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GLC Lunch @ Hoagies, Nu Sentral

First meetup in 2018 with le gelprens of GLC! Jyeahhhh we made it walaupon tak cukup korum because if postpone again memang tak jumpe jugak sampai ke sudah. As long as ada yang sanggup and committed, lesgo!

GLC Lunch @ Hoagies, Nu Sentral

We had lunch at Hoagies. At first we dapat tempat kat stool tinggi. When we asked to change table biler dah ada kosong because we have a pregnant lady, the person in charge was nice to arrange and tolong request kan from new customer yang dah booked one of the tables. Yang willing nak tukar pon we felt grateful because being considerate.

GLC Lunch @ Hoagies, Nu Sentral  GLC Lunch @ Hoagies, Nu Sentral
GLC Lunch @ Hoagies, Nu Sentral  GLC Lunch @ Hoagies, Nu Sentral

After abes lunch, we made way to other customers yang nak lunch kat situ because the place dah full house. We went to find other place to have coffee but takde tempat kosong or too expensive. Finally we settled down at Baskin Robbins. I had my favorite flavor praline & cream.

GLC Lunch @ Hoagies, Nu Sentral  GLC Lunch @ Hoagies, Nu Sentral

Sesambil tuh kitowang update GLC book and our new year resolution. Hope the book tak ilang lagik hahaha because last year punyer went missing so our wish list sumer dalam tuh pon gone. We also planning to have yee sang session in Feb...can't wait!

GLC Lunch @ Hoagies, Nu Sentral

In Loving Memories of Tok Wan

Back in 2016, Tok Wan held his youngest cucu in the family. Zafeer was 3 months old at that time. I wonder if Zafeer will remember how his Tok Wan was like dah besar nanti. As for Qeeb, he has loads of beautiful and fun memories with his Tok Wan.

In Loving Memories of Tok Wan  In Loving Memories of Tok Wan

On another sad note, both of my kids tak dapat kenal my dad aka Tok Wan Cheras.

FIL 1942 - 2018

It's been a very sad week for our family. My father in law passed away on 8th Jan 2018 at 6pm and left a hole in our lives. He lost his battle to myeloma cancer and the complications that came with it. On Tuesday morning, he was buried at Tanah Perkuburan Seksyen 21.

The Saddest Day for Our Family  The Saddest Day for Our Family

We love you so much Pa, but Allah loves you more. I just pray that your passing was ease and may Allah grant you the highest of jannah.

The Saddest Day for Our Family

Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu. Mudah2an syurga yg disediakan untuknya, diampunkan segala dosa.

In loving memory of FIL

Tuan Haji Ishak Hashim 07.04.1942 - 08.01.2018

In loving memory of FIL


That feeling when Zafeer rummaged my bag. Every time!

Khairan's 18th Birthday

We celebrated Khairan's birthday at home. Time tuh FIL was hospitalized, so we did not plan for for dinner whatsoever.

Khairan’s Birthday 2018

It was kind late already that night but still blom cukup korum because ada yang blom balik from hospital. I was rushing to go home so the kids can settled down and Qeeb need to do his homework. But at the same time, i still wanted to capture the memory lah konon. But after took some pictures, i accidentally smeared the cake while putting it back in the box. Arghhh tensennyer la hai! Tuh lar wat kejer kalut lagik. I feel so bad to Khairan because it was his bday cake and also to Bro because dia susah payah gi beli cake.

Maximizing Cuti

This morning was my 3rd attempt to change bank rakyat's debit card. Usually the queue was long and each customer kat counter punye lah laman\. So today i reached there at 845 am skali blom bukak lg daaa. Dah siap2 tulis form dalam keta! Bukak jer shutter trus pegi amik number. Anddddd i was the first one. Daebakkkk! Im so happy that i wanted to write about it, lol! Mmg lama ok diri kat counter tuh. About few mins diri, pusing blakang dah amost penoh org tunggu kat kosi. Alhamdulillah settled, got my new card! 

Then i went to perodua as they sent a letter for free quality inspection on transmission cable. There's another one due for checkup as well, ABS actuator. Unfortunately that one requires half a day and kene tinggalkan keta. So stick to checkup yg plg cpt jelah. I stayed there about 2hrs. I was prepared with my own nasi lemak bungkus beli kat tepi bank rakyat (tapi takde sudu) and my lappie. Gigih buat kejer okeh kat situ sebaik can connect to my hotspot just fine. Balik rumah grab coffee on the way, sambung kijer macam dah kat office. Because tomorrow got something going on and takde backup so sendiri kene prepare.

Also a better start for this year that my daily toll reduced by RM2.20. Tol Batu 3 was officially shut down on 1st Jan 2018.

Selamat Bersekolah 2018

First day at school of 2018

Qeeb Standard 2

Qeeb is now in Standard 2. Good luck and enjoy what you can; endure what you must :)

Semoga diberikan ketenangan, terang hati and may Allah ease everything, protect you from any harm shower you with intelligence and perseverance to become the best in whatever you do. Say goodbye to 24hrs access to iflix, youtube game review dan sewaktu dengannya.