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Motoring Treasure Hunt

My second time to join treasure hunt but a first timer in motoring treasure hunt. Last year was indoor dalam mall (read here) so kali nih pergi lebih jauh sampai ke Port Dickson! We gathered at office area from 7am. But i reached there around 7.20am...oh well pegi office during weekdays pon x awal camnie. Dapat breakfast (sandwiches, karipap 3 ketul and mineral water), dapat Tulips (routes) and then dengar safety briefing. Full briefing dah dengar 2 days before the event.

Total ada 20 cars with 4 participants in each car. Pukul 8, sumer dah naik keta amik questions and flagged off (honk 10x)

For a person who gets car sick easily like me is a bit challenging nak baca and tulis dalam kereta. Luckily Qiqilala can do both. My phones are full with shops' signage! Our navigator, Idir yang baca Tulips did a good job, tersalah route sekali jer hehe. Yang paling calm and mr cool was our driver, Hisam. Nak tau contoh soklan? Keyword legitimate. Means law/ legal = Syariah or in this case Sar…

36 Hours in Bandung - Day 2

Link: Read Day 1 @ Bandung here

We checked out from Holiday Inn as early as 8.20am after having breakfast. TV show sempat tgk ala kadar, bath tub pon x sempat try. But we had a good night sleep for sure because sumer feeling energetic that morning.

As agreed by everyone, we went back to Pasar Baru to find other stuff like manisan yang my MIL pesan, more telekong, socks etc. We discovered that kopok yang rupa dia macam mini samosa teramatlah sedap intinya. Macam serunding pon ada and we end up borong the same type banyak2. I also fell in love telekong yang Jan & Zect beli...kat kedai2 before tuh tak nampak plak, the colors are super sweet and the brand was cap Sony lol! But i managed to hold myself from buying more telekong.

Then we stopped at Amanda to buy some brownies kukus at Paskal Hypersquare. The tagline kat kat receipt "Brownies Kukus...? Yaa Amanda!" somehow terbayang cemana kalo buat VO intonasi for ads thehe.

We reached the well-known Rumah Mode almost 11am. …

36 Hours in Bandung - Day 1

Jeeb sent me to Cheras around 12 midnight. Memang tido2 ayam jer tunggu pukul 3am nak pergi Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) Then me, sis and Jan took Jetbus at 4.30am. The ticket cost us RM8 each. Smp airport trus check-in luggage (web check-in dah buat earlier to get boarding pass) and Zect pon sampai about same time. My sis takde luggage nak check in but little that we know we still have to go through a document check-in just to get a chop on the boarding pass. Queue panjang pulak tuh, but luckily it was quite fast. Our flight ticket cost us RM258 each except sis who bought at later time cost her RM596.

We reached Bandara Husein Sastranegara Bandung airport at 8.30am. I forgot how small it was. The nap during the 2hrs flight was much needed because dapat recharged balik energy to keep me awake for the next few hours. Our chauffeur, Amin dah ready tunggu kat airport. Sweet!! Can't wait to start the shopping race.

Some random shots of BDO. Must take photos of anything i found int…