Motoring Treasure Hunt

My second time to join treasure hunt but a first timer in motoring treasure hunt. Last year was indoor dalam mall (read here) so kali nih pergi lebih jauh sampai ke Port Dickson! We gathered at office area from 7am. But i reached there around 7.20am...oh well pegi office during weekdays pon x awal camnie. Dapat breakfast (sandwiches, karipap 3 ketul and mineral water), dapat Tulips (routes) and then dengar safety briefing. Full briefing dah dengar 2 days before the event.

Treasure Hunt (Bangsar to Port Dickson)

Total ada 20 cars with 4 participants in each car. Pukul 8, sumer dah naik keta amik questions and flagged off (honk 10x)

Treasure Hunt (Bangsar to Port Dickson)

For a person who gets car sick easily like me is a bit challenging nak baca and tulis dalam kereta. Luckily Qiqilala can do both. My phones are full with shops' signage! Our navigator, Idir yang baca Tulips did a good job, tersalah route sekali jer hehe. Yang paling calm and mr cool was our driver, Hisam. Nak tau contoh soklan? Keyword legitimate. Means law/ legal = Syariah or in this case Sariah. Sooo Klinik Sariah is the answer hehe.

Treasure Hunt (Bangsar to Port Dickson)

We had breakfast at Seri Kembangan area, sempat grab a coffee at Starbucks drive thru. Snacking dalam keta, had lunch at Labu and then we stopped by at Speedmart in PD to get our treasure items but unfortunately tak banyak choice T___T Quite frustrated because i got help from bebudak UTM and the answers were precise tp takde kat kedai! Arghhhh! Since we were running out of time so we rushed straight to the finishing point at Corus Hotel. Sampai sana sambung tulis mana answers yang incomplete. Kaluuttt dedua cikjemahs!

Treasure Hunt (Bangsar to Port Dickson)  Treasure Hunt (Bangsar to Port Dickson)

After submitted our answers and treasure items to the event co. we went inside to solat and enjoy the tea break.

Treasure Hunt (Bangsar to Port Dickson)

And then the event co. showed all the answers while makan2. Sumer dok alaaa & yehhh biler tgk jawaban x sama/ betol. Soklan jenis anagram memang susah. Nak kene pikir out of the box betol2.

Treasure Hunt (Bangsar to Port Dickson)

When they announced the winner, we got number 6! Ho ho ho...not bad at all. Although, we did hope to get at least top 5 :P Aqilah represented the group to take the prize (left pic) and top 3 winners (right pic). Our MD, Peter was there too to gave away the prizes.

Treasure Hunt (Bangsar to Port Dickson)  Treasure Hunt (Bangsar to Port Dickson)

After that we took a group photo and went home. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly. It was a fun experience and i really enjoyed it!

Treasure Hunt (Bangsar to Port Dickson)


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