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Massage @ Oasis, Mid Valley

 Utilised the wellness allowance on the last day of April. Me and Diba pergi massage2 kat Oasis Mid Valley top floor. At first pergi Thai Odyssey but panjang gak queue and takde slot langsung for walk-in. So jalan2 ternampak this one and relax jer takde orang sangat sini because it’s kinda tersorok kat mezanine floor.

Wellness @ Mid Valley  Wellness @ Mid Valley

Had a 1 hour relaxing time. It has been awhile since i last massage sbb neck-shoulder discomfort. 

Wellness at Mid Valley

Mario Bros Movie and Dinner @ Seirock-Ya

Watched Mario Bro’s movie at TGV and we love Bowser’s single. Peaches peaches peaches!

Mario Brother’s Movie @ Central iCity Mario Brother’s Movie @ Central iCity

Tried out their new coffee machine, coffeebot. After movie, nak soh the boys amik gambar kat the props pon susah, satu shot je allowed. If soh tukar2 pose or wait for few more seconds sbb sis nak tukar angle pon tak boleh! Sabo jelah. 

Mario Brother’s Movie @ Central iCity  Mario Brother’s Movie @ Central iCity

I bought coffee instead of the usual soft drink/mineral. Oklaaa a bit bland. Then we had dinner at Seirock-Ya. Tak penah tau this place before but tgk ada halal so teringin nak try. Apparently famous jugak rupanya.

Mario Brother’s Movie @ Central iCity  Lunch @ Seirock-Ya, Central iCityLunch @ Seirock-Ya, Central iCity Dinner @ Seikrock-Ya, Central iCity

I love the broth. You can custom the saltiness. The boys had teriyaki nampak simple jer tapi sedap the sos. Oh one more thing that i like about the kedai is they have a small basket to put our bag on the floor under the table. 

Dinner @ Seikrock-Ya, Central iCity  Dinner @ Seikrock-Ya, Central iCityDinner @ Seikrock-Ya, Central iCity

Can’t wait to repeat here!

Lailatul Qadr

Lailatul Qadr is a blessed night that falls in the Holy month of Ramadhan, described in the Quran to be better than a thousand months.

The exact night (in the month of Ramadhan) is unknown and in search of that holy night, Muslims tend to do good deeds on all the 30 nights (and days) of Ramadhan