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BBQ & Father's Day

Sempena MIL's bday and father's day bebaru nie, we planned to buat BBQ! According to SILs dah lama giler dorang tak buat BBQ kat umah. As for me plak of course lah ON jer kalo bab2 makan nie kan! Dah marinade ayam sumer bagai...petang tuh kitowang pon start ler membakor. Bes giler charcoal nie, tahan lama and after sejam stgh baru hancur berderai jadik ashes.

Pawang hidopkan api fufufufu!

Bakor jangan tak bakor. Tapik kipas tak power lah jenuh nak mengipas. Kalo ada kipas sate tuh baru gempak.

Sedapnye ayam marinade honey + mustard + oystersos! Besoknye panaskan balik pon still rasa sodap!

Our ala kadar buffet spread. Ada hotdog, ciken bbq and potato salad with carbonated drinks.

Cheep managed to escape from 'kejer-yang-takleh-balik-umah-tido' to enjoy the BBQ that nite. 1st father's day for him...mustilah nak celebrate :)

Happy father's day to FIL also. Since Pa orang penang...mmg remind me a lot of bapak. Wuuuu windu kat bapak and mom so much! But Alhamdulill…

Qeeb @ 7 months

Where the wild things are

Qeeb against the wild

Or into the wild

Tea at TFortyTwo

Mother's Day bulan may ari tuh, we went to TFortyTwo @ Empire Gallery. The centrepiece was awesome with lots of candy, meringue, macarons, etc.

We had a hard time to order because banyak food dah habes. Ramai sangat datang to celebrate mother's day.

There was also an incident where i forgot to bring Qeeb's susu! Air panas, air biasa, bottles sumer ada....except susu! Hohhhh bepeloh kejap biler Qeeb dah start melalak nak susu. But yang betol bepelohnyer was Jeeb lah because he had to run beli susu! Aihh...baru nak celebrate mom's day dah tertinggal susu anak >.<

Urrhhmmm...can't remember what i had though.

I also celebrated mom's day with my sis. We went out just the two of us with no kids in tow heheh!

It was really fun. At first we had lunch at Otak Otak @ Tropicana. And then meronda KL sampai dah tak larat nak jalan.

Yang shopping beria was my sis! Hohhh banyak tol dia borong!

1,111 blog post

I noticed that i have 1,111 blog post! Nih kalo masuk MBF contest 'Got 1 Got Money' sure menang hehe. So secara average nyer, 111 blog entry per year for 10 years. So yay me!

Picnic like a pimp

Get ready to take some notes as Young Jeezy dishes out some successful picnic tips yo!

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Kek Lapis RM18

Meh meh order kek lapis sodap for only RM18! Kalo tanya cheq mana yang paling sedap i will highly recommend chocolate cheese. Kesedapan tak terhingga! Me myself can abeskan one whole loaf but biler ingat orang blakang kiri kanan...control makan sparuh je lah. Besides best selling choc cheese, blueberry cheese and kek lapis india ramai cakap sodap. Yang lain2 pon the taste tak menghampakan...sumer nya sedap and good quality.

Nih dah nak bulan posa and raya bleh lah order tok bagi family, jenjiran, kengkawan, opismate etc. Nak buat hidangan time raya sure nampak meriah biler letak kek lapis yang color2ful tuh. If interested just email kak nana at For further details please visit (kek lapis ada, homemade chocolate pon ada!)

Only RM18 each ^.^

Jeeb's Birthday 2011

My chirpy cheepie Cheep turned 32 this year. We had a small quiet dinner at Tony Romas at the Curve. At first we were told that we had to wait for at least 1 hour because it was a long waiting list. Sian bday boy muka keciwa. However, I was pretty sure tak ramai yang sanggup tunggu time tuh because it was almost 9pm. Biler lapaq ppl tend to carik tempat lain. So I told the person in charge that we wanted to go somewhere else first and make sure to give us a call when there's table available. Skali tuh tak sampai 15 mins he gave me a call. Tapik time tuh tak dengar pulak phone ringing sbb tgh bz order 'appetizer' kat A&W. Memang mode kebuloq sangat sampai teroverboard beli ice cream waffle, rootbeer float, mozza burger and curly fries. Biler returned call orang tuh tak jawab, so Cheep went to Tony Romas to confirmed the table and cakap we are coming in 5mins. So in 5 mins both of us finished our drinks dengan skali sedut...fufufufu!

Qeeb gave the 'don't mess with…

Qeeb @ 7 months

7 month old, first week

Qeeb has turned into a bouncing machine. This game is fun for him since he can support his weight on his legs. What's more, he can sit unsupported, which free his hands for exploring. He starts reaching for things and scooping them up with one hand. He also able to lean forward to grab a toy and then straighten himself again. I noticed him turn things round now, finding out what they look like upside down or sideways. And of course, he'll wonder what everything tastes like, too.

Skang nih Qeeb dah pandai duduk steady without goyang2 cam mabuk. But still lom pandai crawling lagik. Takat goyang montot setempat ajer and reverse sket2 hehe. But it's ok, no need to rush. As much as i'm looking fwd to see his new development, i'm starting to miss his baby-ness as well. Oh ya, skang biler baring or duduk if we offer tangan as if nak pick him up he will definitely sua tangan jugak hehe! ♥cair! cair!♥ His new vocab is 'dadadadadada&…