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Open House from Cyberjaya to Bangi

Th second week of Syawal we kuadkan smangat kluar umah to pegi beraya wpon petang tuh ujan lebat. Pegi dua bijik rumah jer pon tapik penatnyer OMG macam balik kampung redah hiway jam 8 jam prasaannyer dengan campor saket kepala kaw2. lol! Memang penat bawak budak kecik sangat terasa padahal Zafeer behave jer. Kalo dia cranky lagik laaa pingsan trus kot. Our first house was Ikin at Cyberjaya. We went out of the house around 3pm but baru sampai first roundabout kat SA dah jam! Dah kenapaaaa?! We reached umah Ikin about 5pm kot dalam keadaan kebuluq. Ishhh!

The enthusiasm dah agak dropped but we still enjoyed the beraya session. Ikin's house is sooo cantek...kalah hipster cafe. Every nook of the house tuh is like a spot for amik gambar hehehe.

We had sate, nasik impit, kuah kacang, kari ayam, brownies, fruit, dadih etc.

Qeeb suke giler lepak kat bilik Hiroki. Fully carpet and cosy! Hope Qeeb inspired to sleep in his own room soon huhu (yea righttt)! Only bunk beds, a table and toysss…

Qeeb's Jamuan Raya @ School

Nih kesah hari tuh where Qeeb ada jamuan raya at school. Smangat dia bangun pagi tuh pakai baju melayu, sampin and mintak songkok summore. Luckily the teacher updated about jamuan raya in whatsapp group one day earlier. So sempat laa mommy nak get ready beli pape tok di bawa ke school. Because takot terhilang surat cam hari tuh where Qeeb tertinggal surat dalam bas skolah so i wasn't informed that there'll be a teacher's day at school.

Comel jer dorang duduk berderet makan ramai2. The school also organised a birthday celebration, so ada banyak food and cakes...if tgk gambar i think ada 3 bijik cakes at least.

Nih gambar Qeeb's classmates and schoolmates :) Meriah and colorful with all the kids wearing their baju raya. He had a wonderful time celebrating it with his friends. Thanks to the teachers and parents yang contributed macam2.

BSN Open House @ KL Convec

BSN open house memang always considered one of the best every year. This time they held it at KL Convec. Much more organized, stricter and loads of empty seats compared to the year they did at Sime Darby Convec.

The hall decor. All the walls were covered with black drapes with nice lighting. They pasang all the BSN's tv ads, performance by their own talented staff pon ada. Not sure if they have famous artis jemputan or not sebab sedap jer dengar orang nyanyi kat pentas tuh.

Ada roasted kamben...the most visited booth by guests. I'm not a kamben person but i always try gak rasa sket kot2 tersuke. So far only twice i suker makan kamben during an event. The rest...cuit sket and passed.

Kiosk sotong kangkung with kacang tumbuk nih pon sedap jugak. Yang paling menarik for me was salted egg prawn dish. Omg...sedap giler. Kalo pegi chinese restaurant that is our must-have dish. So flow of salted egg prawn! And i be like....*iurmmmmphhhfulll*

Ada banyak lagik kiosk2 lain …

Lunch @ B*tanica Deli, BS

Had lunch at B*tanica Deli with MZ for the first time. Rupanya ada separate cafe & restaurant. The one that I went only serve salads, sandwiches and soups. Takpelah proceed jer order aper yang ada even though i was actually expecting some roasted chicken at least haha.

At the counter where they displayed bowl sizing for soups and salads.

Tips bowl.

My lunch set - Turkey Cranberry. It comes together with a soup (small size) of our choice so i chose french onion. Dedua rasa just nice but i think it was overpriced.

While MZ, she chose oxtail soup large size. It comes with a piece of toasted bread. As for me to pay RM12 for a soup that only have a few meats, they should at least serve it in a glass bowl instead of paper bowl. If beli salad dapat mangkok kaca. Acamner tuh?

So that was our lunch. Perhaps i'll come back again much later or only for coffee. Because the sandwich spread pon tak banyak options.

Raya Guests - Sis & D

Our first raya guest were none other than my own sis! But me being me i don't know what to cook...still lom ada courage nak masak tok orang makan :P Tok tekak sendiri bleh laaa. Sooo for this makan2 session, since my sis planned to come in the morning so i just bought nasik lemak and lauk. Hahaha 'raya' lah sangat. But that's what sisters are...let's just say dia redha jelah dapat adek cemnie.


Suker si Zafeer with all the attentions.

And then D cakap dia pon nak datang on that day but i seriously takde benda nak masak. We didn't do any groceries at all that weekend. Maap laaa ye D...makan aper yang ada huhu. Thanks for coming! Jangan serik datang lagik hahaha

Raya Decor @ The Gardens 2016

The Gardens's raya decor was simple. Not that vibrant but just nice. I'm not sure exactly what the theme was but they used a lot of kain songket for decorations.

Konsep perdagangan songket? ombak berderai? hehe

This looks like performance area. But somehow rasa cam tak siap jer this section.

Banyak jemuran songket dorang nie.

Ujan dah turun...angkat kain.

Tetiba selit window display LV seketol kat sini. Asik songket here's one out of this world display.

[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 8

It's Fri-yeay again! Here are some links:
Collect pokemon in the real world. Gotta catch em all. Link: Pokemon GoPaper flower backdrops. Link: Party Decor.Who reads lengthy privacy policy/ terms of service (TOS) policies? This fake social networking stated in their TOS that users are required them to give up their first born. The users signed up anyway. Link: Nobody read TOS.

Zafeer @ 8 Months

Zafeer is 8 months old today.

He likes to stare. And smile. Sangat suker tgk Qeeb buat any thing or every thing, observing and thought the abang was playing with him. Well most of the time mmg Qeeb main dengan dia but some other time Qeeb just finds it annoying biler asik kene perati. Lol!

Now dia suker lompat2 biler dukung sambil duduk. Kekuatan both biceps and grips si pemegang are very important here haha. Last timbang was 8.77kg. Daily rompers sumer dah ketat....but sebaik stretchable. Looks like mommy needs to shop for new set of baju 9-12 months punyer size.

Dah start mengensot. Blom fully crawling yet. Suker buat bunyik cakar on surfaces with his own nails. So imagine tgh bagi dia minom susu tetiba bunyik cakar kat bantal especially biler kuku dia panjang. Aiyoo! Suker scratch pintu keta pon ye jugak. Terel tarik rambut. Banyak spots geli2 biler kene geletek. I know i look silly every time i  tried to make him laugh but baby's laugh is just soo contagious so i don't min…

1st Syawal 2016

We only beraya 1 house jer so far. It was my PIL's house. And it was only 5 minutes drive from our house. Lol! Like every other year, the house will be visited by aunties, uncles and cousins. Soo very the meriah with loads of food. Pagi tuh Jeeb pegi solat raya with his dad, bro and nephew. As for me i just have to siapkan the kids and kemas rumah sket. Easy peasy :P The hangen part was when Qeeb kept constantly kacau Zafeer while i was getting ready.

We hang out at rumah PIL sampai malam. We chatted. ate, took pictures, fed the kids, etc. I also bought a set of playdough from Miniso so that Qeeb can play with Irina in case they'll get bored. But that's the least of my worries, macam2 benda dorang main and Qeeb tak bother to find me sangat pon except when he was hungry/ thirsty. 
Lovely pictures of Kekami and Zafeer
Qeeb dah paham the whole idea of salam and dapat duit raya so he is now more appreciative biler dapat money packet. He kept telling me that he wants to keep al…