nanti. Also it comes with this packaging bag, sesuai for gift.

Product Information
  • made of luxury artificial soft fur, superb great in quality, layered with soft polyester fiber filling
  • cuddly playmat & blankie, measures H55cm x W50cm
  • this beautiful mat can be used as playmat or seat mat for new born to age 12M, and convert into cuddly toy for toddlers
So anyone yang interested to join this contest, head on to BabyIbu's blog to get more info. Or check out BabyRuffkins website to start shopping!
  1. Tampal banner di atas di sidebar blog anda dan link ke entri ini.
  2. Membuat review mengenai contest ini dengan tajuk BabyIbu Giveaway: BabyRuffkins dan link ke entri ini.
  3. Dalam entri anda, pilih satu permainan dalam laman web BabyRuffkins dan nyatakan mengapa ia sesuai untuk dijadikan hadiah untuk anak anda.
  4. Anda boleh tulis entri dalam BI atau BM. Boleh tambah gambar dan sebagainya mengikut kreativiti anda.
  5. Dalam entri pastikan anda mention dan link ke BabyIbu dan BabyRuffkins.
  6. Add BabyRuffkins dalam bloglist anda.
  7. Harus penuhi semua syarat di atas untuk melayakkan anda dalam giveaway ini (Sila semak ye).
  8. Dah siap semua, tinggalkan komen di entri ini beserta link ke entri anda.

Lunch at Office

It's been a while since we had makan2 in the office, so Kak Wy took the initiative to collect RM10 from each of us. She ordered nasi minyak, ayam masak merah, daging kurma, sayur and papadom. Additional meal were spaghetti bolognaise, roti jala and for dessert we had kek lapis, rambutan and kuih talam tokyo. Fuh nama hebak kuih talam tokyo tuh but yang buat dia beza from kuih talam biasa is ada suhun kat tetengah tuh.

Lunch @ Office Lunch @ Office

Dah makin banyak budak yang suker camho kat my office nowadays hehe. Dolu me, D and zaza jer. Skang dah tak terkira dah baper ramai yang auto senget and bg peace sign biler nampak camera.

Lunch @ Office

Baca doa dolu before makan. Tapik dorang nih bukan concentrate sangat pon...asik pandang mana cameraman pegi hahaha.

Lunch @ Office

Queue amik food. Gaaah pucatnyer muka cheq! >.<

Lunch @ Office

Lepas amik food berhimpit2 plak carik port nak makan kat mana. Lagik dekat ngan buffet table lagik baguih senang nak tambah makanan!

Lunch @ Office

Yang bagusnyer buat makan2 camnie kat opis sbb bukan slalu dapat makan dengan everyone sesama and time nih lah ada jer yang tolong angkat food from akak catering, yang tolong potong kuih, yang tolong susun kat meja and so on. Leh merapatkan silaturrahim :)

Breakfast Date

Last Sunday, went for breakfast date with Wawa, Zect and Rina at Paparich, Kota Damansara. Even though at first i almost couldn't make it because my car tak boleh start. I had to wake up Cheep and pegi beli battery. Terbang RM170 but glad the problem was just that and nothing else. Cheep was awesome tolong pasang kejap jer, and off i go even i was 1 hour late.

Breakfast @ PappaRich

Ordered koay tiaw goreng and 2 big glass of teh o. Catching up here and there.

Breakfast @ PappaRich

Rina was the first to leave, followed by Zect. Sib baik dapat gak jumpe dorang! Kalo tak mau berbulan lagik baru dapat jumpe hehe. Nama jer memasing tinggal KL.

Breakfast @ PappaRich

Four of us before memasing chow. Then me and Wawa went to Sunway Giza because both of us tak penah lagik jejak kaki kat stu.

Breakfast @ PappaRich

Banyak kedai makan here with lots of space. Each of us vowed to come back here again and try one of the cafes hehe.

Sale! Sale!

Hohoho one is MEGA sale and the other one is GRAND sale! Maybe this time around i should start to buy something ^.^

Kiddyplace Mega Sale @ Leisure Mall
24 July - 16 September, 2010

Products on sale:
Baby clothing (up to 50% off)
Educational toys

Brand on sale:
Avent – 20%
Tommee Tippee – 20%
Mebby – 20%-25%
Dr. Brown – 20%
Medela Breastpump – 10%
Lindam Gate – 30%
BabyLove – 20%
Bumble Bee – 20%
Safe & Sound – 20%

One Baby World Grand Sales
15 July – 15 September

Products Offered:
Nursing /breastfeeding products – up to 25% discounts
Breastpump Packages – Free Gifts and Discounts up to RM250
Baby Care products – 20% discounts
Cloth Diaper -20% discounts
Nursing bras – from RM10 (valid at showroom only)

Lunch @ Sakura Kristal, Jusco AU

Last Friday, the ex-PM ajak project team members for makan2 at Jusco AU. This time ramai yang show up adalah dalam 20pax wpon ramai yang tatau the reason kene panggey hehe. As long somebody foot the bill, sure ada yang datang ;) The photos quality are very bad lah because pakai phone jer. Tak sanggup nak upload kat Flickr.

Since the ex-PM arrive lambat, she asked us to order first. So ramai ler yang order sukati ikot tekak masing2. I think the dishes is not less than 5 jenis lauk for 3 servings, air pon sumer order fruit juices lah, ice blended lah, al segala milk shake yang dalam menu.

Yang laki2 start makan dolu wpon VIP tak sampai lagik because they have to go to Friday's prayer. Minutes pastuh baru lah VIP sampai followed by CEO and the guys yang dah abes solat. Sambung2 borak and makan sambil tgk citer Karate Kid sampai abes. And then ada lah sempat update pasal kejer, kasik advise and ceramah sket2 about motivation etc.

Lepas tuh we ordered desserts plak. Assorted fruits jer dah 6 plates kot, and then bread pudding caramel + brownies & ice cream ada dalam few plates also. By this time ada yang dah soh stop order sbb kenyang sangat. But biler sampai yang baru, musti nak dig jugak haha.

So how much do you think the lunch's cost? It's RM800+. Hohoho we really burn a hole in her pocket that day. A big one.

Baby Boom Year

Everywhere I go now I notice that there are more and more young couples walking around with babies in strollers! The reason why I noticed all this is because I was busy comparing each stroller (color, size, brand and baby's position look comfy onot). I also noticed pregnant ladies almost everywhere especially at shopping malls, offices or when we dine in somewhere. Can't help looking at the size of their tummy, what tops and sandals they're wearing and so on :P I tried not to stare, glance gituh2 jer tgk mana yang sempat because i know i hate it when people stare at my tummy.

Oh i think this year is also baby boom year! Lots of friends i know are pregnant or dapat baby this year.
  1. Teez - Baby girl, Ayra Mirza
  2. Irma - 4th child
  3. Lissa Katamari - 2nd child, Firman Farrel
  4. Zazawatie
  5. Bibi - 2nd child
  6. My cousin in Penang
  7. Wan's wife - Baby girl, Aina Fathiah
  8. Kak Lala - Baby girl, Zahra Humayra
  9. Sally - Baby girl
  10. Ann TIKL - Baby girl, Hayfa
  11. Edeline - Baby boy, Ali
Yang dah and baru deliver
  1. My own sis - Baby girl, Myra Camillia
  2. Jaa's wife - Baby boy, Ar-Rayyan
  3. Pizet - Baby girl, Izz Rayna
  4. Rok - Baby boy, Ahmad Zhafran
  5. Mira & Kusa - Baby boy, Emran Hamzah
  6. Watie Utm - Baby girl, Zahra
  7. Umik - Baby boy, Muhamad Imran
  8. Nora - Baby girl
  9. Kak Fara - Baby boy, Fahren Adly
  10. Kak Moji - Baby boy, Qais Muqri
  11. Lissa - Baby boy, Ryan Iszkandar
  12. Fynnaz - Baby girl, Dahleea
  13. Dilah SMPB - Baby boy, Aiman
  14. Shikin TIKL - Baby boy, Wan Emir Rayyan
  15. Zaza George - Baby boy, Ali
Sorry if ada yang termissed! Hohoho ramai kan?! Apparently, there are so many articles about preparing mentally and physically when the baby comes. I bet there'll be times i'm gonna stressed out but i just have to find ways to stay sane. Visualizing my confinement period pon dah boleh stress -.- In spite of everything, I pray that everything will be ok and looking forward to wake up everyday to a smiling baby and nak sniff dia banyak2 (bau baby kan bes!). Hope pumpkin suker sengih like me wpon me myself lagik banyak cebik dari sengih.

notakaki: yea i know i should think positive bak orang kater law of attraction but for me pikir the negative scenarios would help to minimize the stress level also because dah expected.

Envisioning Parenthood Workshop

Last Sunday, Cheep and i attend our very first antenatal class organized by PitterPatter. Found out about the event from a blogger Anita. The admission fee was only RM10 per pax! We almost had to skip the workshop because Cheep had lots of work that weekend, but i was lucky he managed to squeeze the time for me :) The event started at 1.30pm at KLGCC but we arrived around 2pm, parked the car and took a shuttle service available. Phew!

Envisioning Parenthood @ KLGCC

KLGCC is a very nice place! I think the first time i went to KLGCC was to attend Lisa's wedding kot? But time tuh malam so tak nampak surroundings sangat.

Envisioning Parenthood @ KLGCC

After registration we got ourselves a doorgift *yay!* Inside the banquet hall, the speaker Dr Helena already started and gave interesting talk about surviving few weeks after delivery. And then a talk about nutritions by Sharon from Wyeth. Wasn't really concentrating on this one because it's getting hot at the back of the hall. Sib baik lepas tuh few staff tolak masuk 2 big cooler.

IMG_9752 [Desktop Resolution]

And then there was Pregnancy Yoga which i found very useful but unfortunately due to limited time, the trainer had to ajar macam katun and i can't remember all the steps :( But there's a video here captured by PitterPatter.

Right after that we had Hi-Tea buffet. We can eat these....

Envisioning Parenthood @ KLGCC

And all these! Totally worth it oh! Makan puas. At the same time there was a fashion show modeled by participants jugak. I remember received a call from PP offered me to to join the fashion show because dapat makeover and pro photoshoot but segan lah besides if participate sure kene bagi commitments like pegi fitting, practice and what not.

Envisioning Parenthood @ KLGCC

For me, the most interesting talk was by Jasmeen Tay about effective breastfeeding. Banyak tips dia bagi, senang nak ingat and she's very funny.

Envisioning Parenthood @ KLGCC

Next was a practical sessions where participants can stop at each booth to see demo and products which i think was a good idea instead of just sit and absorb everything which can be pretty boring. Didn't catch the cooking demo by Chef Ismail though, but he prepared Ayam Masala and Banana+S26 milk frap.

Envisioning Parenthood @ KLGCC

Oh ya before the demo, he made us dance which then Cheep realized that we never dance together before! Slalu dia menari annoyingly in front of me adalah...but me menari in front of him tak penah kot?! Apertah lagik dancing together. Hahaha so that has to count as our first public plak tuh. Sib baik the video tak nampak sangat kitowang yang kat blakang2 tuh.

Other interesting practical sessions were changing nappies by Pureen.

Envisioning Parenthood @ KLGCC

How to bathe baby by Lactacyd, nursing wear by Autumz, stroller by Combi, stem cell by Cellsafe, maternity outfit by Maternity Wearhouz, etc.

Envisioning Parenthood @ KLGCC

Among the freebies yang dapat: diaper bag, sample susu, sabun, catalogues, and pen.

Envisioning Parenthood @ KLGCC

Around 6pm the event was over. While waiting for the shuttle to take us back to the car park, amik gambar dolu ;)

Envisioning Parenthood @ KLGCC

Again it was a very place lahhh! Very calm and serene. Glad we made it to the event and hopefuli can apply whatever advise, knowledge and tips we gained throughout the session.

Envisioning Parenthood @ KLGCC