When Qeeb Arrives at School

Every morning when we send Qeeb to school, i will got off the car and walked him to the stairs. Salam and gave him a big bear hug. I can see his eyes wandering around to see if there are any of his friends watching him getting squezed by me. #toobadidontcare and i'll continue to hug him until he finds it too embarrassing!

Most of the time I'll wait for him to climb up the stairs until he reaches the main gate. Sampai jer atas tuh i'll say out loud...bye bye Qeeb! But ya know Qeeb and his 'too cool for that' attitude....all i get is krik krik krik. He didn't even turn around!

Awal tahun hari tuh time baru start school ada laa jugak dia turned around and waved at me. If he smiles considered as a bonus! But for the past few weeks he didnt even bother to turn around any more. I even reminded him to wave back at me when he reaches the gate. Ghhrrrr!

So last night when we settled down to sleep, i casually asked him why.

Qeeb: sebabbb...ada guard
Me: okayyyy....
Qeeb: (suddenly tukar whisper mode) guard tuh garrang!

Adoiii nak tergelak besar. But terus mak2 mode on!

Me: Guard tuh nak tgk Qeeb babai mama or not. If Qeeb wave at mama, sure dia cakap dalam hati 'baeknyerrr budak nie sayang mama dia'. Takkan laa dia nak marah any kids yang say babai kat their parents.

And this morning, when he reached the last stairs he turned around. Smiling. And waved his hands. *cairrrrr*

Note: I want to remember how that slight turn and wave with a smiling face can make me sooo happy when i walked back to the car


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