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Movie Treat

Free movie on the house by our CEO! And the best part was we got to watch it during office hour w00t! Because kalo buat after office hour i doubt dapat kumpul all team members. The day before D as the organizer already bought berjela2 tickets, but on the day itself ada yang last minute confirm so we went to the Pavilion slightly earlier to buy more tickets and had lunch there.

At the GSC lobby waiting for everyone to gather and distributed the tickets. Ada yang tgh queue gi beli popcorn. *excited!*

The movie we watched, The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Time ni tgh kecoh nak duduk ngan saper and kat mana.

The organizer were so busy bagi tickets sampai tak sedar movie dah nak start. Dahler ada lagik yang tak sampai. Poor D, missed few minutes of the movie sbb nak pegi menjemput orang yang baru datang. Time nie gambar banyak gegar sbb dah eksaited sangat nak masuk cinema.

It was a small cinema so practically most of the seats conquered by us. Baik book one whole cinema jer kan? lol! Lucky me D…

The Smaller Umbrella The Better!

Found this interesting read in NST today and wanted to share with everyone :)


IT was drizzling when a couple pulled up at a restaurant parking lot. The husband dashed to the boot for an umbrella. There were two — a large golf umbrella and a smaller one. Which one should he use? He smiled and reached for the small.

It was their 15th anniversary dinner and he thought it was a perfect gesture to his wife. With a small umbrella, he had the opportunity to snuggle as closely as possible with her while walking to the restaurant. As they lovingly huddled together, the scene was reminiscent of a time when they first started dating many years ago.

Yet, the picture could have easily been the opposite. In the early days, a couple would usually take every opportunity to stay close together. A Malay saying describes this aptly would be "eat in one plate and sleep on one pillow." That is how close they wanted to be. And yes, the smaller the umbrel…

BabyIbu Giveaway: BabyRuffkins

My first time to join giveaway contest organized by BabyIbu. Dah quite sometime follow blog BabyIbu nie sbb banyak info pasal pregnancy, babies and products. And recently Kak Yana, the blog owner posted a BabyRuffkins Giveaway contest and i wanted to give it a try! :) This contest ends on 6/8/2010.

BabyRuffkins have lots of fun and colorful toys for kids. I'm sure all moms and mom-to-be rambang mata browsing all the items. Since my baby is not out yet, so dalam banyak2 toys tuh i'm most interested with this Jollybaby Cuddly Playmat/ Cuddly Blankie! It can be a playmat or blankie because ada soft polyester filling. So boleh lah my pumpkin golek2 atas mat nie nanti. Also it comes with this packaging bag, sesuai for gift.

Product Information
made of luxury artificial soft fur, superb great in quality, layered with soft polyester fiber fillingcuddly playmat & blankie, measures H55cm x W50cmthis beautiful mat can be used as playmat or seat mat for new born to age 12M, and convert …

Lunch at Office

It's been a while since we had makan2 in the office, so Kak Wy took the initiative to collect RM10 from each of us. She ordered nasi minyak, ayam masak merah, daging kurma, sayur and papadom. Additional meal were spaghetti bolognaise, roti jala and for dessert we had kek lapis, rambutan and kuih talam tokyo. Fuh nama hebak kuih talam tokyo tuh but yang buat dia beza from kuih talam biasa is ada suhun kat tetengah tuh.

Dah makin banyak budak yang suker camho kat my office nowadays hehe. Dolu me, D and zaza jer. Skang dah tak terkira dah baper ramai yang auto senget and bg peace sign biler nampak camera.

Baca doa dolu before makan. Tapik dorang nih bukan concentrate sangat pon...asik pandang mana cameraman pegi hahaha.

Queue amik food. Gaaah pucatnyer muka cheq! >.<

Lepas amik food berhimpit2 plak carik port nak makan kat mana. Lagik dekat ngan buffet table lagik baguih senang nak tambah makanan!

Yang bagusnyer buat makan2 camnie kat opis sbb bukan slalu dapat makan dengan everyon…

Breakfast Date

Last Sunday, went for breakfast date with Wawa, Zect and Rina at Paparich, Kota Damansara. Even though at first i almost couldn't make it because my car tak boleh start. I had to wake up Cheep and pegi beli battery. Terbang RM170 but glad the problem was just that and nothing else. Cheep was awesome tolong pasang kejap jer, and off i go even i was 1 hour late.

Ordered koay tiaw goreng and 2 big glass of teh o. Catching up here and there.

Rina was the first to leave, followed by Zect. Sib baik dapat gak jumpe dorang! Kalo tak mau berbulan lagik baru dapat jumpe hehe. Nama jer memasing tinggal KL.

Four of us before memasing chow. Then me and Wawa went to Sunway Giza because both of us tak penah lagik jejak kaki kat stu.

Banyak kedai makan here with lots of space. Each of us vowed to come back here again and try one of the cafes hehe.

Sale! Sale!

Hohoho one is MEGA sale and the other one is GRAND sale! Maybe this time around i should start to buy something ^.^

Kiddyplace Mega Sale @ Leisure Mall
24 July - 16 September, 2010

Products on sale:
Baby clothing (up to 50% off)
Educational toys

Brand on sale:
Avent – 20%
Tommee Tippee – 20%
Mebby – 20%-25%
Dr. Brown – 20%
Medela Breastpump – 10%
Lindam Gate – 30%
BabyLove – 20%
Bumble Bee – 20%
Safe & Sound – 20%
One Baby World Grand Sales
15 July – 15 September

Products Offered:
Nursing /breastfeeding products – up to 25% discounts
Breastpump Packages – Free Gifts and Discounts up to RM250
Baby Care products – 20% discounts
Cloth Diaper -20% discounts
Nursing bras – from RM10 (valid at showroom only)

Lunch @ Sakura Kristal, Jusco AU

Last Friday, the ex-PM ajak project team members for makan2 at Jusco AU. This time ramai yang show up adalah dalam 20pax wpon ramai yang tatau the reason kene panggey hehe. As long somebody foot the bill, sure ada yang datang ;) The photos quality are very bad lah because pakai phone jer. Tak sanggup nak upload kat Flickr.

Since the ex-PM arrive lambat, she asked us to order first. So ramai ler yang order sukati ikot tekak masing2. I think the dishes is not less than 5 jenis lauk for 3 servings, air pon sumer order fruit juices lah, ice blended lah, al segala milk shake yang dalam menu.

Yang laki2 start makan dolu wpon VIP tak sampai lagik because they have to go to Friday's prayer. Minutes pastuh baru lah VIP sampai followed by CEO and the guys yang dah abes solat. Sambung2 borak and makan sambil tgk citer Karate Kid sampai abes. And then ada lah sempat update pasal kejer, kasik advise and ceramah sket2 about motivation etc.

Lepas tuh we ordered desserts plak. Assorted fruits je…

Baby Boom Year

Everywhere I go now I notice that there are more and more young couples walking around with babies in strollers! The reason why I noticed all this is because I was busy comparing each stroller (color, size, brand and baby's position look comfy onot). I also noticed pregnant ladies almost everywhere especially at shopping malls, offices or when we dine in somewhere. Can't help looking at the size of their tummy, what tops and sandals they're wearing and so on :P I tried not to stare, glance gituh2 jer tgk mana yang sempat because i know i hate it when people stare at my tummy.

Oh i think this year is also baby boom year! Lots of friends i know are pregnant or dapat baby this year.
Teez - Baby girl, Ayra Mirza
Irma - 4th child
Lissa Katamari - 2nd child, Firman Farrel
ZazawatieBibi - 2nd child
My cousin in Penang
Wan's wife - Baby girl, Aina Fathiah
Kak Lala - Baby girl, Zahra HumayraSally - Baby girl
Ann TIKL - Baby girl, HayfaEdeline - Baby boy, Ali
Yang dah and baru del…

Envisioning Parenthood Workshop

Last Sunday, Cheep and i attend our very first antenatal class organized by PitterPatter. Found out about the event from a blogger Anita. The admission fee was only RM10 per pax! We almost had to skip the workshop because Cheep had lots of work that weekend, but i was lucky he managed to squeeze the time for me :) The event started at 1.30pm at KLGCC but we arrived around 2pm, parked the car and took a shuttle service available. Phew!

KLGCC is a very nice place! I think the first time i went to KLGCC was to attend Lisa's wedding kot? But time tuh malam so tak nampak surroundings sangat.

After registration we got ourselves a doorgift *yay!* Inside the banquet hall, the speaker Dr Helena already started and gave interesting talk about surviving few weeks after delivery. And then a talk about nutritions by Sharon from Wyeth. Wasn't really concentrating on this one because it's getting hot at the back of the hall. Sib baik lepas tuh few staff tolak masuk 2 big cooler.

And then t…