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Day 4 @ Bali

I actually can't remember exactly wat we did on the last day. But from the photos...we went to Sanur Beach. Which has nuthing there...empty. Except boats.

And then balik from Sanur...singgah this monumen perjuangan rakyat Bali. The cloud and the sky is soo perfect for outdoor photoshoot.

Hik looks fun...but panas gila siot time nie! Rasa nak ngamuk pon ada tapik pk balik sure rugi if tak amik gambar banyak2 haha...and glad we did.

Lepas tuh arrived in KL around midnite! Cheepster picked me up kat airport. Hugzshhhhhhh!!
Day 3 @ Bali

Ermm sambung balik Bali posts hehehe...bertabuq dah sumer dates. Ok on 3rd day morning we hit the beach @ Nusa Dua. At first we went to private beach and ask for snorkeling rate. Giler mahal...RM60+ for 1 hour only. We then tukar to public beach...skali tgk rate sama jugak. Aihhh amik jelah rather than buang masa heading back to private beach.

End up...we got a lousy snorkeling session. Life jacket tak cukup, and yang ada pon not in a good condition, the waves kinda kuat dahler life jacket rosak sampai lenguh badan nak adjust, ikan pon x banyak nak tgk, coral tak lawa, and macam2 lagik lah.

I was quite frustrated because i was really looking forward to go to the beach...dahler mahal. Luckily the beach is soo gorgeous that it made up for all the lousiness. Not too mention the changing room is the toilet. So while showering and changing...the queue started to line up. Sigh.

Later, we went to the lively and buzzing Kuta beach.

And then to Tanah Lot plak to watch the sunset. Mmg …
For the last few hours i tried to access Flickr and this is the page i got. Even my Flickr badge tak appear dah. Sigh. Dua kali dah terkene camnie. Whats wrong with u lah Flickr! Kodinyehhh!

My new toy :)hiksss!

Day 2 @ Bali

On 2nd day we went to watch Barong Dance, a mythological dance between good and evil. One of the actor kept trying to crack jokes something like "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year". Well, i find it kinda annoying! Note: For a photo shoot like this, you may hear the dancers whispering for tips :P

Then, we went to Sukawati market where they sell craft products. I bought tshirts, sandals, dekstop cube calendar, hair clips and tahapahapa bende merapu. This is the place where your bargaining skills are tested. I'm soo frustrated when i upload this pix (a random shot), just to find out there's a panda artwork on the display. Pink background lak tuh...arghh! How can i miss it!

Next we stopped at Tegelalang before heading to Kintamani. So hot and yet so green with paddy fields stretching along the road. Sini banyak orang jual tepi2 jalan yang kejar tourists. So just be careful...if you don't want to buy it, jangan terpengaruh eventhough its soooo frigging cheap e…

Day 1 @ Bali

Day 1 @ Bali

On 4th Jan me made way to LCCT. 1325hrs me arrived at Ngurah Rai airport, Bali :)

At airport, ada Pak Wayan from the hotel we booked tunggu to pick us up. To Saphir Mabissa inn we went. Surprisingly most of road in Bali sumer kecik2, cam lorong jer ekceli. I tot dia ikot jalan dalam/ shortcut but mmg cenggitu rupanya haha! The hotel looks ok from the outside, from the inside pon cam ok. But the bed and pillows somehow lembap so ada lah bau sket. Shower heater pon tak baper jalan but apart from that for me ok lah, i can live with it.

And then pak wayan took us to Jimbaran for lunch by the sea side. Hurkk tempat itu sangat lah expensive dahler tak baper eksklusip pon. I won't pay rm20 for nasik goreng! But then again takpelah promised to ourselves dat'll be the last expensive meal while we were in Bali. Huhu. Time order makan i kinda confused aku kat mana, i asked for Tom Yam but the waiter buat muka blur. Hehe caner tah dalam paler time tuh rasa cam Bali nih banya…
Cheepster entered a sketch contest "my life, my maxis". Hehehe...cute gile all the sketches he made. They will narrowing down all the entries to 13 finalist on 13th January. Hopefuli mana lah tau ada rezeki dapat jadik finalist hahaha. But even if tak dapat pon, its worth to share all of it here.

My favourite! Dats spose to be me sleeping
My personal favourite! Look at the phone screen :)
I find that the left character also resembles me heheh. Well there's moles to prove it! :P
Game called Pong
A creative one
Catch the beat
All tangled up

@ Maxis
Eceh ye yer jer siap upload teaser hehehe :P