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Decor and Taboos

I bought a shelf yang tak mount lagik sbb takde drill! Saper leh kasik pinjam? hehehe! Baby cot pon blom assemble. Why? Because according to chinese taboos, anything that involves drilling, hammering, chopping, sawing and such could lead to abortion or fetal deformities. The husband pon takleh buat jugak that correct? Hence the delay because tatau nak mintak tolong saper buatkan and nak explain the pantang to that person satu hal jugak :P

I heard about this advice since Mom was still around when my sis pregnant with first child. So nak ignore jer pon takleh because asik terngiang2 kat tinger. lol! But i can't wait to pasang everything so dat bleh tgk mana lagik yang tak cukup and let's just say i can't let Cheep buat sumer alone kang silap pasang...saper yang tensen? Somebody pls convince me it's just a superstition -.-'

Design for Small Spaces
  • Mount a continuous shelf approximately 18 inches from the ceiling for toys, framed photos and additional storage, advises Nate Berkus, design expert for The Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Tiny nursery?A crib and changing area are the most essential features, say Michele Adams and Gia Russo.
  • To make the room appear more spacious, paint all the walls the same color, Wendy Bellissimo advises.

Month 8 plus

My gynae checkup now is once every 2 weeks. So tadik jumpe Dr. M, she said berat pumpkin is 2.4kg. Will increase 200gm each week. And my weight plak naik lagik 1 kg -.-'

Alhamdulillah so far so good. Time buat ultrasound, tgh scan2 and ukur tuh tetiba Dr. M cakap nih rambut nie. Hahaha boleh tahan tinggi rambut my bebeh! And some of the things yang dia pesan was delivery cue. Contraction yang cemana baru rush gi hospital. Kalo air ketuban pecah or perot mengeras for 1 minute every 5 mins baru lah siap sedia gi spital. If not, sila lah lepak2 dolu di umah.

Estimate tinggal lagik less than 4 weeks! Saspen saspen! Hospital bag baru half ready....ada benda lagik yang tak beli and mostly my stuff, barang baby dah complete kot but all the baju lom start cuci, bilik pon tak abes kemas lagik. Yakin mulih!

Monday blues

Raya Aidilfitri 2010 - Day 2

We bertolak from SA to PD almost 12pm with my car yang actually dah due for service -.- But PD takde lah jauh mana so proceed jer bawak. When we reached Nilai, the highway jam teruk. My car nih condition dia kalo jam, the aircond will automatically turned to heater. So biler dah slow down tuh mmg tak senang duduk lah. Somehow we noticed that the traffic flow became normal after we passed a police tent yang dorang letak kat tepi jalan. Sebab tuh jer highway pon bleh jam? Aihhh bengangnyer!

Raya 2010 @ Port Dickson

Khairan also followed us with his dad's car. Sampai jer sana...sumer carik group age masing2 to hang out hehe.

Raya 2010 @ Port Dickson

And dpt nengok lil Myra! Lily was really committed jaga adik dia compared to the brothers sumer sibok main. Boys!

Raya 2010 @ Port Dickson

We had nasik ayam, salad and fruit punch for lunch. Pueh makan! Lepas tuh nak salam raya...tak sempat plak nak ready kuarkan duit raya. hahaha tensen jer Adly tunggu, achu dia panggey punyer lah beria siap soh stop main game kejap.

Raya 2010 @ Port Dickson

Didi as usual sengih lebey cam kerang busuk. Dia dah tak banyak borak with me nowadays. Dolu ada jer benda nak tunjuk especially his drawings.

Raya 2010 @ Port Dickson

Here's Lily ngan rambut baru dia yang macam Anita Mui akakaka.

Raya 2010 @ Port Dickson

And then amik gambar sket before gerak balik. We didn't do much there except lazying around...the house mmg bes for lepak while auntie Zai and sis sibok layan other guests yang datang. We didn't stop at the beach pon because maleh tahap gaban. The trip balik was really smooth tak jam langsung and we reached SA around 6.15pm.

Raya 2010 @ Port Dickson

Malam tuh plak gi braya umah Kusa & Mira. Hamzah was already in his pyjamas hehe. Nih dia tgh minom susu before going to bed. He's such a cool and relax baby.

Raya 2010 @ Shah Alam

We had mee udang yang sedap, makan tambah2 tanpa segan! Plate tgh tuh tinggal traces of mee jer wahahha.

Raya 2010 @ Shah Alam

Muka penat and eyebag tak hengat. But syioknye raya! Thanks Mira and Kusa for having us :)

Raya 2010 @ Shah Alam

Month 8

"You are one hot mama -- literally. A 20 percent metabolic rate increase throughout pregnancy can leave you begging for a cool breeze no matter what the weather is like. Distract yourself with an exercise in blind identification. Try to distinguish between baby's feet, fists, knees, and elbows -- all doing some major pushing and nudging inside of you"
Oh yeah i sweat a lot these days. When i'm sweating, i get irritated. Kipas tangan comes handy but biler berkipas muka jer sejuk...tangan yang mengipas plak panas! When i switched on the fan and the aircond, even the polar bear cheep asked me to slow down the fan. Hot momma sungguh neh lol!

Baby's now the size of a honeydew!

Things are heating up inside as well: Baby may grow up to a full inch this week alone, and his brain is developing like crazy. Pretty soon, he'll be able to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. Also, his bones are hardening, and he's started to keep his eyes open when he's awake.

My last checkup, pumpkin weight at 2.1kg :) Biler buat ultrasound, he was sleeping all the way. His position is facing my right rib cage. That explains why the kicking are always on the right side because both kaki kat stu, lol! Blah kiri relax jer takde pape rasa langsung. My gynae said not to worry if the baby is sunny side up (posterior) or anterior as long as the baby's head is down in the pelvis. Orang cakap kalo posterior, the labour may be long and slow. But tayah lah pening2 pikir the technical part, i just doa banyak2 it's going to be a normal labor.

I can practice some of the tips here to encourage baby into an anterior position:

  1. To try to encourage the baby to turn before labor. Talk to the baby, encouraging her/him to turn around.
  2. Sit up straight with your knees below your hips (don't slouch).
  3. Lie on your side with the top leg over the bottom, knee touching the bed.
  4. In labor, try to stay on your feet as long as possible. Jalan banyak2!
  5. Avoid or delay getting an epidural.

Raya Aidilfitri 2010 - Day 1

1st Syawal! I woke up and feeling good that morning :) Cheep went straight to shower and siap2 pakai baju melayu because he didn't want to be late like last year. I plak went straight to the kitchen tentolong tengok pape yang patot. Around 9 lebey baru terkedek2 gi mandi. Time nak sarung baju raya tuh saspen gak oh. Kotlah ada peningkatan diameter perot secara mendadak because last test pakai baju tuh was last 2 weeks. Fuhh sib baik muat lagik wpon cam sarung nangka gayanyer. Lepas siap2 and dah rasa kiut sket baru lah turun ngan Cheep tok bergambar together2.

Raya 2010 @ Shah AlamRaya 2010 @ Shah Alam Raya 2010 @ Shah Alam

We took quite a lot of photos because i made him to! It was a beautiful morning, we haven't start sweating, and we haven't eat so before comot2....baik gi camho dolu! And what is raya pix without annoying pose from mr. bem himself, haih! :P

Raya 2010 @ Shah Alam

Then salam2 raya with the whole family, sesi mintak maap, bagi duit raya and peluk2. I miss my family jugak time tuh...if only dapat salam tangan my own parents and mintak maap. Sure lagik syahdu tak hengat. Dah 2 taun tak celebrate 1st raya ngan my sis, but isokay as long as i get to see her dalam first 3 days raya tuh dah cukup bes. Sib baik lah kampung dia tak jauh!

Raya 2010 @ Shah Alam

Lepas tuh kitowang makan2 and layan guests yang dah start datang. Menu pagi raya were nasik minyak, rendang ayam, kari daging, dalca, ayam masak merah, etc. For dessert ada kek batik, kek cekelat, and my contribution....fried wantan hehehe. Sib baiklah wantan tuh laku, sbb tgh borak2 tuh sumer laju jer snacking. Thanks to my sis yang sajes and ajar masak tuh.

Raya 2010 @ Shah Alam

By late noon, i'm quite tired already. With the heat and drinking too many sirap made me bloated. So lari masuk bilik and tukar baju fuh baru lah dapat bernapas sket. Pehtu bleh plak tertidoq hehehe sampai termissed 3 families yang datang braya. Sampai dah nak maghrib, relatives still datang. Mmg meriah non stop! At 9pm baru lah kitowang managed to kuar braya umah auntie Aki yang kat area SA jugak. Sini pon ramai jugak because relatives yang singgah from our house singgah sini plak. We had seafood for dinner hehe at least something different than food kat umah. Nak makan nasik minyak lagik tak larat dah :P

Raya 2010 @ Shah Alam

Then betolak gi umah Rizal at bukit jelutong. It was quite late already but he said takper datang jer so we went ahead to his house. I was ultimate kenyang at that time, so tak jamah food sangat except for kuih and drinks.

Raya 2010 @ Shah Alam

Took photos with the tuan umah, Rizal. His sisters Shil & Dell were also around but dorang dah tukar uniform so segan nak amik gambar hehe. By the time we left the house it was almost 1am i think hehe.

Raya 2010 @ Shah Alam

So that was the end of 1st day raya. Lots of foods, families and friends gathering. Happy ending :)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2010

Raya 2010
Illustration by bem69

Opiseli nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to family dan kengkawan yang dekat and jauh. Minta maap kalo ada salah dan silap yang tak sengaja maupon tersengaja dan aper saja yang TER sehingga menyakitkan ati. Smoga raya taun nie lebey bermakna, and hopefully dapat larat visit sedara mara and friends. Looking forward to makan sedap2 ^.^

Yang beraya jauh2, hati2 di jalan raya. Pandulah secara berhemah dan ingat orang tersayang. Take care!

Soul & Jeeb

Niece, Myra 2 months

On Saturday jugak we went for buka posa at umah my sis. She cooked spesel for adik ipo dia hehe. Pueh makan wantan goreng oh! I uploaded recent photos of my niece, baby Myra. She's now 2 months and look different when i last saw her! Pipi makin chubby, fairer and mata makin bolat! Gerampphhh! Too bad lah dia tidoq time tuh, i just had to kaco and wake her up ;) Sib baik my sis tak marah hehehe. Susah gak kejut dia neh tarik tangan dia...dia tarik balik. Biler gomol2...dia wat muka annoyed and bukak mata sket jer. Biler dukung, finally baru dia bukak mata tapik kejap jelah sbb pastuh high balik. Hehehe aren't baby just cuteee??!!!

Zaza and her lil' Ali

Zaza delivered a healthy baby boy last Friday at Prince Court. Went to visit her last Saturday, quite late in the evening because keta Cheep masuk 'mall' for few hours to pakaikan alternator raya. We dropped by my office dolu because i need to collect my barang yang tertinggal kat meja then baru singgah spital. Main gamble jer pegi wpon tatau visiting hours hehe. Anyways, heartiest congratulations to Zaza & Pian on their new bundle of joy!

So here it is...the new hero in town. Ali bin Alfian. Cool lah the name!

Full name: Ali Bin Alfian Iqbal
Birth date:
Friday, September 3rd, 2010 (24 Ramadhan 1431)