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SkyTrex Adventure at Bukit Cerakah

Challenged myself for height fear @ Skytrex Adventure, Bkt Cerakah. Heheh, it was awesome, altho i had to skip few checkpoints due to shaky hands because i can't hardly grip anything. Well, i'm not that fit for this activity but heck, anyone shud give it a try! It cost only rm28 for merdeka promotion.

Sky Trex @ Bukit Cerakah

I hate this spiderweb btw. The strategy was kene panjat cepat sampai atas or else you don't have the energy dah to panjat the platform.

Sky Trex @ Bukit Cerakah

Banyak gak yang tempat2 gayat. Time tuh lar nyesal apsal lah join mendalah nie.

Sky Trex @ Bukit Cerakah

After couple of flying fox, spider web, panjat naik turun pokok and balancing act, here's the result :P bruises and cuts hahaha. oh ya, better wear gloves next time!

Sky Trex @ Bukit Cerakah

Fireworks Competition at PICC

wahh so long no updet. hak hak. since last post, yeah i did went to fireworks competition :) the first attempt was to watch M'sia team, but no luck coz i was stuck in the jam pegi and balik. then seken attempt to watch Ostolia team...berjaya juger amik gambar berbekgroundkan fireworks!

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition
I'm looking forward for Fireworks Competition event this month @ Pjaya. Especially Malaysia and Japan team. Will try to capture fireworks with my only-point-and-shoot camera :P Now...where did i campak my mini tripod?
Starlight Cinema @ KBU

On 18th me went to watch movie The Messenger @ starlite cinema. They changed venue from KLpac to KBU this year. Unfortunately it drizzled halfway the show but that didn't stop us from watching and berpayung dalam ujan. And then me went again on the 20th to watch My super x-gf and more prepared with mats, pillows and foodie :)

Compared to last year, there was food stall, twisties booth, back to back movie show like fast & furious which is for me far more interesting. While this year, i think they kinda have poor selection of movies and less appealing booths. But i still enjoyed it!