Happy New Year 2014!

Tiap2 tahun harapan yg sama cuma ayat yg berbeza. 

a bad habit i'm going to break
a new skill i'd like to learn
a good deed i'm going to do
a place i'd like to visit
a new food i'd like to try
I'm going to do better in 2014

These are some of 2013 special moments that I could think of right now...
  • I got my new ride and I got to choose my own preferred color this time - black. Also chose my own number even though takde significant meaning haha!
  • First time merasa full bonus sejak start kejer since 2003. Usually it's either the company memang tak pernah bagi bonus, or i missed by few days to entitled for bonus (this happened twice when i changed job), or when i'm entitled the company couldn't afford to pay bonus any more, or i got a pro-rated bonus. So to have some extra amount of money in my bank account was an awesome feeling!
  • Threw a birthday party for Qeeb when he turns 3. He hates the party but he loves all the pressies. And i’m sooo gonna print photos of him crying in front of his birthday cake for 3 years in a row and most probably do a video montage on his wedding (evil laugh).
  • I love birthday celebrations. Kalo boleh nak celebrate each and everyone around me on their birthday. Get an awesome meaningful birthday gift because i know that is their favorite, beautiful birthday cake with good food to munch. How nice eh. But in reality, time tuh lar budget lari and just celebrate whatever yang ada. 
  • I read more books even though most of it were only 5 pages (Qeeb's books heheh). Ok i admit there are still unread paperbacks from last year BBW sale. But still...i knew i read more frequent compared to the year before like newspaper, online feeds, research paper, and even agreement.
  • I truly enjoyed the fully sponsored trip to Langkawi by the Company. We just have to bring our own money to shop! The hotel was nice, the food was good...well i always have soft spot for Langkawi. 
  • Make some new friends and rekindle with old friends. Thanks to whatsapp it was easy to connect to everyone at the same time and I have 13 group chat in my list *cough*. Honestly i hate it at first because there are new messages constantly every second. Am so glad ada chat setting to off group notification but since i read it once in a while, sometimes i'll end up don't know what everyone is talking about. 
  • Dolu addicted layan facebook, next was twitter. Then come instagram, and i started to ignore the earlier ones. Now pulak asik check whatsapp, instagram pon dah maleh nak bukak. How laa to juggle all these because i get bored easily. Musbi aging factor. Agak2 2014 what kind of apps pulak yang bakal jadik hit?
  • 365 projects rocks. I enjoyed taking photos everyday. Some are too personal to be shared online hence lack of update at the mobile blog hehe. I admire people yang take photos of same style like maintain the composition or space in their photos, lighting etc. Hopefully i can find my own style in the future. 
All in all there are loads of things that i'm so grateful and learned my lessons. All those ups and downs are just a part and parcel of life. Ya Allah, I want to thank you for the abundance of blessings that you have showered upon me. Not a single day that goes by without your Mercy. Alhamdulillah. Please forgive me my sins, accept my tiny deeds and the little things i do for my family and loved ones. 

Keep calm and embrace the new year. But what if I don't want to keep calm?


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