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55th Merdeka Day

Selamat hari merdeka yang ke 55! I love you Malaysia.

However, this year punyer logo adalah sangat ugly sampai ramai yang raised rasa x puas hati. Rugi jer, because 55 is such a beautiful number and macam2 cool design boleh buat.

Siap ada yang come out with 6 steps to design that logo...punyer lah nampak senang sangat kan. lol!

So end up, kementerian announced that the only logo to be used is the previous 1Malaysia logo with tagline 'Janji Ditepati'. 

First Day Raya 2012

Selamat Hari Raya everyone? How's your raya? Mine was pretty much happening on first and second day only. We didn't go back to Penang this year, as much as i missed Penang i think lega jugak because i'm not caught in the massive traffic jam. Baca tweets manjang orang complaint jam yaamatz. So on pagi raya, after jeeb got back from solat raya we set to take some family photos.

Definitely a must have photo session when Qeeb just put on a fresh baju melayu. This must be done before everything else. A bonus if dia baru jer minom susu, or disogokkan dengan biscuit kering. Kerja2 dapur ditinggalkan dahulu wahahaha. Kejap jer pon bukannyer lama.

After a few attempts, dapat lah sekeping dua gambar yang semenggah tuh dah kira beruntung lah tuh.

Baru brapa minit, Qeeb dah boring. That's me tgh pujuk ngan...daun? Laaaa ish ada ke patot.

Biler Qeeb nampak Tok Wan jer otomatik abes photoshoot session haha.

My favorite photo :)

Then it was salam raya session. Huhu bab nie mmg kejap…

Nephews and nieces

Back then 2007, photos of Adly, Didi and Lily

Shooo cute and innocent faces.

Now in 2012 they are getting taller, prettier, good looking, slalu sakat, annoy and gelakkan each other. They always amuse me everytime i see them. Oh ya they are also unofficially became babysitter to 2 additional babies in the family, their baby sister Myra and baby cousin Naqeeb hehe.

Time flies. Happy sigh.

Iftar 2012

This year I was quite disciplined in terms of not terjebak bebuka puasa kat luar with friends even though banyak invitation yang hard to resist. The main  reasons were makan kene rush, nak borak with friends and entertain Qeeb at the same time then queue for a spot to perform maghrib sounds very tiring! Seriously i salute to couple yang can handle their small kids time bebuka puasa kat luar. Plus other reason was budget lah, skali makan for one pax jer dah puluh2! Sedey gak tak dapat jumpe old friends, but takpelah hope dapat jumpe time raya.

The first one was unplanned for me because initally Jeeb said he wanted to bebuka puasa with colleagues on his last day at Squid. I was not in the picture pon but tiba2 he asked me to join kat paradigm. Ehemm did i hear a mall? within a sec i have a list of shops nak check out, but then they changed to Mohd Chan KJ last minute. But i don't mind at all, lots of good food there, mana leh tolak rejeki :)

Pueh sungguh makan. Macam2 ader! Siakap s…