5 Days of SAHM

5 days of mandatory leave. Experiencing how other SAHM does it. And oh boy different kind of stressful indeed. Itupon main cheat because Zafeer still hantar ke rumah tok wan. The main objective is to be around for Qeeb because it's an exam week. If i'm working, sampai rumah dah malam. So tinggal less than 2 hours jer to buat revision. He will be too tired and sleepy so there's no point of forcing him to study dah.

Day 1 - 30 Oct
First day of exam and also Qeeb's birthday. After buat revision sket in the morning. Send him off to school. Dia ada paper BM1, BM2 and Pendidikan Kesihatan. Then me and Jeeb went for a movie date (he also took 1 day leave). It's been a while since we last watch a movie! Sukeeee dapat tgk catchThor Ragnarok. Bebaloi2.  Balik picked up Qeeb from school, straight pegi rumah TokWan to pickup Zafeer.

Movie Date @ Sunway Pyramid  Movie Date @ Sunway Pyramid  
Movie Date @ Sunway Pyramid  Movie Date @ Sunway Pyramid

Day 2 - 31 Oct
Second day of exam. Paper English 1, English 2 and Pendidikan Muzik. After dropped him off, i went to get a haircut. Then pegi dental appointment plak. Balik rumah susun Qeeb's party pack sket. Then gi pick him up kat school. Suka laa dia dapat balik rumah and main2 dolu. Lepas tuh gi amik Zafeer kat rumah Tok Wan but stucked lama sket because ada visitors.

Day 3 - 1 Nov
Third day of exam. Subjects quite heavy, ada Maths1, Maths2 and Pendidikan Islam. Pagi tuh gigih gak ler wat last minute revision but dia dah takde mood. Hohhhh stress sungguh. Dah memang masuk mode redha jelah. We went to have lunch at KFCand dropped him off kat school. Then im off to KLCC to have lunch with the GLC babes. It was already lunch hour, im already late and it took 44mins to drive there. Balik trus singgah Popular to buy Qeeb's art stuff for  his Pendidikan Seni paper. Malam tuh practise what to draw campor drama2 of course.

Day 4 - 2 Nov
Hohhh kejap jer dah day 4 and i haven't kemas my wardrobe and shelf and sumer lahh! But on the bright side it is the last day of exam! Yeehaaaa. No more revision night, no more bebel and pep talk. We had lunch at McD plak before send him off to school. Haha see banyak SAHM cheat kan sbb tak masak. Then gi Bank Rakyat to tukar debit card. But seriously their service is super slow. My number was tens away but sejam tunggu pon tak lepas. Slow giler so i gave up. They should consider to do it online and just post the debit card to their customer. Dapat laa kemas sket book shelf, filing. Text books pon nak kene return to school next Monday so i have to bungkus siap2.

Day 5 - 3 Nov
Last day of cutiiiiii!!! Pagi2 hantar both kiddos to Tok Wan's house so i can concentrate to sort baju for recycle. By noon dah sorted out 4 bags but headache strikes in plak. Then nak kene hantar party pack to Qeeb's school. Since i'm alone have to strategize how to carry everything from the house into a car (campor skali 2 paperbags full of baju for donation) and into the classroom (together with birthday cake).

Gi beli paper plates, collect cake and delivered everything by 3.30pm. Gi stabak just because i need a coffee and that was the nearest. Then i did the unplanned, gi massage kat Singgahsana. I just found out about the place time potong rambut hari tuh. Not exactly the best but dapat laaa kluarkan segala angin sampai berlawan2 burp dengan masseuse tuh.

That's the end of my cuti!