Nephews and nieces

Back then 2007, photos of Adly, Didi and Lily

Buka posa @ Secret Recipe

Shooo cute and innocent faces.

Raya Aidilfitri 2007

Now in 2012 they are getting taller, prettier, good looking, slalu sakat, annoy and gelakkan each other. They always amuse me everytime i see them. Oh ya they are also unofficially became babysitter to 2 additional babies in the family, their baby sister Myra and baby cousin Naqeeb hehe.

Raya 2012 @ Port Dickson

Time flies. Happy sigh.


  1. thanx for the lovely entry about the touching lorrr..they like to annoy each other as well as buat mama dia punyer blood went skyrocketing setiap kali heheh...

  2. Biler you jadik mak tarzan, the rugrats plak yang amused tgk you hahaha!


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