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HelloDeer Lucky Box of Happiness

This round of lucky dip's theme was Box of Happiness. Love the theme that's why terjebak beli lagik for the 3rd time. Check out the first xoxo box here and darjeeling here.

I opened the box with glee. When i read the content i knew i'm gonna love all the items!

Ahhh look at that. Full of happiness.

Laid all the items for better view. I definitely love this theme by far.

FIL's 74th Birthday Celebration

This year FIL's birth date was special. He celebrated his 74th birthday on 7th of April. Nice eh? We potong2 cake with the whole family at home.

Tok wan his small cucus.

On Saturday, we had lunch at Agehan, Grand Blue Wave. One of Japanese restaurant yang halal certified. Unfortunately my second experience here was not as pleasant as the first one. Most of us opted for ala carte instead of buffet. But time nak order tuh confusing giler. I myself pon confuse why it can be so confusing lol. I ordered chicken teppanyaki. Tunggu lama giler but biler dah sampai it's kinda dry so we requested for soya sauce. It never came. So terpaksa laaa scoop saper2 punyer dishes yang ada sos.

The SILs pon stressed out with their orders because ada yang tak dapat, ada yang tercicir etc. I've finished my meal pon my green tea tak sampai2 lg. Oh well....

Qeeb punyer garlic fried rice pon missing. Terpaksa ngalah biler dia mintak ice cream because dah boring tunggu. Sambil2 feeling prepared his …

Dinner @ Warisan Nasi Kukus, Nu Sentral

Friday night ngedate at Nu Sentral. First time masuk parking basement, because usually i parked kat atas. So agak blur lah jugak time nak masuk tuh and the lighting agak dimmed here. But the good thing was i discovered LG area blah2 corner tuh. Rupanya banyak lagik restaurants and cafes ikot laluan tuh.

We decided to have dinner at Warisan Nasi Kukus because tak ramai orang. Kiut jer the space, feels like makan kat kedai jepun yang kecik2 tuh.  

Jeeb had nasik ayam kukus - RM 13.50.

For nasi kerabu ada 3 options of nasi. I chose bunga telang so that ada color biru tuh baru lah feel makan nasi kerabu. This place costed RM12.90.

Muka penat but still smiling for the camera :)

Happy Earth Day!

Our earth is such a unique place kan? Sejuk, panas, snow, dessert, sea, sky, mountains, animals, trees, fruits and flowers. Everything. Allah's beautiful creation. So let's take care of our planet to keep it healthy and safe for our children.

Google has commemorated Earth Day with 5 stunning series of illustrations. Which one is your favourite?

[Info] Baby Week 23

To help build baby's leg and torso strength, gently pull him up from a sitting position and hold him while he stands for a few seconds. Baby's starting to understand cause and effect,which means he loves grabbing, tasting, banging, shaking, and throwing. This makes it especially important to keep sharp objects, breakables, drinks, and your hair out of baby's reach. He's also learning to differentiate pastel colors. Keep exposing him to books and toys with wide ranges of hues to further expand his awareness of color.Being on his own helps him get comfortable with independence. Lay a blanket and some toys on the floor, and let baby play by himself while you keep an eye on him. Watch for fussiness, and pick him up if he seems like he's going to cry -- remember, tears are still his only way to say "I'm bored."

Co. Event 2016 @ Grand Hyatt, KL

Helped out as an usherette at an event hosted by MYC. With lots of VVIP and VIPs, the event was grand and turned out well. Sharing some photos i took during the event.

Luckily there was a room provided for staff to get ready. Especially us the ladies! Baru tau that this hotel's lobby to check in and what not kene pegi 38th floor. From there baru can access the lift to the rooms. The room was compact but cozy. Washroom transparent habes, so doubt none of the girls mandi hahaha. There were like almost 10 of us trying to get ready in that room and solat. Sebaik ada banyak mirrors can utilize. Lol! Cecepat siap and turun to greet the guests :)

Some of the team on duty jaga registration counter.

I took care one of the VIPs table. I was very excited when i found out the table i'm charge ada Vivy of FV and his husband! Boleh lahhh up close gitu! So when they arrived, staf2 yang kenal mmg excited giler nak took pictures with her.

[Left] With Kak Huda gojes. [Right] Towards nak abes ev…

Weekend @ Bangi Gateway, Bangi

Last weekend i made Jeeb to drive me all the way to Bangi just because i wanted to check out Zefiks. It was 40mins drive! Memang terasa sungguh jauhnyer macam nak gi office tiap2 hari campor traffic jam. Dahler on the way tuh pon still contemplating nak pegi Bangi Gateway or Bangi Sentral. Sebab dah alang2 ke sana kena lah fully utilize which shop i can go to. Why laaa all the shops that i wanted to go are not in one place. Setelah timbang tara, I decided to stick to Bangi Gateway. The mall's architecture is almost similar to Sunway Giza. Which aircond! Rasa cam kejer giler lah jugak pegi sana time tgh musim equinox nie.

Jeeb said i must buy at least 10 helai baju just to make the trip worth it. He kept repeating it sampai aku dah gelak nervous...dia nih serious ke main2 hahahaha. Saja jer buat rasa guilty! So i asked him to sit here and wait for me. Kalo tak nanti kene pressure!

Btw Zefik's only accepted cash. Which is a turn off for me because baju dia mostly RM50…

Breakfast @ Pie Kingd*m

When i got back from maternity leaves, somebody told me that there's a new cafe next door. It is called Pie Kingd*m. I love the name already! So every now and then i'll pay em a visit. Because we can get 10%  discount after showing them our tag *grin*

The interior.

They served heavy meals too sesuai to have lunch/ early dinner here! Their savoury pie also sedap

Pagi2 usually they have pastries. But slalu cepat habes. Ok i kinda geli every time i looked at the cloves stick to the apple. I know they want to make the ants to stay away from their food but it kinda gave me trypophobia feeling.

While waiting for our take-away drinks.

Hot cappuccino to go.

When Qeeb Arrives at School

Every morning when we send Qeeb to school, i will got off the car and walked him to the stairs. Salam and gave him a big bear hug. I can see his eyes wandering around to see if there are any of his friends watching him getting squezed by me. #toobadidontcare and i'll continue to hug him until he finds it too embarrassing!

Most of the time I'll wait for him to climb up the stairs until he reaches the main gate. Sampai jer atas tuh i'll say out loud...bye bye Qeeb! But ya know Qeeb and his 'too cool for that' attitude....all i get is krik krik krik. He didn't even turn around!

Awal tahun hari tuh time baru start school ada laa jugak dia turned around and waved at me. If he smiles considered as a bonus! But for the past few weeks he didnt even bother to turn around any more. I even reminded him to wave back at me when he reaches the gate. Ghhrrrr!

So last night when we settled down to sleep, i casually asked him why.

Qeeb: sebabbb...ada guard
Me: okayyyy....

[Dictionary] Subsume

Today I learned a new word and how to pronounce it - subsumed. Biler baca document that uses this term baru paham and kagum because it describes my current task in one word. Lol!