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Backstabber! If you ever do this mistake again...i'm gonna be so strict and confirm. Because the mistakes reflects on me...i'm the one who did it although you the one directs me. Just another political move...fine by me! We'll play again...

Tommorrow 1st of May...Labour day. I'll be celebrating my first labour day. Nyehahaha. Still have 1 month to escape from Expo. 1 day notice and thats it. Instead I'm still taking my own sweet time savouring everything, rite from morning routine, frenz, hang-out. Biler nak setat balik carik kejer lain? Should i plan to stay at least one year? I don't even have time to think for myself now...skang asyik² budget, budget, budget. When i tried hard...i doze off. As if no life, no soul. I hate working.

Roswell end the series today. Time climax tuh aku tgk ngan penuh emosional....agagaga. but then ending cam 'eesshh' sket. I was expecting some combined powers like Power Rangers or something instead they leave the scene with a clean exit. Chesh....and how they leave their family behind for something they're not sure? Living on the road? hmm...dah nama pon citer. blasah jerla. the theme song 'here with me' still gimme dat eerie feeling. silly but that's what happen when you're hooked up with some series. like twilight zone soundtrack...heheh :D
I think Roswell is gonna end next week. Uuuhhh...i need more. Their storyline is they compile it up and make it fall into senses. Lawak the FBI who hunts them just like in x-files. and how max's baby arrived in the pod similar to superman series. And now there's scrubs added in the list. Just can't let go the title yet...potato couch in-the-house.

I wish the tv rerun Strictly Ballroom. It's been a long time since I watch....Pasadoble? The soundtrack is great...Love is in the is in the air....woooowwowoooo.....Hmmm....Incredile Hulk is coming into town. Wazzit next month? Or wazzit Matrix Reloaded? Huh? huh? isk burinknya. Jap gi kena gi bday party Arissa....alahai malehnya.

Gabak last day today. Sedey la plak dia nak blah. Takder dah member sblah nak share² junk food, bertekak, tompang balik and loud music! Isk...lepas nie dengo Hanim nyer lagu BSB ngan westlife jelah gamaknya. Yuck...Hapsal Mac aku takder speaker? Cis!

They were planning to go to Karaoke 2moro...sorta like farewell partee. Don't feel like going, too many excuses. Kat orang nie aku bg excuse lain, yang lagik sorang aku terbagey excuse lain. Cakap jelah 'NO' hapa susah! Susah ker sebut NO? NO thank you, i don't like karaoke. haa there u go!

Anyway how in the world to gain back my fingerprint? IC and KWSP sumer kena reject because i don't have a fingerprint. I bought Vaseline as advised by a pharmacist. Till now...naddaaa!

Notes: Thanx a million ewin for the troubleshooting! *soul smile sheepishly*
Just now I was digging my mom's closet. Looking for something that I can wear. Instead...I was sniffing each clothes trying to remember how she used to smell. Maybe tomorrow i'll try to find again what i'm looking for.

Today Expo havoc. abg Khairul who resigned last Friday sent his last job book to US client with an extra page which wrote "No blood for oil"! Siap ngan gambo bom lagik!Wuish...Tatauler dia xtreme pasal Iraq-US or dia nak pay revenge kat Expo. And of course la the Americans sensitip ayat² cenggitu. Saner mengamuk...sini pon amok ler. Everybody was so suprised with his actions whether he did it on purpose or accidentally the last page slipped in the parcel. But sumer tersengih padan muka Alicia mengglabah. But then I think abg Khairul tak pikir panjang. That such statement with the war's happening, he could be sued. Maybe satisfaction is what he's looking for. 7 years kejer kat stu habuk pon tarak.'s pay back time.

p.s:I like what Erhan wrote bout war..interpret it like Counterstrike? hehe and the quote he quoted from AlGhazali.