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I'm joining a Borneo Giveaway by Marvic and Elara. So here is my blog entry about Sabah. You can visit these 2 blogs for more details about this giveaway, When Elara Writes ( and Marvicn (

Up till now, I have been to Sabah twice and both with totally different experience. The first one was with Zect back in 2005. Since we were not familiar with Sabah and ala2 nervous travel berdua pompuan, we opt for travel agent's package. The second one was with my ex-colleagues where we decided to travel backpackers style.

Let me cerita the first experience. When me and Zect arrived at kat Kota Kinabalu airport, our travel guide with his big tourist van dah tunggu. So can u imagine only the two of us in the limo van...nak begolek2 oso can. Our travel guide was nice but i forgot his name already and he said i looked like sabahan. Oh well i get that all the time! Hahaha!

We stayed at Berjaya Palace Hotel. The first place we went were the famous Jambatan Tamparuli! Rasa cam nak nyanyi lagu Tamparuli but i had no idea the lyrics pulak. 

Then we went to Pekan Kundasang. Sempat stop kejap amik gambar mount Kinabalu walaupon tak naik but rasa bangga gak dah sampai kat area kaki gunung hehe. Lama jugak kitowang layan shopping kat sini because banyak handmade crafts yang best.

When we were about to enter the mount kinabalu park, hari start hujan plak so can't see much because of kabus. But sejukkkkk sgt time nie! Syiok! Me and zect looked like siamese twins in this picture because both pakai baju hujan and posing macam badan melekat jer. We had our lunch there and i remember most of our lauks are veges! lol sib baik sedap. 

We also stopped by University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Bukit Bendera, Muzium and Taman Mini. These are mmg standard travel agent's itinerary i guess. But nonetheless we just enjoyed the trip because it was our first time there. 

The last night of our stay in KK we had dinner at Restoran Kg Nelayan. We had a table for 8 seatings and the food plak almost penoh our table and yang duduk habeskan makanan only the two of us! Hahaha rasa cam rich bratz not-so  teen jer time tuh.

My second trip plak berempat-FF, Cdot, Amy and me. We stayed at Ang's Hotel for RM58 per night. Cheap kan? But unfortunately me and FF got a creepy room compared to Cdot who shared with Amy. Our room have an old furniture, cermin berkerak and karat sampai tak nampak muka, tv takder siaran, tepon takder line and when we got back from our dinner the room ada ciggie smell! We insisted to change the room so they gave us a new room next to the creepy one and it was OK. Mmg curious because it seems like the hotel mgmt purposely tak berani tukar the creepy room's stuff. AND that night our curiousity jadik suspicious because we heard ada orang tarik perabot till 2am in the morning. The room wasn't big but somebody kept dragging the furniture and bang our wall. What an experience because we immediately checked out from the hotel the next morning :P

Then we walked to jetty naik boat and went straight to Manukan Island. And oh boy the beach is sooooo beautiful and mesmerizing! We were lucky time nak start snorkeling tuh there were lifeguards offered to take each one of us to deeper area to watch corals and fishes! The one i'm with bawak isi kelapa dalam botol mineral so when he opened it menderu ikan datang sampai berlaga2 ngan my snorkel mask. Best gila sampai kene gigit ikan and nyamok laut pon i felt happy because it was a priceless moment!

beach boyz

We also took the opportunity to try out parasailing. Gayat gila time nak terbang naik tuh and orang yang bawak boat tuh plak once in a while lower us down so dat our kaki celup2 air. Time tuh my imagination running wild...i hope no shark or poisonous fish time kitowang dipped kaki hak hak. Time nak landing pon i was a bit nervous takot fall hard on my feet. But i could say it was a smooth landing :)


Back in KK we chose to stay overnight at Daya Hotel which is far more comfy. We had a good rest for the next day adventure. Early in the morning we browsed the Sunday Market which i can't get enough of it...banyak barang best nak dibelek. After that we looked for a bus station to go to Kundasang. After seemed like almost an hour tanya orang and tanya jalan we managed to took Bas Berhenti-henti (bas mini) to Inanam (lebey kurang macam puduraya). The bus driver and conductor were very friendly peh tuh plak pasang lagu radja full blast. Haha mmg bes! From Inanam we bought bus tickets to Kundasang and the journey was 2 hours long! I didn't remember the trip was that far when i went with Zect...musbi the van sangat selesa hehe.

kundasang @ sabah

I actually forgot the name where we intended to stop which is pekan nabalu, so i just simply said pasar kundasang. Biler nak turun, conductor cam pelik2 tanya mau beli sayur ka? Ahahah time tuh tah kenapa blur2 gak nak turun bus lepas tuh a bit frustrated because there was nothing much to see in that area. We hanged out for a while sambil makan chicken wings yang sangat sedap...tak sia-sia salah turun hak hak. Then we took a cab gi pekan nabalu and we did some shopping there.

We also had dinner at Anjung Senja for seafood treat. Memang murah and big portion plak tuh, makan sampai bloated. Tokk sedapkan perut we walked back to the hotel instead of hail a cab. We passed by 'wine and dine' area sampai lar ke pasar malam which is rupanya blakang philippine market. Dekat-dekat jer sumer so kira quite convenient jugak our hotel location. We also stopped by at Sugar Bun because we saw there was a live band performing, so we had teh tarik, lepak2 and made Cdot to sing dangdut hahaha.

sayap ayam

So there goes my 2 experiences in Sabah and i really miss KK and the island till now. Some said wait till you see Sipadan. For me Manukan pon dah macam paradise so i cannot imagine betapa canteknyer lagi other island yang ada kat Sabah. Hope ada rezeki pegi lagik and i would love to spend more time at the beach. I think Sabahan people are friendly too! I feel like i can blend in very well because i look like Sabahan don't i? LOL!


  1. wow... what an experienced u had... haha.. n the creepy room.. gooshhh

  2. that was my first kinda 'ghostly' encounter hahaha

  3. i loveeeee sabah!
    tetiba rasa mcm tergedik2 nk join giveaway nih.. bila close ni.. adehh..

  4. i loveeeee sabah!
    tetiba rasa mcm tergedik2 nk join giveaway nih.. bila close ni.. adehh..

  5. Awesome!! LOL nak nyani lagu Tamparuli tapi tak tahu lirik! Cute!

  6. kak fara join lar giveaway nie....sarawak pon ada pegi gak kan? buat BOTH!

  7. k.emila, tengkiuuu! hahaha tau part chorus sebut 'jambatan tamparuli' je -.-

  8. Heheh sama la kita. part tajuk je tahu nyanyi :D

  9. manukan island time 1st trip aku ke KK dec 2010 mmg chantek sgt the 2nd trip may 2011 manukan island dh x sejernih dulu.. coral x nampak sgt..n byk yg dh rosak..huhu..dhla time tu promote ngan hubby gile2 punye cantek..huhu


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