The Dark Side of To-Do List

Few days before my Compulsory Leave i made a to-do list. A long list. Some items were small, like ‘get a haircut’ or 'buang sampah'. Other items were bigger such as ‘filings’ or ‘spring cleaning’. My cita2 was sooo sky high sampai cuti pon kene susun jadual so that i did not forget to run important/ silly errands yang tak boleh nak buat during office hour. 

I love to strike through each item on my to-do list once i completed the task. It's a nice feeling heheh. But i also felt like there aren’t enough hours in a day! The first 3 days involved outdoor activities since it was a school holiday. The remaining 2 days were for me to catch up my own stuff. Between grocery shopping, banks stuff, house cleaning, rearranged stuff where it should be around the house...I felt wonderful! But as the day rushed by, I hit a wall of exhaustion. When i looked back my to do list, ada lagik a few yang tak accomplish. Terus rasa stressed out and miserable because i only have one more day to settle everything.

End up on the last day cuti tuh, sumer benda i did halfway and half-heartedly. Because when I’m tired I’m such a grump. And who has to bear my meltdowns? Poor Jeeb heheh. But at least I got the important things done. Self-note for next time, schedule less because rushing is not effective and make room for downtime. But then rasa wasted pulak if tak maximize cuti right? 


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