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Bowling Tournament @ One Utama

On 9 Nov, i joined a bowling tournament ganti tempat kak Ita. Around 8.30am almost everyone dah showed up kat Wangsa Bowl (U-Bowl), One Utama...dapat parking depan pintu but terpaksa tunggu kedai bukak >.< Time bukak jer kedai sumer menonong masuk and dengan expressnyer Committee susun all the gifts and bukak counter registration to distribute the breakfast kit.

Dolu pernah merasa jadik champion longkang (lowest score) zaman *NEC, tuh yang serik nak main bowling dah. But I agreed to replace kak Ita sbb takde such 'kejam' category for this game so boleh la main for fun. Skali tuh found out one of the team mate, RM who went for practicing few days earlier terel main bowling daaaa! Stress ler macik...because i don't want jadik contributor team sendiri kalah. Ghhrrrr!

RM, NA and YE. 
We started with few free throws at first then baru start the real game (3 rounds). All the names dah pre-keyed pasrah jelah biler kluar nama liza.

These were the prizes *drool* tingi…

Qeeb's Monster Theme Birthday Party

We invited some family and friends over to celebrate Qeeb's monstrous 3rd birthday party on 2nd Nov. Alhamdulillah it turned out quite well even though it was raining heavily at first. Here is an inspired birthday cake from Pinterest.

All the party details are customized by Party Candy.

Monstrous party packs, monster blocks and signage as decor.

2 cool monster bouquet for birthday cake table.

Food sempoi tok makan petang like nasi goreng, roti jala, mee rebus, mihun goreng, ayam rempah, kuih koci, kuih bakar.

Time nih hujan lebat giler and everyone had to eat in the house. Wpon ada tent >.< salah susun layout haha. The inflatable bouncer pon laid flat kat luar tuh. I'm so thankful the rain stop completely after about 1 hour.

So the kids can came out and play :) Qeeb bukannyer main pon bendalah nie...sabo jelah.

I love group photos! Here are some of the random shots we managed to capture.

Sorry mana terkurang food and layanan. But we hope that you had a great time especia…