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Juju's Birthday 2017

Had birthday lunch for Juju at Coffee World, KL Gateway. I had roasted duck and sedapppp!

4 of us on that day.

Co. Family Day @ Lost World of Tambun

Entry on Road Trip to Ipoh continues here.

The following morning we checked out and went straight to Lost World of Tambun. Nice place, nice weather, can't wait to explore and get into water!

The oblige photo in front of the entrance

Breakfast and milk. The kids fueled up on locomative yang tak bergerak. Our port to have breakfast because takde tempat duduk.

In front of the pool area

Letak barang2 dolu kat locker depan Ipoh Street - a row of food street themed in old Ipoh style.

At Dulang Tea House

Tiger Valley

It was a nice shady walk here. Surrounded by green hills.

Comey jaaa semua duduk at shady spot

All There Except....

Can you spot any subject for year 2? Semua number ada but yang dicarik tuh lar takde. Even other publisher pon sama takde.

Sama jugak time carik susu for zafeer kat supermarket. He uses Step 3. Step 1, 2 and 4 ada except for Step 3! Has this ever happened to you?

Carter's Preemie Rompers

I bought this preemie set when i was in the hospital jaga Zafeer in Special Care Nursery (SCN). But biler dah sampai terkujat lah plak the size macam pencil case! I thought it'll be like XS size something like that.

Wanted to give away, but i don't know to whom. Besides usually micro-preemie baby always attached to wires inside incubator, so tak brapa sesuai. Nak turn into cat's costume pon sendat rasanyer, and i don't even have a cat.

Road Trip to Ipoh

After celebrated Zafeer's birthday, we went to Ipoh because ada family day organized by Jeeb's co at Lost World of Tambun. We were there like for a sleepover jer because we did not go anywhere. Sampai pon dah petang. I chose this hotel based on distance, room rate and rating. There were two Indra hotel, we stayed at Indra Boutique sebab nampak lagik cantek.

Check-in was easy. Have to pay deposit RM50 (cash) even though dah fully paid the room time.

The room interior - king sized bed, simple and nice. Space quite kecik but enough to solat. We've been to smaller size room sampai kene solat atas katil hahaha.

The kiddos were busy trying to decode safety box

Glass bathroom with full coverage shower curtain

Rehat2 jap mandikan budak then kluar to have dinner. Paling senang dan dekat was Tesco and McD. We chose McD, tapik takde tempat parking plak. So we ended up pegi Aeon because we are the type yang tak adventurous langsung biler bawak small kids kah kah.

Zafeer had trouble to…