36 Hours in Bandung - Day 2

Link: Read Day 1 @ Bandung here

We checked out from Holiday Inn as early as 8.20am after having breakfast. TV show sempat tgk ala kadar, bath tub pon x sempat try. But we had a good night sleep for sure because sumer feeling energetic that morning.

Trip to Bandung, Indonesia  Trip to Bandung, Indonesia

As agreed by everyone, we went back to Pasar Baru to find other stuff like manisan yang my MIL pesan, more telekong, socks etc. We discovered that kopok yang rupa dia macam mini samosa teramatlah sedap intinya. Macam serunding pon ada and we end up borong the same type banyak2. I also fell in love telekong yang Jan & Zect beli...kat kedai2 before tuh tak nampak plak, the colors are super sweet and the brand was cap Sony lol! But i managed to hold myself from buying more telekong.

Trip to Bandung, Indonesia Trip to Bandung, Indonesia
Trip to Bandung, Indonesia Trip to Bandung, Indonesia

Then we stopped at Amanda to buy some brownies kukus at Paskal Hypersquare. The tagline kat kat receipt "Brownies Kukus...? Yaa Amanda!" somehow terbayang cemana kalo buat VO intonasi for ads thehe.

Trip to Bandung, Indonesia  Trip to Bandung, Indonesia

We reached the well-known Rumah Mode almost 11am. Trus sumer berpecah carik barang. Sini pon ada macam2...all types of baju, cafes, reflexology, etc. Managed to grab few tops and pants. Geget jari tgk customer in front of me yang tgh bayar his items kat cashier print receipt panjang berjela sampai 2minit nak tunggu receipt habis printed. Yeap the receipt was that long.

Trip to Bandung, Indonesia  Trip to Bandung, Indonesia

12.45pm we cut over all the shopping madness and duduk minom kopi hilangkan thirst and tenangkan perasaan. We cleared up some of the coins for tips. Our currency exchange reference pon dah nak lunyai hehe.

Trip to Bandung, Indonesia Trip to Bandung, Indonesia

We ordered pisang goreng cheese 2 set but the order turned out to be pizza cheese instead *slap forehead* So satu lagik pizza pan tuh we gave to Amin because we're going to have Nasi Padang right after that.

Trip to Bandung, Indonesia Trip to Bandung, Indonesia

Our last meal in BDO, Nasi Padang at Restoran Sederhana. 

Trip to Bandung, Indonesia

Before Amin dropped us off at airport, he parked keta nearby so that we can pack everything masuk bag and bid him goodbye. Around 3pm we checked in our luggage at BDO airport. Remember to sorok put aside some cash for tax IDR75,000! My luggage cuma 17kg...still within control keh keh! We actually have extra 37kg underutilized inclusive my sister punyer. The flight was slightly delayed than scheduled but luckily tak drag sangat because we can't wait to go home. Tambah plak I had to go to work the next day T___T

Trip to Bandung, Indonesia
Trip to Bandung, Indonesia Trip to Bandung, Indonesia

Alhamdulillah reached KL and all our luggage and box remain intact. Jann offered to send us home sampai rumah Cheras. I must say the trip and timing was well planned as we get to enjoy a little bit of everything. Ada jugak benda yang we had to skip like tukar size baju yang my sis beli at one of the FO sbb different route and to avoid caught in a traffic so terpaksa lah sacrifice.

Thanks to Zect yang arranged for transportation + accommodation and Jann tolong belikan flight tickets and extra kilos for the luggage. To both of you and my sis, I hope i've paid any terhutang or difference, if ada yang termiss tuh halalkan lah yer. Same goes from me. Hope we can arrange for another shopping trip like this again ^.^


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