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Year End Gathering @ Tok Ma’s

We spent the day at MIL on the last day of 2022. The kids pon dah lama tak jumpe Tok Mama. Kak Shua ordered food from The Social - pizza, fried koay tiaw, salad and duck wrap. Kak Lipah topped up with spaghetti bolognese and we tambah takoyaki from Gindaco

Year End Makan2

Jeeb took a closer look of the French magazine yang published his artwork of Squid Game characters. Fuhh, 4 full colored pages dorang letak and credit his name and IG. They sent over hardcopy of the magazine for us to indulge hehe

Jeeb’s Art Published in France Magazine Jeeb’s Art Published in France Magazine Jeeb’s Art Published in France Magazine

Dinner spread

Year End Makan2

GLC Hi Tea @ Everly, Putrajaya

I took half day cuti to meetup with Jann at Putrajaya to get some docs certified true copy for Qeeb’s UKMM exam nanti. Jumpe Jann at her office, dia siap bawak tour weeeee merasalah masuk SPRM building hehe. 

Lunch and Coffee  Quick Stop @ Jann, SPRM Lunch and Coffee  Quick Stop @ Jann, SPRM

Dah alang2 drive jauh pastuh found out pulak D staycation kat Everly Putrajaya yang 15mins away, dia pon ajak jumpe kat situ jer so why not! Yang bestnyer si Shara and Mas pon terus onz jumpa kat situ. 

GLC Hi-Tea @ Everly, Putrajaya  GLC Hi-Tea @ Everly, Putrajaya

I didnt had proper brekkie and lunch. So memang super lapaq time order hor fun noodle nie. The price was RM30+, when it came with 2 big prawn camnie barulah rasa berbaloi. 

GLC Hi-Tea @ Everly, Putrajaya  GLC Hi-Tea @ Everly, Putrajaya

Their dessert options pon nampak menarik. Red velvet sedap but eclairs tuh biasa2 jer. So hit and miss. 

GLC Hi-Tea @ Everly, Putrajaya  GLC Hi-Tea @ Everly, PutrajayaGLC Hi-Tea @ Everly, Putrajaya GLC Hi-Tea @ Everly, Putrajaya

They sang me a birthday song too! Hahaha it was nice dapat celebrate and makan2 with them before year ends.

GLC Hi-Tea @ Everly, Putrajaya

I had to leave first because nak kena pickup the boys kat transit. Jalan nak balik SA boleh tahan jam. It took more than 1 hour to reach there. 

GLC Hi-Tea @ Everly, Putrajaya

I tapau balik some cream puffs for the boys at home. What a better way to end the year with some sweet dessert and jumpe favourite peypollll!

GLC Hi-Tea @ Everly, Putrajaya

School Holiday Bowling and Archery

We went to bowling with my anak2 fruit sempena cuti sekolah. Jumpe dorang kat Berjaya Times Square and Adly dah sort out the bowling lane and setup nama semua. Sampai2 terus main hehe. Too bad DD tak dapat join so tak dapat full quorum of my not-so-little rugrats. 

  Bowling & Archery @ Berjaya Times Square, KLBowling & Archery @ Berjaya Times Square, KL Bowling & Archery @ Berjaya Times Square, KL

Zafeer and his first strike moment. His throw not bad at all and he was among the top scorer gituh! Jeeb last minute dapat score tinggi and i was second kot lol! 

Bowling & Archery @ Berjaya Times Square, KL

Since we’re feeling sporty and adventurous laidat, we decided to try out archery pulak. Apparently boleh tahan lenguh gak dorang nak pull the bow tuh. Zafeer and Qeeb tak larat nak abeskan the arrow so i transferred some of it to Jeeb sebab nak abeskan cepat haha. I think Qeeb prefers archery than bowling since dia managed to get bull eyes aim. 

  Bowling & Archery @ Berjaya Times Square, KL Bowling & Archery @ Berjaya Times Square, KL Bowling & Archery @ Berjaya Times Square, KL Bowling & Archery @ Berjaya Times Square, KL

Pehtu gi lunch. At first we queued kat 4Fingers…lama gak. But when it was our turn orang cashier cakap lama nak kene tunggu because ada big orders. In fact ada orang sblom us yang dah bising2 tunggu lama kat situ. So we tukar tempat pergi kopitiam instead and somehow i termissed Zafeer punyer food lol! Kesiannn dia kene tunggu lama and tgk yang lain makan. Sib lah dia jenis sabar menanti and still in a good mood. 

Bowling & Archery @ Berjaya Times Square, KL

Alhamdulillah for the rezeki and time well spent with LOML and favourite bunch! 

  Bowling & Archery @ Berjaya Times Square, KL

Makan2 at Office

 The routine back to office is getting back to normal. We started off with hybrid mode, 3 times a week. To encourage the staff to coming back to office, what else yang interesting other than food that brings togetherness. So the team decided to do makan2 every wednesday since it’s a common day for everyone to be in the office. 

On-Site Visit

Raya Celebration and Makan2 Raya Celebration and Makan2

Raya Celebration and Makan2  Raya Celebration and Makan2

Even after the welcoming period, the team continue to take turn belanja makan. So almost every Wednesday and Friday we have a list of peeps yang dah booked nak bersedekah. Definitely something that we looked forward to be in the office. 

Raya Celebration and Makan2  Raya Haji @ HomeRandom

Procrastinate Until December

Know know jer dah December. So many things to catchup at work, and personal stuff. I admit banyak benda i delayed because in between i need a breather. There are few times panic attack crept in. I had to do something and nothing at the same time. 

Even the small2 things like these kept popping in my mind that i need to complete it by end of this month

- update my own Flickr. Last update was in August and few more months to catchup. Tak sempat nak rename the photos properly pon because jenuh nak scroll jauh2 if i upload by batches/ event. In a way the UX not that friendly to cater this kind of problem. Nak organize ikot album lagik laaa tidak sempat. Bayar mahal2 tapik tak pakai to the max rugi ler

- blogging! Some posts still in draft (minus the photos), some just title jer. Sebab takot terluper to post about it. But biler nak blog about it, i forgot the details already and how i felt at that time. Biler post cukup syarat, banyak gambar and simple captions only.

- I collected so much stickers/labels and such for my scrapbook. Sampai dah tatau nak selit mana. Tinggal nak tampal and fill up the details for each box. Usually i do it by month baru lah boleh susun cantik2 and utilise all the space. 

- I need to plan few days holiday to abeskan my cuti. Nak spend time kat sini2 jer pon ok jugak but i just need to carik proper dates. Jeeb dah applied cuti, but nak pergi jauh2 at least 4 days syiok sikit. But dia pon kalut gak and had to cut the cuti because ada training the following day. Not to mention kene burn cuti  yang cannot carry fwd.

- Declutter and reorganize wardrobe and book shelf. Qeeb dah nak masuk skolah menengah and i should clearkan separatekan books yang zafeer can re-use and zafeer nyer preschool pon i can giveaway dah to make way for new books. Same goes to wardrobe kluarkan baju yang dah tak muat. 

- send baju for recycle. Bercinta woii nk bawak turun plastic besar2 turun lift and move to the car. Nak kene identify where to send it to first, if not lama lahh plastic tuh duduk dalam boot.

- i have 2 books belom habes baca and 1 book blom start baca

Almost all nak kene buat time cuti and within December? NOT!!! Another cliche motivation, let’s start fresh and better this new year.