Decor and Taboos

I bought a shelf yang tak mount lagik sbb takde drill! Saper leh kasik pinjam? hehehe! Baby cot pon blom assemble. Why? Because according to chinese taboos, anything that involves drilling, hammering, chopping, sawing and such could lead to abortion or fetal deformities. The husband pon takleh buat jugak that correct? Hence the delay because tatau nak mintak tolong saper buatkan and nak explain the pantang to that person satu hal jugak :P

I heard about this advice since Mom was still around when my sis pregnant with first child. So nak ignore jer pon takleh because asik terngiang2 kat tinger. lol! But i can't wait to pasang everything so dat bleh tgk mana lagik yang tak cukup and let's just say i can't let Cheep buat sumer alone kang silap pasang...saper yang tensen? Somebody pls convince me it's just a superstition -.-'

Design for Small Spaces
  • Mount a continuous shelf approximately 18 inches from the ceiling for toys, framed photos and additional storage, advises Nate Berkus, design expert for The Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Tiny nursery?A crib and changing area are the most essential features, say Michele Adams and Gia Russo.
  • To make the room appear more spacious, paint all the walls the same color, Wendy Bellissimo advises.


  1. babe, i moved to new house on my 3month pregnancy! of course lebih dari tu hubby n myself buat... until now.

    insyaallah, Allah bersama-sama dengan kita.. =)

  2. tuh lar kan? kalo jadik pon kebetulan. but biler orang tua pesan better be safe than sorry tuh yang buat ada second doubt

  3. woohoo i like Nate Berkus!

    soul insya allah takde apa apa but tak rugi juga kalau menunggu :D.. tinggal lagi serabut jela skit kepala sebab tak settle lagi tol tak?

  4. wawa, yaaa betoi mmg srabut slagik tak settle hahaha. mata dok jeling benda yang nak kene assemble tuh. paler plak dok ligat pikir cemana nak susun!

  5. soulie, my mom pon pesan benda yg sama kat my sister...hehehe

  6. Marvic, really? haaa lagik lah takot nak langgar pantang hahaha!


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