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MEPS Appreciation Dinner

The dinner was held at Boulevard Hotel, MidValley. It was our final week as M*PS staff so it was kinda like a farewell dinner.

No performance, no singing, etc. Just 2 simple speech, makan2 annnndddd only one lucky draw prize giveaway, a PS3! Haih the one lucky winner who walked away with the PS3 wasn't me obviously.

Me with meja sebelah....ada RR, Seah, AiNing, Cynthia and Mim.

Back to my own table with Yati, Sara and Rina. Yang dua kiri tuh kenal since first day at work because we attended induction training together. Yati will be staying in M*PS and tak join the rest of us ke MyCl*ar :( Oh there was also a slide presentation yang flashback zaman dolu2 dgn background music 'standing in the eyes of the world-ella'. Ada jugak lah rasa sad when watching the photo slide eventho aku takde pon lagik time tuh. So it must be more heartwrenching for staff yang dah lama ngan M*PS.

The food ada yang sedap ada yang so-so. Yang keciwanyer roast lamb dia sangat sedap when i tumpang2 ra…

Caden's 2yo Birthday Party

On the same day we went to beraya umah K.Fara, we went to Karen's house right after for Caden's birthday party. My sis and the family were already there and everybody else were about to start eating when we arrived *phew*

We had grill chicken wings, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, meehoon and DIY popiah (this one is my favourite)! My sis added some raya food like nasi impit, rendang and kuah kacang. Rajinnye masak! Here's Caden the birthday boy just woke up from his nap for the birthday party :)

The kids with Opah Wim & Tok Pat. The rest of course want to nyelit2 amik gambar also ;)

Vanilla layer for birthday cake. Karen did the Mickey's head herself and the cute mini banner *clap clap*

Big brother Caden with cousin Nicky played birthday song together while everybody sing and cheer.

Caden all set to blow the candles and cut the cake. The cake was really sedap and something different for me.

Cavan helped to distribute party favours. Snacks for the babies and pinatas for…

Business Dept @ M*PS

I thought working 3 months in C*smo is the shortest working period and i swear i'm not gonna pull that kind of stunt again because it will look bad in my CV jump kejer cepat sgt. But rupa2nyer kejer kat M*PS pecah record 2 months jer. Little did I know that the acquisition with BNM took place too soon.

Kat M*PS nih I discovered banyak coincidence like my boss penah seopis ngan my FIL in one of the bank dolu. Kekami's ex-boss pulak is Finance Manager kat sini. Then I found out that Izk my team kawan sepaintball ngan Kusa. Kak Mas plak duduk sekampung kat BTR. We even bumped into each other kat pusara Cheras Baru on 1st day raya. Once, dalam lif K.Ju said i looked so familiar and biler borak2 baru tingat i knew her kat SIRIM time buat practical dolu. The latest was when Shukry out of the blue, asked me whether i know Darwis when kejer kat C*smo which yeah i do. Depa dolu pon ex-opismate jugak. And then not too mention kat sini jer ada 4 ex-Pern*c which 2 of em are my bosses now!…

Raya @ K.Fara's House, Klang

Among GLC team, we were the last one to arrive at K.Fara's house on that day! Sib baik sumer tak balik lagik hohoho....sorry uols! VIP kecik terlajak tidoq. Nih la dia ketibaan mak datinbudak....sila bagi laluan.

Since we were in a hurry, i packed Qeeb's lunch kalo tak kang mau lagik lambat sampai. Memang dia tgh kebuloq time tuh sbb diam jer duduk sampai habis licin makan. 

Om nom nom. Thanks to Mas or saper2 yang pegang my camera time nie. Biler dah balik umah, baru sempat tgk gambar dalam camera and surprised ada banyak gambar bes bes hehe. I lebiuols!

Kak Fara served mee rebus (sedap wooo), nugget, drummet. Asam pedas pon ada but takde chance nak makan sbb kenyang makan mee rebus. Arrgh rugi rugi! Tengok ler si mas ngan jannah nie bercamho ngan anak bujang cheq oiiii!!

GLC mommies with 'handbag'. Shara punyer handbag dalam bilik tgh tidoq hehe.

Other than makan, amik gambar bagai, we also took a minute to wrote something in the GLC Book. Attendance was considered 10…

Raya Potluck @ MEPS

The next makan2 event sempena Hari Raya was at my own office. Organized by AD dept for the whole IBG team. Since budget for food sumer sendiri2, so we did potluck.

Business, AD and QA dept.

I brought roasted chicken yang sangat sedap! Cemana leh sedap? Sebabnyer i outsource kat tukang masak professional ohhh jangan men men! lol!

Dahler tak masak sendiri, so buat2 lah nampak domestic sket dengan meng-rearrange the dishes.

Posing sampai food dah sejuk....still banyak lagik team member tak naik. Time nih dah start kebuloq waiting, waiting  and waiting.....

Biler dah dapat kumpul, amik gambar ramai2 dolu. IBG with FPX team members yang buat raya potluck serentak kat situ so we decided to combine the ppl and the food. The more the merrier.

Then baru lah boleh sepah2kan the meja.

Raya @ Shara's House, Gombak

I dah lost track nih raya keberapa time pegi rumah Shara but time tuh still 1st week of raya. Yang besnyer that week takde invitation open house langsung so relax sket lah takyah rushing. Shara served laksa sarawak yang sedap giler sampai sumer orang makan out of control! Abes jer nak tambah, abes jer tambah lagik sampai shara kene kuarkan stok baru. Fuhhh sangat lah addictive!

My first time jumpa Hannah :) Sangatlah comel anak shara nie. Btw, no harm poking done by Qeeb to lil Hannah when this photo was taken heheh.

Cheep and I dok passing baton makan and pegang Qeeb. Lol! Sbb makan laksa sarawak non-stop.

Then turn si Qeeb plak nak isik perot dia. Stress and panas muka occay aku nak bancuh susu time nih when everybody is staring! Boleh plak tetiba sumer orang stop borak kejap and tgk my skill prepare susu anak -.-'

Nih bukan gambar lepas mandi yea....nih baru lepas pekena susu. Minom sampai bepeloh lencun omaibaby neh mmg ikot gene his dad.

GLC member yang datang on dat day with…

Raya @ Rizale's House, Bukit Jelutong

We received open house invitation umah Rizale kawan K.Amy at Bkt Jelutong on Friday. Mostly ramai cuti lagik on dat day sbb raya ke-4 falls on Friday so considered as long weekend. K.Amy kenal Rizale thru music network and slalu jumpe kat concert and somehow their friendship merebak to siblings yang lain dats why kitowang pon join beraya sama. Rizale's adik badik Shil and Dell are so friendly tuh yang senang nak clicked. I think i started kenal dorang last 2 years kot.

Ekceli not just the siblings jer yang warm. The parents pon very hospitable. Rasa sangat welcome duduk umah dorang nie. Here's Qeeb begilir2 kene dukungan ngan Rizale, his mom and almost everyone...senang iols nak makan.

Btw, kuah kacang yang dorang buat adalah sangat sedap. Makan sampai out of control. Pastuh served macam2 kuih lapis plak tuh. Si rizale jual kuih lapis jugak....aiseh rival nie hahaha.

The gurls....Dell, k.shua, k.amy, me and Shil.

Amik gambar together2 with tuan umah before balik.