Zafeer @ 8 Months

Zafeer is 8 months old today.

Zafeer @ 8 Months

He likes to stare. And smile. Sangat suker tgk Qeeb buat any thing or every thing, observing and thought the abang was playing with him. Well most of the time mmg Qeeb main dengan dia but some other time Qeeb just finds it annoying biler asik kene perati. Lol!

Now dia suker lompat2 biler dukung sambil duduk. Kekuatan both biceps and grips si pemegang are very important here haha. Last timbang was 8.77kg. Daily rompers sumer dah ketat....but sebaik stretchable. Looks like mommy needs to shop for new set of baju 9-12 months punyer size.

Zafeer @ 8 Months

Dah start mengensot. Blom fully crawling yet. Suker buat bunyik cakar on surfaces with his own nails. So imagine tgh bagi dia minom susu tetiba bunyik cakar kat bantal especially biler kuku dia panjang. Aiyoo! Suker scratch pintu keta pon ye jugak. Terel tarik rambut. Banyak spots geli2 biler kene geletek. I know i look silly every time i  tried to make him laugh but baby's laugh is just soo contagious so i don't mind at all. But it hurts if i tried so hard and he just gimme a blank stare *krik krik*

May Allah always keep you safe, well, happy and healthy my dearest Zafeer. Love, Mama. 11.07.2016


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