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Borneo Giveaway by Marvic and Elara

I'm joining a Borneo Giveaway by Marvic and Elara. So here is my blog entry about Sabah. You can visit these 2 blogs for more details about this giveaway, When Elara Writes ( and Marvicn (

Up till now, I have been to Sabah twice and both with totally different experience. The first one was with Zect back in 2005. Since we were not familiar with Sabah and ala2 nervous travel berdua pompuan, we opt for travel agent's package. The second one was with my ex-colleagues where we decided to travel backpackers style.

Let me cerita the first experience. When me and Zect arrived at kat Kota Kinabalu airport, our travel guide with his big tourist van dah tunggu. So can u imagine only the two of us in the limo van...nak begolek2 oso can. Our travel guide was nice but i forgot his name already and he said i looked like sabahan. Oh well i get that all the time! Hahaha!

We stayed at Berjaya Palace Hotel. The first place we went were the famous Jamba…

Boss Belated Birthday Celebration

My boss, Kak Ita's birthday falls on 22nd Apr BUT all of us totally forgot about it! We did not even wish her anything hadeyyyy! So after like 2 weeks later, we planned for a lunch get together at Luv Sierra boutique and told her we wanted to celebrate HLBB-EBB merger exercise achievement hehe. Which is partly true lah jugak. As a surprise for birthday girl we bought a cake and a bouquet of flowers.

This cafe ada banyak quirky stuff i loveeee to look at. Food pon sedap cuma yang kurengnyer service sangat lambat. Dolu we blacklisted kejap this kedai because our food sampai 1.45pm camtuh...aper kejadahnyer orang dah nak abes lunch time dah. But now, we pandai sket lah. We called up and order siap2 before turun lunch. So kurang sket waktu menunggu.

I'm the one who bought the birthday cake - cappucino temptation namanyer at Bakers Cottage. Sampai jer opis aku malas nak pegi carik fridge sbb pagi tuh sampai lambat and time tgh tunggu lift boss dah texted me soh buat something. Daku…

Blonde Moment at Petrol Pump

Terkujat tak habis lagik nie. Aduhaiiii careless nyer macik! Tomorrow the petrol pump owner is going to assess the damage and i really hope it won't cost a bomb. Sigh, it's gonna be an anxious Monday it seems. Or whatever day until they call me up to update the status. I'm praying hard that they won't charge me anything. 
p.s: I hope i won't be in a YouTube too!

Short Trip to Penang - Part 2

We enjoyed the Straits Quay marina surroundings very much. Beautiful architecture, very relaxing and spacious...a bonus point for Qeeb who just learned how to walk.
The Straits Quay is part of the Seri Tanjung Pinang project by E&O developments. A quay of wharf is a structure on the shore of a harbor where ships may dock.
Just like what people advised...toddler yang dah pandai jalan can be very handful! Arrrghh i'm experiencing the same. Qeeb just walked blindly macam orang mabuk here and there, refused to follow our direction and tak suka pegang tangan. Basically, i had a good exercise and i should've wear sports attire instead.

Just like Jeeb's t-shirt, he need all the energy he can get. Lol!

There was a flea market outside the mall. Some of the sellers were expats.

Beautiful view of the quay with luxury boats. There were also a number of cozy cafes e.g Delicious, Aseana, Dome etc.

After that we stopped by Padang Kota to find delicious local food. But Qeeb fell asleep…

Short Trip to Penang - Part I

In march we went to Penang for business and leisure trip. It was a really short one. Tak sempat nak buat aper sangat in 2 days and 1 night. Memang tak cukup!

Cuaca agak terik.

We stopped at one of R&R to freshen up. Jeeb need to take a break from the long hours driving, while i need a tengkok and waist stretching sbb tido duduk, and Qeeb need some space to move around after tido lama sangat since betolak dari rumah.

Minom2 and makan jambu...dats all we had hehe.

This cute cat tgh syiok tido.

We arrived at Corpthorne Hotel in Penang around 1.30pm. Nice timing to check in :) I also learned that Toy Museum was located right in front of this hotel!

Our bellboy helped to carry the luggage.

Sea view from our room.

Qeeb warming up to the new room environment.

He had his homemade lunch.

Jeeb tried to get some sleep but Qeeb was busy to test the bed spring....he was fully warmed up dah time nie.

For a few minutes, he kept himself quiet.

He just refused to sleep because energy level tengah …