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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to Cheep! 

Father’s Day Cookies

You hold the coo-keys to our heart and may all your dreams crumb true!

Breakfast @ Huckleberry, BSC

After few months tak pegi opis and tak jumpe these two ladies, my lunch partners we decided to meet up for breakfast at Huckleberry, BSC. It was weekend though so semangat it will be a quick one (kononnyer). I was there first, luckily early enough the queue blom panjang when they opened the door.

Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC  Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC

Catching up over food, photos and such

Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC  Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC
Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC  Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC

Pretty and scrumptious breakfast

Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC

Outside the cafe

Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC

After that we singgah 28 Scotts to tapau lunch for fam yang tunggu kat rumah. Sempat buat quick groceries jugak, lol!Mak mak sangat.

Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC  Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC
Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC  Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC

Ira jadik personal shopper that morning since she went to Mimpi Kita to buy face masks. Then she straightaway dropped by BSC to pass it. Dapat lahh ber-reunion sat hehe. 

  Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC  Lunch @ Huckleberry, BSC

MIL's 80th Birthday 2020

Alhamdulillah MIL turned 80 on 17th June. We celebrated at home jer. Not advisable to kluar makan2 luar skang nie. K.Shua bought a cake from Sue Delectable online and a bouquet of flowers for mama.

MIL’s 80th birthday  MIL’s 80th birthday
MIL’s 80th birthday  MIL’s 80th birthday

K.Liza came earlier and balik. So we did video call jer together with Kekami. 

MIL’s 80th birthday  MIL’s 80th birthday
MIL’s 80th birthday  MIL’s 80th birthday

Zafeer tak sabar nak makan cake. But realized that he still only likes chocolate cake. 

MIL’s 80th birthday  MIL’s 80th birthday
MIL’s 80th birthday  MIL’s 80th birthday

Birthday singing over WhatsApp video call.
MIL’s 80th birthday

New Blogger vs Legacy Blogger

In May, Blogger announced that there is a new fresh interface for everyone. I love the new look and I was excited to try it but only to realize that the user experience is different and it caused a roadblock for me as i'm using it together with Flickr. So here's the comparison between old and new.

Old Blogger
This is my usual steps when i post pictures in the blog content. In Flickr, i will select the size that i prefer and then copy the embed link.

In Blogger, i'll paste the link here and then i'll just toggle between Compose and HTML buttons (top left)

When i clicked back to Compose, the url will automatically converted to photo. Somehow i can't do this in the new layout. When i search for FAQ, there's one question seems similar but no replies in that thread. But thank god old posts using this method were not affected.

New Blogger
So I used the HTML view (top right) button where it goes into HTML editing mode just like the old legacy one. But when i toggled back to normal editing magic *cry* The same steps is not working anymore. 

I have tried using 'Insert Image' function but the url is not recognisable unless i removed everything else except for livestatic url which ends with .jpg. But this won't link back to my Flickr page though!

Besides, to remove a big chunk of the URL for each photos are very tedious. I used a lot of photos in my blog posts.

I have also tried using 'Inser or Edit Link' function. This doesn't make sense but yeah i tried it and it doesn't work. 

I have sent feedback but no news yet. Hope somebody realizes this issue and find a solution. Or is it because Blogger is restricting the image uploading only to these 4 options? Aigooo, i'm so stressed out. I've paid few hundreds for my Flickr subscription but i cannot fully use it. 

For now i just continued using the legacy blogger. But they will discontinued soon in July. Ottoke?! 
"We’ll be moving everyone to the new interface over the coming months. Starting in late June, many Blogger creators will see the new interface become their default, though they can revert to the old interface by clicking “Revert to legacy Blogger” in the left-hand navigation. By late July, creators will no longer be able to revert to the legacy Blogger interface."

My MCO Story

Since MCO due to Covid19 started, all of us are trying to adapt to the pandemic situation and government orders. And now we are entering a 'new normal' or 'norma baru'. As the restrictions are eased, we still have to continue to be extra cautious because the new normal will keep changing, and it will change very quickly. So I wanted to document here some random stuff during MCO for memory!

Care package
Hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, wet wipes, air mineral, gloves are the must have items in your bag, in your car (remember not to leave your hand sanitizer inside the car), on your desk, etc. My first mask purchase was from china. Lama gak tunggu nak sampai but no choice because out of stock everywhere. At that point of time minimum rm75 per box of 50 pieces. With an increased of sanitation and cleaning, banyak products yang keluarkan care package yang siap ada spray, wipes, antiseptic, disinfectant etc. So ada product yang u nak seketol tuh jer tak available because jadik cam pancingan untuk beli satu kit, hergh. Now dah banyak stock balik even Mr DIY, Tesco pon ada jual.

MCO Gloves, Masks and Alcohol Pads

Video Calls
Video call with friends. Even hari biasa pon tak bersua muka/ video call tp time MCO lak tetiba nak tgk muka. Tried few apps like Zoom, Hangout, Duo, WhatsApp, Teams. Still susah to gather everyone or biler dah ramai gather takleh amik gambar semua orang plak because only active speakers jer yang appear at our screen. Then biler dah boleh nampak few tiles, cannot record sound/ suara skali pulak. So biler nak create raya wish etc, udah jadik muted video.

MCO - UTM Video Call  <UTM Video Calls

MCO Team Video Calls  Telekunggeng Video Calls

Work from Home 
We have a team daily meeting, yang lain2 tuh weekly or as an when je. Good thing about daily meeting is you don't feel lost or syiok sendiri buat kejer. It's just less than 30 minutes but a lot of status update. Ada lah sehari dua terbangun lewat and rushed for 9.00am meeting so tak sempat mandi dulu, lol! So meeting first then baru mandi, how nice :P But usually i try to be very discipline to bangun ikot timing right after Jeeb because he's very discipline with his routine laidat. We even have a virtual birthday celebration with colleagues weee!

MCO Virtual Birthday for Phylli

Food delivery
Most of the time i opted for Food Panda and Grab because they offer free delivery promo or discounts. Tok bulan posa pon dorang tambah sellers kat ebazaar. So banyak lah options. Others can go direct from kedai like kopimeo or they arrange for lalamove delivery/despatch like saudagargeneralstore, akusukakopi, mamasab cake etc. We support local business as much as we can!
Our neighbour also super nice belanja pizza because tolong siram pokok.

MCO Haul - Cinnabun  Food Delivery Kopimeo
MCO Haul - Dominos  Rendang Dendeng

Online classes
Qeeb continue ngaji with Ustazah Ema because she requested to ngajar over whatsapp video to maintain her income. His school time awal2 MCO bagi 2 homeworks daily either through google classroom or via whatsapp. Once in a while ada cikgu yang make the effort to do live online class. Time tuh struggle jugak nak kejar homework, send it on time, layan tantrum Qeeb yang tanak buat sendiri or myself yang always rasa tak cukup time. But after an announcement on PKPB, the school/ Qeeb's class stopped from giving any more homework.
Sebagaimana pengumuman oleh PM, PKPB dilanjutkan sehingga 9 Jun 2020. Unit Kurikulum telah bermesyuarat pada tarikh 12 Mei 2020 seterusnya memutuskan satu langkah yang terbaik memikirkan ibu bapa telah mulai bekerja dan masa untuk memantau ank2 membuat tugasan di rumah terhad.
  • Guru menangguhkan tugasan latihan bertulis.
  • Menggalakkan murid membaca buku dan merekodkan ke dalam e-NILAM.
  • Meminta murid menyiapkan tugasan berbentuk projek yang telah dihantar oleh guru mata pelajaran, contohnya buku skrap. lukisan, lagu sifir, projek RBT dsb.
  • Tugasan berbentuk projek dari Panitia Pendidikan Islam diteruskan.
  • Guru-guru akan meneruskan tugasan kepada murid tetapi tetapi tidak tertakluk kepada jadual waktu dan ia lebih kepada dalam bentuk projek.
  • Semua tugasan yg diberikan oleh guru akan dikira sebagai PBD.
Meanwhile Zafeer's Qdees actively conduct online classes everyday. They maintained the momentum....masuk jer term 2, the school gave new books to be used during classes. Then ada homework and also one to one reading session for 3 times a week. They gave some value added service too like recording of the Zoom session for parents to download. So we can refer back to the lesson and tgk ske2 gelagat the kids tengah belajar. But once dah start masuk office, im not going to let them pegang ipad/ phone when i'm not around. So how to continue the online class?

Stockup Groceries
Awal2 MCO we bought from tesco online, happyfresh, ayamkita, pasar segar. Time tuh strict MCO so nak dapat slot quite susah memang kene plan ahead plus only selected kedai jer yang boleh bukak so semua dok bertumpu beli barang dapor and banyak barang cepat habes. Time nie viral news about ketua family (usually men) sahaja yang boleh keluar rumah beli barang, so ramai laa yang posted susahnye nak kenal pasti jenis2 sayur, bawang etc. Lol! I susun checklist nak beli aper ikot layout supermarket ok so that Jeeb knows where to get it or if tak jumpe i can explain kat mana hehe.

Few weeks later, supermarket like Aeon/ AeonBig introduced pickup options after you placed online order. But barang yang listed were very limited and you cannot choose other brands too. I prefer this still rather than queuing up at the supermarket. Because after work, i can go and collect the stuff. I also got my supplies from member, Siong yang run his own shop and he delivers whenever he's coming to my area like chicken, frozen karipap, frozen donut and tisha pratha.

MCO Haul - Groceries Shopping @ Aeon Big Subang  MCO Grocery Shopping

Then biler MCO rules dah relaxed a bit, we did groceries on our own kat tesco, hero and Aeon. Nak beli banyak2 freezer tak muat but usually in 3 days raw items especially chicken abes. Even we are family of 4 but can habeskan sekor ayam (especially ayam goreng). Mainly because Jeeb tak makan nasik so need more meat, Qeeb plak suker drumstick jer so makan more than 2 pieces. Yang lecehnyer bila kluar gi supermarket , balik tuh nak kene mandi again and nak sort out barang cecepat. Now kedai dah makin banyak bukak, so with the new norm you can see a lot of queues in front of mall because kena scan temperature and log your contacts number. Then each kedai also ada queue because ada maximum number of pax allowed while maintaining social distancing within queue. Every one kene pakai mask, some kedai ada yang tak allow masuk if u don't wear one.

Wear a face mask all the time
Some places require shoppers/ visitors to wear a mask or they refused to let you in. Temperature checks is a must, and you have to log your visit/ scan QR code to key in your name and phone number. In case ada breakout kat tempat tuh, they can trace and contact you to go for screening. I bought an extension to hook the earloop luar tudung. Because kalo dak kene pakai mask siap2 baru pakai tudung manyak leceh. Pastuh skang ada macam2 design and pattern...lace lah, crochet lah, paper clip also can hehe.

MCO Mask and Band  MCO Mask and Band

I cook a lot more these days since stay at home jer but having food delivered  more often than before pon ye jugak. Haha boleh jadik stress if takde idea nak masak apa pastuh kene calculate ngan stok barang dapor yang ada, campor ngan issue menu tak seimbang. I also belajar masak2 from KhairulAming/ che nom/ Sugu etc cam best jer kan tgk video dorang campak2 and kacau2 pastuh siap. Iols sejenis tak reti masak yang complicated or banyak sangat steps. So buat yang simple2 jer. Nak tunjuk pon segan ahaks. But ok laaa my menu dah diversified sket. Try gak dalgona coffee yang viral tuh mmg layanz! Sanggup browse shopee semata nak beli whisk (local punyer semua sold out) or mixer. Tapik tak jadik beli pon hehe.

Dalgona Coffee  MCO Home Cooked

Online shopping
Nak2 pulak dah nak raya time tuh, so baju raya, sampin, kasut budak pon beli online. Pastuh the excitement nak grab raya collection from your favourite brand tuh pon priceless. Hahaha menjonah ngan member takot tersama lak design yang dibeli. Ada barang like tudung AlHumaira nih share shipping fee with my colleagues. Tapik kene peram lama lagik la nampaknyer until the company bagi official date to masuk office.

Some other necessities are like stand fan, washing machine, even cartridge for printer also we had to buy online bceause dah out of stock kat Tesco. Biggest purchase was washing machine lah because punyer lahh bertahan tanak beli at first, gigih berhandwash plus we have a very limited space to hang baju. But lelama tuh i cannot tahan because i need to wash towerls, quilt cover etc.  Hari tuh hantar duvet/ comforter ke laundry pitam bayar almost rm100.

MCO Haul - Al Humaira Shawls  MCO Haul Raya - Mimpi Kita

Self Learn Barber
I learned how to cut boys hair from YouTube. Memula tuh cam arghh risaunyer but after tgk few videos i can grasp the similar steps to make sure rambut tuh sama panjang. But paling risau nak potong rambut Jeeb lah because dah la nak raya. Buatnyer tebal nipis tebal nipis tak ker haru. The kids tak nyabar nak tungu i siapkan potong their rambut, so focus on the trimming jelah. supaya tak tebal sangat tutup mata.

I'm so grateful for whatever i have and berdoa semoga our rezeki sentiasa mencukupi and ada extra untuk orang lain. Thankful that i get to spend more time at home with family and less time on the road. Dapat sambut Ramadhan kat rumah tuh nikmat paling besar.

Zafeer's Antics

So, what's your MCO story?