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[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 15

Thank Allah for another Friday. Here's some links:
Is it ok or not ok to post about relationships on social media? Link: Happy CouplesKesian Bone-Thug kene drone during his concert. Link: Drone menaceWeird stuff yang Custom seized. Plus methods of concealment (macam2 idea!). Link: Seized items.

Hari Raya AidilAdha

Biler tengok timeline kengkawan during Hari Raya Aidiladha hari tuh mostly ada yang buat korban, bawak anak2 gi tgk penyembelihan. Meriah! Kitowang lak cuma balik kampung yang 5 minutes away tuhhh hehe. Since there wasn't much to do we just took photos of ourselves. (except gambar Qeeb).

We also visited my parent's pusara at Cheras.

Then balik SA and tapau some glorious food cooked by K.Lipah.

So you guys ada yang overdose makan daging? The only recipe i can think of  are sup daging, kari daging, etc

[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 14

Alhamdulillah another beautiful Friday. Here's some love links:
Parenting tips to stop tantrum. Worth to try. Have a floor time with the kiddo. Link: Stop tantrum.Mattel warehouse clearance sale at Jaya One. Ada brand hot wheels, fisher price, barbie, thomas &friends. Link: Sale

The Dark Side of To-Do List

Few days before my Compulsory Leave i made a to-do list. A long list. Some items were small, like ‘get a haircut’ or 'buang sampah'. Other items were bigger such as ‘filings’ or ‘spring cleaning’. My cita2 was sooo sky high sampai cuti pon kene susun jadual so that i did not forget to run important/ silly errands yang tak boleh nak buat during office hour. 
I love to strike through each item on my to-do list once i completed the task. It's a nice feeling heheh. But i also felt like there aren’t enough hours in a day! The first 3 days involved outdoor activities since it was a school holiday. The remaining 2 days were for me to catch up my own stuff. Between grocery shopping, banks stuff, house cleaning, rearranged stuff where it should be around the house...I felt wonderful! But as the day rushed by, I hit a wall of exhaustion. When i looked back my to do list, ada lagik a few yang tak accomplish. Terus rasa stressed out and miserable because i only have one more day to s…

Food Mega Festival @ Stadium, SA

We found out about Food Mega from the bunting yang begantung2 around our area. What bugged us most was that square thing at the end of MEGA. Plus, I read it as Food Game at first.

We parked at Tesco sebab nak beli barang kat situ later. Then we walked towards the Stadium car park. Time tuh dah petang takde lah crowded sangat. But at average each booth ada laa dalam 5-10 people beratuq. 

Some of the stalls. Sonot tengok orang meniaga makan nie yang come up with creative names, presentation etc. 

Nampak cam menarik jer Dragon's breath nie. Memang buat orang tertarik nak beli. 

Suasana di food mega

Qeeb's started tarik muka donald duck because i didn't listened to him. He said he wanted to watch the performing band. But i said kejap2 (sbb nak amik gambar) and tetiba jer singer tuh cakap sekiannnn babai. Mengamok laaa budak tuh sbb dah abes performance huhu! I felt soooo bad and guilty. 

We continued ronda the place dengan Qeeb yang tantrum. He said dia nak pegi lagik the foll…

[The N&Z Brothers Series] Hold Me

Once in a while Qeeb wanted to hold his brother. Ya know...pegang yang bebetol pegang instead of trying to annoy his little brother. Nih dia yang request and asked me to take some pictures. 

And one shot of Qeeb pegang Zafeer like a knight in shining armor, while Zafeer looked at him lovingly. OR like a must-scene korean drama heroin acah2 jatuh disambut oleh oppa!

Qeeb's Merdeka Costume

A few days before Hari Merdeka hari tuh, dapat memo from Qeeb's school ada event pakaian beragam. So that weekend sempat laa pegi carik bendera Malaysia yang mostly dah sold out kat kedai2. Baru tingat nak pegi the old art store kat seksyen 3. Sebaik ada...kalo tak i gave up nak carik lagik tempat lain.

Malam tuh gigih siapkan. Sebaik Jeeb managed to finish all the air kat dalam bottle sonang kejer. Bukak pinterest and kejer2 menampal bermula. Front view.

Back view

The boys modelled their costume. Qeeb actually forgot his helmet dalam bag. Dah abes catwalk baru cikgu prasan and texted me. So dari depan nampak cam pakai uniform cadet polis instead of astronaut. Blasah jelahhh sonot2 join. 

All the kids yang participated the pakaian beragam event. 

Zafeer's 1st Haircut

Zafeer's hair since he was born tak pernah kene shaved. Huhu takde plan lagik nak buat aqiqah cukur jambul. Rambut dah makin panjang...biler peloh masyamphhh hehe. Sooo potong jelah dolu kat kedai. He was sleepy when we brought him to barber shop.

Senyap jer time kene shaved tuh. Blur lagik kot. But towards the end tuh dia dah irritated.

Tadaaa! Shaved sudaaaa

Time letak powder Zafeer started to cry. Isokay baby, dah slamat shaved sudaaaa.

Yang dapat upah lollipop was Qeeb wpon mangsa potong rambut was Zafeer.

So there you go Zafeer. Haircut no. #2.

Happy 59th Merdeka Day, Malaysia!

Alhamdulillah our country dah 59 tahun merdeka. During merdeka’s eve ari tuh we enjoyed 8 minutes of fireworks right from our balcony and just wearing pj’s. Takde pokok or other buildings yang block, just a clear view of everything. It was really nice because that was our first experience since staying there. The finale tuh yang cun but i already stopped taking shots because i thought cam samaaaa jer sumer hahaha.

Naqeeb asked me a question the following morning “Bila kita nak merdeka?”. I dont know how to answer it! Really! At that time he can relates merdeka with flag, fireworks and cuti. But how I’m gonna explain the whole thing about peace & war, patriotism? Sounds to heavy plak, dalam kepala dok carik ada ker orang dok share some sort of simple video/ animation about what is independence day celebration is all about? Again tgh hari tuh dia tanya lagi “Bila kita anak merdeka?” omg ok Qeeb, i think i know what you were trying to do! let’s merdeka ourselves from the house and go …