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Alhamdulillah the engagement went smoothly. Am now Cheep's fiancee hiksh. Some photos have been uploaded to Flickr. Will update here soon :)

The Engagement

Letter from Fiance

Received a very sweet email from Cheep it totally turn me to mushy and giggle mode hehe. And why am i sharing this? Well its a special day for us and that's the reason he wrote this email. Sorry, u guys had to bear my mushy-ness huhu

To my dear girlfriend, Choul,

I am sorry to inform you that I no longer require your services as a Girlfriend. Starting from the end of 29th June 2008, you are being transferred to another department, bearing the title of Fiancee. This decision was made in order to make way for our relationship expansion.

If there are any queries regarding this notification, please forward it to my email at with subject "Choul Comey". I hope you will flourish and perform in your new department.

Thank you for your services, I love you so very very very much chayanggg, thank you for supporting me and always being there for me, and most of all thank you for loving me with all your heart.

Ahmad Najeeb Ishak
Counting hours for the engagement ceremony :)

Wish me luck for tomoro :) Will not be around in front of pc with internet connection tomorrow though :( toodles!!
The new ymail from Yahoo! Nama pon ala2 gmail hak hak obviyes sangat. So i registered to get the soulie name (just like my gmail) before anyone does. I think im going to use this email if i had to fill up any online form to avoid spam in my gmail.

2 Days to Mast*r Black Belt Training
Today i designed cover for the folder, spine and cd cover. Print it out, gunting2 and masukkan dalam folder and cd sleeve beramai2...sampai bersila-sila kat lantai. Pehtu masukkan all the training materials into the folder. Yang wat kejer jadik lambatnyer is i cannot convert the documents to PDF in proper alignment. 4 machine aku try, ada yang dah convert alignment elok tapik hang plak so tak leh convert sampai last pages. ada yang hang manjang...its very frustrating when simple things doesn't turn up right and taking my time way longer than it should. Dah settle problem tuh baru lah massive cd burning activities starts.

Lepas dah siap2 sumer...ari pon dah malam. kwang kwang kwang. We need to send the training materials to training room. we have the door access to 32nd floor. but as for 36th floor we need to see the security guard and asked them to unlock the door. So 1 guard escorted us to 36th and had to wait for us letak all the materials on each table. Hak hak...menyusahkan orang jer malam2.

sempat lagik blakon ngan en p.e hak hak. too bad tak nampak sangat expression muka 'bengang' dia time nie.
I have one simple wish and small amount of wealth. I'm trying to make my wish come true but it was just never good enuff. Even if i were to justify, words won't come out right. But now...I feel sorry for myself for being too 'practical'. Suck to be me.
3 Days to Mast*r Black Belt Training

Buat Training Schedule the whole morning...amend here and there. tapik still cam tak kene. biler tunjuk kat chekgu yang nak mengajarnya dia kater dia nak wat style dia. pulakkk...abes kang tak tally lah ngan aper yang aku dah tulis dalam schedule. si jalil and naz dah berkali2 dah mintak schedule tuh...adehlar. sudahnyer aku soh dia buat schedule tuh sendiri. hehehe sib dia nak buatkan tapik biler aku tgk balik yang dia dah betoikan...tebeliak gak lar bijik mata aku! hahaha konpem aku jugak yang kene menjawab if ada orang questioned naper susun schedule camtuh.

And then me, D and Zaza went to Teshco Ampang to buy folders in bulk. but tak de yang within our budget and their stock pon tak cukup. so pecut pegi care4, sama jugak....mahal lak tuh! pehtu masuk bookstore ada lah 15 pcs and the staff asked us to go to their outlet kat luar care4 to get another 35. Dah sampai kedai tuh dengan saket2 kaki...ingatkan dah abes lah pencarian. skali tak cukup lagik 12 pcs plak! hangennya!!! orang tuh cakap try lagik satu kedai sblah blok dia. and guess wat...kedai last tuh ada lebey 50 pcs and way much much cheaper. like omost half of the cost we spent kat 3 kedai. grrrr....

Malam nyer test user ID login and role's menu at 36th floor. There are some of the IDs have not yet been created. So we highlighted to ifl*x. Pehtu balik....sok kene datang kejer lagik :(
4 Days to Mast*r Black Belt Training

Just delivered 1 training manual (branches) to be printed. another version of training manual (agents) coming up. I'm supposed to finish it by tonite...iron out the modules, table of contents and cross referencing. Lepas nie kene sambung buat training manual back office lak. lagik ponin paler yang tuh sbb banyak sangat back end procedures.

Training coordination pon aku dah tak involve sangat...i wanted to. but the training materials is taking too much time :( Tomorrow need to find files to isik all the printed training materials, cds to burn softcopy of the training materials, signage, etc.

Asik balik lambat and tensen sampai jerawat 3 bijik dah naik kat muka :( hampeh tol!
7 Days to Mast*r Black Belt Training

Compared to my old blogging entries, i used to write my daily activities, rants and ravings or whom i met. I used less words now...maybe because pictures worth thousands of words. Or maybe because I don't have digital camera at that time and photo scanning is just time consuming hehe. But today I met few new interesting peeps and discover new things tetiba rasa cam nak berciter lak.

So pagi2 while im driving, k.s*lmah called me tanya pasal dia punyer BO docs. hehehe she's sweet, bila tanya polite jer and so far dia jer yang banyak follow up on her portions. kalo becakap ngan dia mmg full of gestures, pegang tangan lah, pegang bahulah and tgk straight in the eye. lepas email her thangs, received and made some fon calls i continued working on my training materials. Sug & Rud just passed their list of comments i need to finalize with them. Sigh.

Bebudak trainee ITD lak once in a while poke in to ask few things on the system. And after lunch meet up with Shah*dah from ITD at 36th floor to check on the projector compatibility. 3 are ok and 1 is not a-ok. So had to get backup from JP*E later. Met with En Nord*n as well who helped to check on few other stuff. That was my first time masuk training room situ sesambil tuh tunggu en. baz*d datang because he said he wanted to join. But he didn't turn up so i guess he had something else going. So aku pon turun lar balik sambung kejer. But tringat nak call him to update. Skali PA dia cakap dia naik 36th floor. Lerr...terpaksa naik lagik skali kang dia ingat aku yang tak show up hehe. But this time we recce the place skali ngan floor 32. Floor 32 banyak nak kene kemas, cabut all the runcharts, clear the papers etc.

Sooo overall its going to be hectic gila this week. Time camnie lar database nak crash. Training environment kene amik so dat they can proceed with UAT. ish ish macam2 lah.
Look what i saw outside my office window. Whoaaa baru tgk scaffold dah gayat!

Here's the window washer! Once in a while the platform swing back and forth because im sure angin kuat. But this guy maintain jer his pace sembur air and wipe. Takde nak tgk bawah or borak2 ngan member dia.

Not too mention his stamina. lenguh woo pegang wiper tuh lama2! Wonder how much this guy earn for this kinda job.
World Environment Day

  1. Put away the plastic.
  2. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs
  3. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!
  4. Planting trees and Go green!
  5. Launder several big loads instead of many smaller ones
  6. Pay Bills Online and save paper
  7. Drive wisely
  8. Plant a bamboo fence as it absorbs more CO2
  9. Turn off your PC would reduce the machine’s CO2 emissions 83 per cent
  10. DIY cleaning supply

Yayyy! I am now an official parkaholic hehehe :) Can't wait to get a new car *grin*!