yesterday morning all authors(teachers) for addm3 pepagi lagik dah arrived and their copy of pg proof sumer x siap lagik huhuh! jj lak still in lrt, and i dunno the status. shoot ar! i shudve come on sunday. slamber badak aku guna xerox machine GM nak cpat punya pasal. phew...everything turns ok. layout pon xde kena condemn but the content, major ammendments. and the teachers wud be here for the next 4 days.

malam leypak @ mcD. discussing bout upcoming trip, as if i'm going! and at onepoint 10 eyes saw me erm...*tut* when wan pulled my chair. siottt tol! sampai ke balik buat suara guilty tapik muka gelakkan aku. hampeh sungguh!