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Borak with Zafeer - Why all Tyres are Black?

Today Zafeer asked me a question that i sendiri pernah wondered why tyres are always black? Why are there no colored tyres? But malas search time tuh. So here's the actual fact:

A tyre is not born black because when it was invented in 1895, it used to comes in white colour. The prime reason behind keeping the tyre black is to improve the durability and robustness of the tyres, as the compound used while adding carbon black to tyres works as a stabilizing compound

Any color other than black cost more and don't last as long. Plus they'll get dirty quickly on daily drive.

Hantu Durian

The one who loves durian, me! me! me! And the one who's not is Zafeer. Yang paling over tak suka in the family. 

Durian Stall - Blackthorn Zafeer Hates Durian

This year rezeki dapat beli durian 3x. First round beli kat tepi jalan but tak brapa cantek sangat isi.

Durian Stall
Durian Stall - Blackthorn   Rizky Durian - Udang Merah

Second time i bought Udang Merah from Rizky Durian. Marvelous semua isik helok cantik and sedap. Puas hati gilos that i bought another round. Unfortunately UM habes so i got XO instead. UM memang lagik sedap but pape pon Alhamdulillah for the rezeki. 

Rizky Durian - Udang Merah

Cinnamon Rolls @ HomeBaker Clover

During weekdays, bila petang jer mula la rasa nak snacking or mengopi second dose. Hari yang order cinnamon rolls from HomeBaker Clover nih was the fastest decision ever. Usually lama dok scroll Grab atas bawah takleh decide nak beli aper because benda yang i nak makan kedai tuh tak jual coffee, kedai yang jual coffee takde benda sedap tok dimakan. 

Cinnamon Rolls @ Homebaker Clover, Bukit Jelutong

Clover HomeBaker ada discounted promo plus i know they have Illy coffee so zasss laju order terus.  Oh boyyy kena ngan tekak sungguh time tuh plus the cinnamon rolls were still warm and freshly baked. Dari nak makan 1 jadik 2, aduhh! 

Cinnamon Rolls @ Homebaker Clover, Bukit Jelutong Cinnamon Roll @ Homebaker Clover, Bukit Jelutong 

Coffee @ Burrow, BSC

After visited pusara, we dropped by Burrow to grab coffee and canelé. Glad there was no queue. Only  few tables occupied, best nye if can dine in. But nahh not just yet.

Coffee @ Burrow, BSC  Coffee @ Burrow, BSC

I grabbed 2 boxes of canelé a combination of The OG, Espresso Ganache and Maple Pecan plus 2 nasi lemak for the boys and 2 cups of Biscoff Latte. Then singgah MIL's house kejap to pass canelé. 

Coffee @ Burrow, BSC Coffee @ Burrow, BSC

Coffee @ Burrow, BSC  Coffee @ Burrow, BSC

Turns out Zafeer loves the canelé. Qeeb tak suke because dia kata pahit2 blah luar tuh. Rasa sama cam kuih sarang semut laidat.  

Coffee @ Burrow, BSC  Coffee @ Burrow, BSCCoffee @ Burrow, BSC

Visiting Pusara

I haven't visited Mom and Bapak's Pusara at least 2+ years. So bila the recent announcement yang interstate pon dah allowed, first thing first. We visited our parents first. After Jeeb dah completed his second dose, we'll go to visit FIL's pusara pulak. Bila dok pikiaq seksanyer rindu camnie takleh call, takleh hug because they are not around, banjir teruks. 

  Visiting Pusara

We reached there quite early, weather pon best, takde orang. But i lost my bearing because the lot dah extended and i tatau exactly the location. I know dekat ngan pokok but tatau pokok mana! Sib Jeeb jumpe...both! lol! 

Visiting Pusara Visiting Pusara

Visiting Pusara Visiting Pusara

All that's left are memories. Semoga doa kita sampai untuk our parents yang no longer with us.  

Borak with Zafeer - Can Snake Sakit Tekak?

Can snake sakit tekak? Do you know the answer? Logically yes lah kan because dia swallow macam2 food yang large size. Haaa Jeeb dah tolong googled kan

Do snakes get sore throats?

"Throat infections in snakes are very common, just like with humans. They can be caused by bacteria which is in their enclosures" 

Fionanas Pineapple MD2

When suddenly le boss sent you a random care package. A box of healthy snack - pineapple! Fresh, ada yang masam manis and the best part is dah siap potong! 

Pineapple MD2

Appreciate the surprise. Hope the delivery didn't cost a bomb hehe!

Pineapple MD2 Pineapple MD2
Pineapple MD2

Borak with Zafeer - Vampire

Conversation about his random thoughts of becoming something awesome....

Zafeer: Zafeer nak jadi vampire lah sbb ada gigi tajam 

Me: Aper yang best vampire?

Zafeer: Boleh turn into a bat

Me: Tak best lah jadik vampire, dia takut sun and cannot kluar siang main bola. Kene sun dia mati

Zafeer: Takleh respawn ke?

Me: Nope. Sun is a deadly laser

Zafeer: Whatt, tak cool lah vampire

Grab and Go @ Wolf&Turtle, KHB and Burrow

 It was all grab and go. Went to Bukit Tunku to get our morning coffee fix. Singgah Wolf & Turtle for coffee and KHB for some pastries. 

Coffee @ Kenny Hills Kenny Hills Bakers
Coffee @ Wolf & Turtle, Bukit Tunku Coffee @ Wolf & Turtle, Bukit Tunku

Ada hari singgah BSC and Jeeb tunggu kat tepi while i went to Burrow to tapau. Glad takde orang because time tuh weekdays and during office hour

Coffee @ Burrow, BSC Coffee @ Burrow, BSC

First time trying out Burrow's biscoff latte and their canele. Bought two sets because nak bagi satu to MIL. We had few more repeats after that because sedap! 

Coffee @ Burrow, BSC Coffee @ Burrow, BSC Coffee @ Burrow, BSC Coffee @ Burrow, BSC

Sloth Lab Coffee

Trying out Sloth Lab Coffee for the first time. Because Hezra suddenly texted me to check out this cute sloth and it's based in SA. Coincidentally memang baru get my coffee fix for that day. So i whatsapp them and they delivered it in the evening. 

SlothLab Coffee

Bought 4 bottles dulu to try. Cappuccino and Americano in bottles. Nice! 

SlothLab Coffee

Quick Stop @ Cake Jalan Tiung

At first we went to CJT Seksyen 9 but it was closed. Rupanya the other outlet at Seksyen 4 yang bukak. Since dah tingin beno nak makan cake, so Jeeb drove me there wpon dah start ujan. Sebab yang nak turun nyer i hahaha. 

Coffee @ Cake Jalan Tiung Coffee @ Cake Jalan Tiung

Wanted to try the spongecake roll. Ada 4 types - pulasan, manggis, durian and apam balik. I've tried the apam balik and cempedak bun.

Coffee @ Cake Jalan Tiung
Coffee @ Cake Jalan Tiung Coffee @ Cake Jalan Tiung

Grab a cup of hot capp too! Perfect company on a rainy day!

Coffee @ Cake Jalan Tiung

Shah Alam Mosque View

Blessed with the beautiful and calm view from our humble home. Rain, sunshine, moon, skies, clouds and sometimes rainbow too. 

SA Mosque View  SA Mosque View
SA Mosque View  Mosque View
SA Mosque View  SA Mosque View
SA Mosque View  SA Mosque View