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what makes my day...monday lak tuh. huhuh! my gmail is back in business! plus thanx to mon for switchin my trillian to Pro.
Injection of Beauty

This is the first time i heard of vitamin C injection to gain beautiful skin, when friend of mine showed me a box of Redoxon (German product) which contains 6 ampoules of 1g/5ml vitamin C. It costs around RM180+. According to her normal clinics and beauty centres do offer this kind of injection. So all she havta to do is bring the ampoules to a clinic and ask the doctor to do the injection. I hate anything to do with needles on my skin so listenin to this kind of treatment jer dah sounds horror although its only vit-C. So tgk ler nanti the result wether its really workin onot. Huhuh!

The advantages of taking vitamin C injection are:
1) Aims in producing Collagen, which is connective tissue of our skin, bone, ligament, tendons, joints and organ support.
2) Suppresses formation of 'Melanin' contributing to dark spot after long exposure to UVA/UVB.
3) Reduces our facial and skin fine lines or wrinkles. This is because it aims in producing the collagen, which is important to make our skin firm and provides elasticity.
4) Reduces the appearance of pimples/acne/blemishes and minimized pores. Improves the skin smooth texture.
5) Prevents scurvy, which is a kind of vitamin c-deficiency.
6) Increase body immune system. At a higher dose is believed to have the property of antihistamine.
Miguel de Unamano

From loving little trifling material things we come to love the more lasting things the things which our hands cannot grasp From loving goods we cometo love the good From loving beautiful things we come to love beauty From loving the true we come to love truth From loving pleasures we come to love happiness and last of all we come to love Love
Hepi Burfday to TOAD! May the bottle of crime remain the same amount. hehehe!
Malaysian GP @ Sepang

5.34 p.m! back sore. my ear is aching. darn the headfon! this things is endless...
yesterday morning all authors(teachers) for addm3 pepagi lagik dah arrived and their copy of pg proof sumer x siap lagik huhuh! jj lak still in lrt, and i dunno the status. shoot ar! i shudve come on sunday. slamber badak aku guna xerox machine GM nak cpat punya pasal. phew...everything turns ok. layout pon xde kena condemn but the content, major ammendments. and the teachers wud be here for the next 4 days.

malam leypak @ mcD. discussing bout upcoming trip, as if i'm going! and at onepoint 10 eyes saw me erm...*tut* when wan pulled my chair. siottt tol! sampai ke balik buat suara guilty tapik muka gelakkan aku. hampeh sungguh!
anugerah sri angkaser is soo rtm-oriented! busan giler. hos dia pon aler x bernafsu aku tgk. very very dull!
ada apa dengan damien marley aka jr gong?
new colleague on his nick and masterpiece.

me: err found something. bem** in deviant***.com?
bem**: oh dear...kantoi
me: huhuh!
bem**: but that's not bro
me: heh yeker? same name?
bem**: err twin bro
me (terrible liar!)
me: kih kih...but its awesome
bem**: tuh lar asik lukis pempuan je ahahaha...camne jumpa?
me (tau pon...lukis sexy nak mampoih)
me: hmpphh snang jek
bem**: MasyaAllah... FIRST ENTRY ON GOOGLE siot nye google
me: ekekekeke
bem: haha my subjects are questionable. anyway tu la my hobby, digitalart, tu pasal suck with interface

ramai plak terel lukis dalam opis nih...bes giler de drawing skill!
dinner wit frenz @ KJ last nite. in between, sempat jumpa wani+koji and burak² kat parking lot. sooo many things to talk about. but then time tuh dah kol 11+. sampai umah, waayy past midnite...broke my curfew. heh ;)

Wiken @ jandabaik wuz great. Jungle treking, bbq, swimming, dancing...compulsory song menuju puncak tuh yang x tahan tuh, ekekeke. and my team mate mmg bes giler. lawak nak mampoih. soo its kinda a perfect wiken.